Thursday, October 22, 2020

Thursday Check In

Hey y'all!  

There's been like actual stuff going on this week so I figured I'd pop in.  Monday evening we were #blessed with a water main break.  You don't realize how much you use water until you need it.  Thankfully, Whole Foods delivered the wrong item at the beginning of this poop show and we had a ton of water bottles that we used for 24 hours between brushing our teeth, boiling water for tea, etc.  I was just glad to finally be able to flush!  Since we're going to have construction in our hood for the foreseeable future, I suppose we should always keep 2 gallons on tap for such emergencies like dropping the kids off at the pool.

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My IG Euro farmhouse lady got me all whipped into a froth over these bells she got online.  I didn't want to take the time to redo the rope like she did so I looked for something similar because we have this spot between two doors that has been bare for 24 years.  I've always wanted to put something there because for some reason the drywall is wonky from patching.  I found these bells similar to hers but cheaper and bigger for a little more of what I was looking for. They fit perfectly in that spot.

We never know what to call that area so we've decided on taint.  It's the taint of the house.  As the Mr said "the bells were hung on the taint with care."  Have I said the word taint enough?  


I wrapped the rest of mom's Christmas gifts including a potential winter hoarding pack.

It was cooler earlier this week and it was nice and misty too.  I was happy to see the pansies I planted for Grandma were still poppin' up.

We were also glad to see there was a bit of color left on some of the trees.

The Mr has been enjoying Fall for the first time thanks to his Enchroma sunglasses so it's been nice to know he sees what I see.  I think he finally gets why Fall is so awesome.

The other day I was throwing a mental hissy fit over the fact we don't have a kitchen big enough to do anything ever for me to do this DIY on Hallmark channel.  So I decided to see if there was a smaller tree I could put in the corner on top of the fridge and I found this one.

I know.   It looks like it went through a dehydrator.  I purposely wanted something small, sparse and nature-y looking.  Like a step up from a Charlie Brown tree but not much.  I doubt I'll decorate it but like having the option.  I've actually got a small red colander so I might use it like the DIY video but more than likely I'll keep the burlap base as is.  If I have any red ticking ribbon left after I hang my wreaths, I might use it as garland on this but otherwise keeping it super simple.  Okay, maybe a string of fairy lights with a remote if I'm in the mood.  Can you hear the Mr shaking his head?

How's your week been?

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  1. Everyone should decorate their house taint. Everybody's doing it! It does look really nice though and even better, the bells don't get in the way and ring inadvertently all the time when you go in and out of the doors on either side, so it's a good solution. I like the little tree too and I am fine with lights on it. You were so happy when you decided to get it, who could argue with that?

  2. Love the taint bells!
    Cute tree. Not flushing is hard!
    Week started off rough but is leveling out, praise God! Taking Monday off so looking forward to getting this week done!

  3. Week got downright ugly as I'm at work and have to work the rest of the week because the other person called out sick. Did not handle it well yesterday but I've had to mentally switch gears overnight for my own sanity and remind myself that's how this year has been...a nightmare, so just roll with the tide. Twelve straight days it'll be. I will find humor in it somehow. Or else I'll run naked down the interstate screaming like a lunatic. It's always good to have options.


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