Thursday, February 14, 2019

Almost Friday Poll: Anyone use it?

Happy Valentine's Day all!   Anything fun planned for you and your sweetie (or kids) tonight?

So when we had company Friday, they mentioned they started exercising that week.  My cousin lost over 100 lbs before, and you know how it is...they gained a good amount of it back.  They said they were streaming Beach Body on Demand and for $100/yr, you could pay just over what one of their programs cost.  I saw the Mr's ears perk up on that one.

Since we've done P90, some P90X, Turbo Fire and T25 Focus, you could say we're fans of Beach Body. 

I'm considering it when we stop the money bleed around here between appliances and insurance premiums coming due.

Anyone out there specifically use Beach Body on Demand?  What are your recommended programs?

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  1. I was surprised when I heard that they were doing an on-demand service but then again it's the way all video is going now. I think it will be great having access to all that, we could use some new workouts.

  2. I'm of no use on this one. I don't do anything on Demand, but just about everyone I know does. I either do my DVD's or some free ones online.

    That Snoopy...poor Woodstock! LOL


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