Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Tin Man syndrome and discontinued

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Yesterday was a rickety day in our household.  Sunday I was still on the tail end of recovering from our snowshoeing adventure Friday night.  Oh, did I show you my new shoes?

LL Bean Winter Walkers

I absolutely LOVE them!  The difference is night and day.  They have great grip, and I could've done so much better with them in Vermont especially with all of the ice under some of the snow we encountered.  I keep trying to get the Mr to agree to just buzz on out there for a weekend since we're approaching the height of snow season out there.  So if you're in the market for snowshoes, I highly recommend these.  I snagged a 25% off coupon, so they were just under $100 which is a great price especially for ones of such superior quality.  I think the Mr was jealous.  😋  He said when his go kaput, he's getting those.

Sunday night we broke out the old Total Trainers for the first time in eons for a new strength session.  We've never sweat that much doing that and knew we were going to pay for it the next day.  We did!  Despite feeling like the Tin Man, I sprayed down the tub with mold spray (the toxic stuff is, unfortunately, all that keeps it at bay every other month no matter what I've tried) and shut the door.  I stripped the bed and got the sheets and duvet cover in the wash as I reveled in the smell of Beekman 1802's Happy Place detergent and odor remover spray on the mattress cover.  Does anyone else use that stuff?  The odor remover, like most of them, doesn't last for more than a day but you spray it on the couches and pillows before company comes and they'll think your house is fresh and clean without smelling like chemicals.  (Because there aren't any.)  I wanted their floor cleaner, but then I read reviews saying 1) it couldn't be used on laminate which is what we have and 2) that you have to use it and then go back and rinse it.  Uh, no thanks.  I love 85% of their products but we live in a "one and done" society and don't nobody wanna be mopping the floor twice, yo!  If you're looking to try any Beekman products, order them through HSN.  The bundles offered there can save you at least $5 and the shipping is much cheaper than through their site if they carry what you're looking for.

I was quite bummed to find out my favorite perfume has been discontinued.  Provence by Yves DeLorme has been my fragrance for the past 5 years, and I had one bottle of it left and was going to order another one and nope.  The thought of going into a department store and trying to find something similar makes me want to gag.  My nose is so sensitive, and I'm sure it'll all start to smell the same after a while.  So I'll have to take in my empty bottle, a sachet of coffee beans to cleanse the nose after each sniff and hiss at the saleswomen to keep away from me because I'm just looking.

We did Power 90, and we always do it on mute.  (Those of you who have done it know why.)  We do our own playlist, and when Moves Like Jagger came on, I blasted that sucker.  It's still the best song to get you pumped up, and I love how millions of tone-deaf non-singers are blasting them for their performance.  If you can do better, step up to the mic people.  Sheesh.  Then we ate dinner of shrimp over pasta with light alfredo sauce.  Now it's time to settle in and watch Velvet Buzzsaw.   We may or may not regret this.  Update:  Totally regret it.  Don't do it.

What perfume is your scent?  Did you have a discontinued favorite?

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  1. I am jealous of your new snow shoes. But I can wait until I absolutely need newer ones cause mine are pretty nice too. This is the first time we have had a chance to go multiple times and get our bodies more used to it so it's kind of funny that the last time was the most exhausting. But then again we had more snow than any of the previous times so I suppose that explains it.

  2. We don't get enough snow here for snow shoeing or cross country skiing. I wish we did though, I think that's something I could like as long as it's not too cold (15-20 and sunny is one thing, -5 and windy is another). This reminded me to tell you that my dad got a couple of kayaks on a sale before Christmas, so next summer whenever we get together I get to use them. I'm pretty excited.

    I'm not a perfume person. I don't wear perfume, and wish other people wouldn't either. Some women wear subtle scents and some of those are nice, (I'm gonna go on a limb and guess that you are one of those) but a lot of people bathe in the stuff and it makes me gag. My sense of smell is pretty weak, but the one thing that will for sure get through every time is over-use of perfume/cologne.

    I also use unscented laundry products and deodorant because while I don't want to stink, I also don't want to smell linen, powder, or rain fresh.

  3. I'm not a perfume person either. I am quite scent sensitive and I work in a scent free workplace. I can appreciate subtle floral or fruit scents, but they have to be of natural origin. Nothing sets me off faster than a scent that was 100% manufactured in a chemistry lab.

  4. The two perfumes I have right now are Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Blossom by Talbots, which I really like because it's more fruity scented than anything and I don't get tired of it.


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