Monday, February 11, 2019

Mexican overload and a case of the olds

Happy Monday everyone.  I think I've had my fill of Mexican food for the next 10 years.

Thursday, all day, I forgot to put my indoor shoes on so by the time I was done cutting everything up around midnight, my feet were searing in pain, and I knew what that meant for Friday.  My ankle and foot were throbbing in pain, and I could barely stand.   I couldn't even fit in a workout because I had too much to do and didn't think I could do one anyway.   I was irritated at many different factors Thursday including the lady at the grocery store in front of us who just pushed me so far over the edge, I couldn't speak because I knew if I did, I would unleash all of the anger and frustration of the day at her.  She deserved some of it, but as she tried to talk to me, I had to tune her out and reload our stuff into the cart and breathe before I blacked out or something.  (Too long of a story to get into.)  I was up until almost midnight that night, and while most of the house was done, there was still much to do Friday day that I had zero breaks except for when I forced myself to eat a PB&J and orange for lunch for 20 minutes.  Between the Mr's SI joint pain (comparable to sciatica) and my shooting pain into my foot and up my shin, I was quite tempted to cancel plans due to a case of "the olds."   I didn't, and even after company arrived, I was still going for 45 minutes getting crap prepared.   We had a nice night though, and it was fun hanging out just the four of us.  The Mr blew the dust off of his VR stuff and showed them that and I got to chit chat with both of them while the other was playing a game.  They seemed to love it all, and I sent them home with a crap ton of leftovers since I made enough to feed an army.  Plus I got them both a little something for Valentines Day.  I hope to do it more often, but that will depend on one of them switching jobs because they work 12-14 hour days.  The Mr is helping them get into his profession, and we're hoping with some hard work they can get out of this hole they're in career-wise.

Saturday was spent doing absolutely nothing.  We watched stupid crap on Netflix, napped and ate leftovers and heated up some turkey chili for dinner I thawed.  We figured with his back issues and my ankle issue, we weren't fit to go out and about.  I wish I could say it made a huge difference Sunday but it didn't.  (Improvement but not back to feeling like we could do anything strenuous workout wise.)

The dishwasher did free fall into the abyss.  We were having to reset the breaker before starting it every time, so after doing some research, we spent a stupid amount of money on a Bosch 42 decibel dishwasher.  They'll be here Wednesday to install it.  Always so funny how the price is never the price once you add haul away, installation and the 5-year warranty.  Add $300-350 please to what you already thought was a ridiculous price.  We bought gift cards so we could at least get fuel points and some free gas since they weren't part of Ebates. 

We filed our taxes on the 31st but because we have a schedule C, they were instructed to "hold them" this year.  So a heads up to anyone who has a schedule C, it might not get filed right away.  The ballpark date is Friday but that's the same day we could be facing another shitdown (why correct it, that's what it is if you want your money) so who knows when we'll get our friggin' refund. 

Sunday morning we had a Mexican omelet and that was my absolute limit to Mexican food. 

(The Mr was quite happy with his.)

I choked it down and we got sucked into more bad TV.  It's like all of the previous week caught up with us and we had no energy.  The Mr got laundry going and the leftover dishes from Friday and now I just want to keep the house cleaned up.  I say that every time but it'd be nice to actually do.  Sunday afternoon some beautiful snow fell and it felt like nature's personal relaxation gift.  I love watching it fall especially when it's big and fast like that.  I couldn't resist suggesting going for a walk in it for our workout.  We took in the surroundings and the light pole flyers.

(Answers to the name Church)
We had chili for dinner, dropped off some stuff at the post office then relaxed the rest of the evening.  Before we knew it, the weekend was over.  Pffft. 

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Definitely felt the old this weekend and I don't like it! Hopefully I can get this SI thing healed properly and do what I need to keep it from coming back and add it to the PT we already do. Anything to keep this from coming back is worth doing. I don't wish this on anybody! Thanks for truly hitting the mark on the Mexi food cravings I've had for a long time. We don't have any good restaurants in our area that could ever hold a card to what you made. It was soooo good!

  2. I love Mexican food. I maybe couldn't eat it everyday forever, but it would be a long time before I got tired of it. The boy doesn't really like it so I almost never get to eat it.

    I was a total slug this weekend. I was going to get my taxes in this weekend, plus do some other personal paperwork and that didn't even happen. I want to get everything in before the new shitdown (if you can say, so can I right?). I may not get my refund right away, but it will be ready and waiting whenever the government reopens. I'm going with the idea that they will clear the backlog before starting the new filings, even if I have no idea if that's how it really works.

    I almost called in sick to work today for a case of the olds. I was achy and creaky yesterday, and ridiculously cold all day. I only got like 3000 steps for the whole day but I felt like I'd run a marathon. I'm better this morning though so it's off to work I go.

    Have a great Monday.

  3. We are in need of two new fridges so I feel your pain. I'm only considering one in the immediate future because I want to see if I can salvage the main one first by getting the freezer looked at. I don't have high hopes because of the age, but I'll try.

    Saturday I lead a meeting then we went grocery shopping and I ran a couple of errands. Then Sunday we went out for lunch and then I spent the afternoon doing tax stuff and gathering all that info. I had to laugh that I spend 3 hours with a calculator only to find out that we were just a hair's breath under the standard deduction for our medical expenses and charities, so there was no need to send any of that to the tax guy. LOL My file to him was super tiny while my paperwork at home is huge! I also did all the laundry, dishes, made the hubs lunch and got everything ready to start the week. I was pooped by the time I settled in for the night at 8pm, but I slept soundly, so I was grateful for that.


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