Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Final Holiday Hump Day Poll

First off, wishing the Mr a happy "I love you" anniversary.  We've been together 29 years today.  I cannot believe this time next year we will have been together for 30 years because that just sounds like old folk talk.  We're not old enough to say "30 years" and still have memories, are we!?!  


We're in the home stretch y'all and it's time for today's

What do you eat for your holiday dinner and is that changing this year?

We've always had beef roast and noodles.  Any time I make beef roast, I immediately think of Grandma because of it.  We'll have that and all of the usual fixins this year.  Christmas is still Christmas and for us, it wouldn't be the same without our usual comfort foods.

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  1. Prime rib and shrimp on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day we have a traditional Norwegian meal with homemade meatballs and gravy over homemade mashed potatoes

  2. We always do a ham and sides - basically Thanksgiving but with a ham instead of a turkey. I'd love to get away from that, but my kiddo and my folks seem to really want that meal. Lasagna for Christmas Eve and then ham and all for Christmas Day. We do a sweet roll thing for Christmas morning that is amazing.

    I'm trying to find a lemon cookie recipe right now. I made these amazing cookies last year, used a lemon cake mix, and apparently didn't print the recipe. Ugh. Hate when I do that.

    Have an amazing Christmas you two!

  3. For years it would be a beef roast of some sort, either a standard roast or a crown roast with the little shoes. LOL And all the usual sides. One of my favorite appetizers would be the bruschetta that I still make to this day numerous times a year. We used to have breakfast on Christmas Eve but got away from that because of our work schedules. The past couple of years it's been lasagna for Christmas instead just to make things simpler and there have been no complaints. It's the one dish my hubs will eat as leftovers for a few days. lol

  4. I think this is only my second post here, the first one being about the gentleman at the graveyard who you helped out.
    I wanted to wish you and the Mr. a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and to thank you for your daily posts. I enjoy reading them very much.
    To answer you question, I will be defrosting the other half on the turkey I cooked for my husband for Thanksgiving (I'm a veggie). I will do your mashed potatoes (had to look it up on Youtube as I mislaid my written copy) roast potatoes, stuffing, broccoli, Yorkshire puddings, gravy, rolls and butter and sticky toffee pudding and custard. (Can you tell I'm English :) ). I was going to make mince pies but I've gained the Covid 20 so I thought I should give them a pass this year.
    Happy Love Anniversary. Jo.

  5. I'm sorry, I think I should have said cemetery not graveyard.


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