Monday, October 12, 2020

Birthday Weekend Round Up

Good Monday to you.  I hope you had a good weekend and rarin' for a new week.  

Friday night I made a nice lemon salmon for dinner to kick off the weekend.

After the Mr went to bed, I stayed up and decorated the first floor so he'd have at least a little festive atmosphere.

Nothing major and no balloons but it was my attempt at a party for two.  The Mr likes marble cake but can never decide between wanting chocolate or vanilla frosting so last year he requested one with both icings.  When the place dropped the ball on my cake this year, we decided to try one more place and  they came through.

He wanted to go to a restaurant about 90 minutes away so we got going early Saturday.  It's one of my favorite places too but we're obviously not risking going inside and even in non-pandemic times this place is known to attract people with incessant coughs and sick folk.  We ate outside at a small park that was basically empty and I got my usual turkey dinner.

They don't do take out well and honestly, it was very emotional for me to be there and not be able to do the things we usually do.  I'm glad he enjoyed his meal and that's all that matters but I definitely won't be going back until this crap show is over.  It's not worth the torture to my heart.  (We also need to check to make sure festivals aren't going on at the same time.)  

When we got back, he opened presents and had his cake.  We finished watching Sleepwalkers that we started in the morning and then we napped for 90 minutes on the couches.  Later we had pizza for dinner and watched some boob tube before heading to bed.

Sunday morning we had brunch and I have to give a big thumbs down to TJ's pumpkin waffles.  God those were gross.  Thankfully, we had eggs and chicken apple sausage to offset them.  We caught up on SNL and saw the big Bill Burr bruhaha he created with his monologue.  That's Bill.  Probably won't be asked back, I'm sure.  Other than that, it was more lame sketches they don't know how to end as usual.  Sigh.

Then I flipped on some Christmas music and got to rappin'


I meant wrappin'

We went on a walk around the hood and ran into a neighbor we haven't seen in about 6 weeks so we stopped and had a socially distant chat with her to catch up with her and her pups.  You know, for like 45 minutes.  We only worked in 2 laps over three but whatcha gonna do?  

Then it was time for dinner of beyond burger and fries.  (Forgot to take a pic and honestly, does anyone care about the dinner pics?)  Then we watched Nightmare on Elm Street 2 before winding down for the night.

Today is the Mr's birthday so we'll see what the birthday boy wants to get into.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Happy Birthday Mr.! Glad you got out and about. I finished my windowsill repair, it's all ready to paint, but we are expecting rain today, pfft. My little and i went to the pumpkin patch. It was so crowded and lots of no maskers uggh.
    Have a great week

  2. Happy Birthday to the Mister!

    Friday was house chores, Saturday was an all day online class for relicensure. It made for a long day. Sunday was a grocery run and catching up on grading. Oh... and I binged both seasons of Cobra Kai so that might have taken up some of my time.

  3. Happy Birthday Mr!! Hope it's a great day for you guys! My weekend was the usual. Went to work last night to find out two people in the facility have the virus, so now new restrictions will be put into place. The nasty memos from mgmt just keep coming. lol It's a dreary day today, but boy does that make the fall colors pop. Love that.

  4. Thanks hon for a great bday weekend - that cake was perfect! Thanks everyone else for the birthday wishes - much appreciated!

  5. Happy birthday, MR.

    I love your dinner pictures - they inspire me. What sauce was on the

  6. Replies
    1. It was 2 tbsp sour cream, a generous squeeze of lemon juice with the zest of one lemon and water to get it to a drizzle consistency.


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