Friday, October 30, 2020

What I'm Reading This Week #44

Happy Halloween weekend, you ghouls.  Another month swirled down the toilet.  That whole fast and slow nature of a month and this month in particular means New Years Eve is what, the day after tomorrow?  Even with no one to visit for the holidays this year, there's still lots to get done, prepare for and gifts to wrap and box up.  

Definitely not trusting USPS this year with any gifts because I've gone through delay after delay the past two months, it's only going to get worse and so  (I'm still waiting on an international package that was in my hometown two weeks ago then they shipped it to another state and it hasn't been scanned for 10 days.  I'm beyond ticked over that one.)  My Christmas cards are about all I trust them with this year and since I send mine out Thanksgiving Eve, even if they get bounced around like everything else, people might still get them a week before Christmas. 

Here's a peek at our eats this week.

Monday the Mr had a presentation he'd been nervous about so I wanted us to make a dinner we both loved together which was Chicken Pot Pie.

Tuesday, I decided it was time to get the Impossible Burgers we bought to try out of the way.

I think the Mr was kind of indifferent but I didn't like them.  They just tasted like chewy air to me because I purposely didn't season them.  I can see why they do well in restaurants because if you heavily spice them, I'm sure they'll taste like whatever you put on them.  We'll take Beyond Burgers on occasion, thanks.

Wednesday was General Tso's Shrimp over Cauliflower Rice.

Thursday was Lemon Ricotta Ravioli with roasted broccoli.

Let's slide into...

Chronic Piriformis and Hip Pain - Here's How You Fix It  (I got a tai chi ball just from watching this because I'm SO out of alignment right now.   I call it the Legion of Doom ball.  The little stand should help with the adductors.  It's gonna hurt but mama needs relief and I'm not going to the chiro anytime soon.)

Thigh Stretches That Focus on Groin Flexibility  (Always good to have a flexible groin.)

Get in the Holiday Spirit With This Free Christmas Stocking Pattern  (This is the pattern I used for my mom's stocking.)

Best-Selling Classic Snacks You Forgot All About  (Courtesy of my bestie.  I love Hot Tamales, Laffy Taffy has a tropical version that comes out once a year to scratch that pineapple taffy itch.  For my mom's 50th bday, I did tables of old fashioned candy and wax lips that people absolutely LOVED)

23 Vintage Halloween Decorations That Show How Much The Times Have Changed  (I've got vintage Biestle paper Halloween cutouts on the door.)

A pretty chill Halloweekend is on tap for us.  We'll have our little annual trick or treat bags and probably watch an 80's horror movie or two.  Oh yeah...and football.  😒  Then Sunday I might start making and freezing Christmas cookie doughs if I don't talk myself into waiting until next week.

You guys expecting any goblins that you can chuck candy to across the street or put down the gutter from the 2nd floor?

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  1. Friday! This week dragged a bit for me even though yesterday I would have sworn it was Wednesday and I was pleasantly surprised it was Thursday instead. Oh and don't forget to roll back the clocks this weekend too. We get an extra hour of Halloween in a sense but this is the year I wish we could all just bite the bullet and cancel daylight savings completely.

  2. Freezing cookie dough:
    I am interested in which recipes freeze well please - ?
    And how do you wrap for freezer?
    Because that is a very good idea.

    1. I typically food save mine but you don't need one. This post covers how I've done them in year's past.

      So far every dough I've made from ricotta cookies to shortbreads have frozen well. The only one I don't freeze is brown butter chocolate chip because for some reason the brown butter flavor isn't detectable once frozen. Hope that helps!

  3. The poor kids around here get the shaft two Halloweens in a row. Last year the city cancelled trick or treating because we got 3.1 inches of snow and it was brutally cold. This year its supposed to be perfect temps near 60 but the pandemic cancelled a lot of it. Still allowed in our town but I can't see a lot of parents feeling comfortable going to doors. We have some candy just in case though.
    Have a spooktacular weekend!


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