Monday, October 19, 2020

15 Minutes of Normal Weekend Recap

How do, all?  Did you do fun stuff this weekend or was it a share a blood supply with the couch kind of weekend?  

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Friday I was pretty screwed leg wise between pretty intense workouts the past few weeks and then forgetting that I got new workout shoes and insoles to correct a rolling gait.  I got this wicked little bastard that came Sunday to help with leg adhesions.

I'll report back about how that is going this week.

We are beyond irritated with our dining choices lately.  Nothing ever sounds good, I have no suggestions to give (that are anywhere around here) and then get mad when I agree to something that either doesn't sound good or ends up tasting like crap.  We went to a burger place who does the actual burgers well but they give you basically pieces of fries.  I'm paying for full fries.  Plus even despite having them in the Hot Logic, they weren't even lukewarm which means 1) you brought them to us ice cold and/or 2) we're eating last night's fries because it's less than 30 minutes after you've opened for the day.  We may have plans this weekend and I might know what I want the weekend after for Halloween but starting in November, I'm going to have to start to prepare what we might want for the next day.  Like I'm craving Chi Chi's chicken el paso but no way do I want to spend 45 minutes on my Saturday making it.  So if I marinate the chicken in spices the night before, make the bbq sauce (Weber brown sugar and orange juice), do a dry roll of the cheese and onion enchiladas, then all I should have to do on a Saturday is sear/ bake the chicken, pop the enchiladas in and dump a can of refried beans.  Welcome to me talking my way through restaurant burnout and how to save time on a Saturday.

We drove by this antique store and I wanted to take a peek since it only had two other couples in there.  

It started off fine but when we saw this one couple that looked like they were going to explore one section, we headed upstairs to give them time to look so we weren't in the same spot.  What do they do?  Mosey on up into the tiny space we're in.  The Mr and I both said at the same time "you've got to be shitting me." You have this WHOLE STORE and you have to be where we are when we were trying to be considerate of you?!?!  In my head, I was virtually clotheslining them over the rail like Hulk Hogan but reality was I grabbed the three spice tins I liked and we blazed past them with nary a dollar needed for clotheslining bail money.  Here's my little haul for the kitchen.  

For now I've put the scale on the shelf behind the fridge until I find it a permanent home.

It was nice to feel normal for 15 minutes but I suppose we'll have to wait two weeks to make sure there's no price to pay for it.  Then it was a meh dinner and that was about it for Saturday.

Sunday I scratched the Mr's pancake itch with brunch.

TJ's pumpkin pancakes, a sharp cheddar omelet and bacon to keep us going all day.  It turned out to be quite rainy and cold.  We did a grocery pickup and they screwed the pooch a bit so we had to go out later that night to pick up crap we still needed.  We caught up on the DVR a bit and that wrapped up the weekend.  

Speaking of DVR, I hope y'all own It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown because everything I've looked up thusfar has shown that ABC does not have it on the schedule this year!!!  SERIOUSLY!?!?!  Hasn't 2020 taken enough from us!?  As my friend would say...jagoffs.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Pretty accurate weekend recap. So glad we took watching Charlie Brown into our own hands as its obvious we can no longer count on any corporation to maintain a tradition. I am glad we got a chance to have some normalcy but I agree it is with the mindset that we have to reset the symptom checking clock again which is always a terrible thing to have to think about. I had a dream last night that I was waiting for an elevator in a crowded building and was getting mad that everyone around me was maskless and not social distancing. Sadly that is not the first dream in which I have gotten mad about that kind of thing either!

  2. It feels like the stores have pretty much skipped over Halloween altogether -the only thing they still have out around here is candy. I wonder why the stations aren't airing Halloween specials like Charlie Brown. I own a copy, so I'm covered, but it makes me sad. One more shared cultural experience gone.

  3. It was an okay weekend. Friday was a difficult day, but I made the best of it and did enjoy a very lovely drive in the country. Typical weekend stuff and then working. Got super cold with highs in the 40s so that's been a bit of a shock to the system. We had 55 mph winds so many of the trees have lost their leaves. Hard to believe the time changes the day after Halloween!

  4. I have it on my dvr from last year!
    My weekend kinda suckered. I'm done with this election crap. It was cold and rainy. Made a loaf of beer bread and ate the whole thing myself. Thats the highlight yuck.


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