Monday, February 18, 2019

All Over the Place Weekend Recap

Happy Monday all!

The Mr basically had a free day Friday because he finished all of his labs for his class.  The Mr moved up his chiro appointment and he is apparently staying "even" after his adjustment and is at about 90% this week.  One more treatment and he should be healed.  We should all be so lucky to have a "three treatments and done" ailment.  *smack*  I was jazzed because I thought we could get to the grocery stores early.  (At this age, that is what apparently qualifies one for feeling "jazzed."  Sad.)  I figured we'd leave around 11am but then came dealing with the dishwasher crap.  When you are calling for "warranty service" within 48 hours of receipt, things are not going well.  But if you've been here for any length of time then you know we cannot spend over $200 without some crap storm of stupid raining down on us.  I don't know why we haven't sworn off any and all forms of home improvement.  The Mr. dealt with the installers, Bosch and Home Depot for over two hours so that late morning trip got pushed back to mid-afternoon.   Today we get to wait in a four-hour window so warranty work can be done to a brand new dishwasher instead of going out and doing something fun today.  If it's not fixed to our satisfaction or worse, if he claims there's nothing wrong with it, then because we reported it within 48 hours to Bosch and Home Depot we can either get it replaced completely with the same model or they can "work with the local store manager" to get a different brand in there.  My mind literally can't even process that so I've chosen to believe we'll be sticking with what we have or getting the same in replacement. 

After that poop fest, we went to all the grocery stores and it was nice to have all of them done by about 3:45pm.  We usually go around 8pm because at 4pm is when all of the granola mom's, artisan coffee shop hipsters and looky loo's from the hotel across the street all converge and put you in a throat punching kind of mood.  Sadly, this won't be an option for us again, ever, but it was nice while it lasted.  We ran into the daughter of some acquaintances of ours and it's always weird to run into someone "in the wild."  Like she runs a craft business and that's the context we're used to seeing her in.  It's like when you're a kid and realize your teacher isn't kept captive in the school and actually has a life, eats Chips Ahoy and Cheetos (or whatever) just like you and she dresses like your mom.  When we got home, I found out a family members dog was diagnosed with aggressive cancer so she doesn't have much time left.  It really breaks my heart not just for the dog but this person has been through a tremendous amount of stress and caregiving and potential end of life care this year, the last thing she needs to go through is this.  Sometimes you want to tell the universe/God/whatever you believe in "look, I know you don't give people more than they can handle but yeah, LAY OFF!" 

Saturday, I needed to get out of the house.  We had some financial crap to take care of, our taxes finally got accepted by the IRS, we did a little shopping at Hobby Lobby, outlet stores and such. 

(Sometimes life calls for lobster socks from Old Navy "outlet" which sells them for the same price as the regular store.)

Mama got some new bras and undies which I think is protocol when the crotch is ripping away from the elastic.  No one wants their cooter dangling willy nilly.  We went to a car hop kind of place for lunch the Mr wanted to try and since he dealt with all of the dishwasher crap, I thought I'd reward him like Pavlov.  We perused Amazon Prime and I saw they had Salmon Fishing in the Yemen which I'd been meaning to watch because Tom Mison.  The Mr was laughing at me making saucy comments regarding Tom's lusciousness.  At one point, I yelled at Emily Blunt "he's too good for you!!!!!"  Then we've been on this kick of watching bad 80's B movies that we remember the covers from whilst perusing Blockbuster as kids.  So that meant The Slumber Party Massacre.  If we thought that was bad (marginally so given the time period) then its sequel was God awful with a young Crystal Bernard pre-Wings.  We also watched Screwballs Thursday or Friday.  I think I saw some other T&A or T&A horror genre we had bookmarked that'll be in our future this week.  I know it's not very today of me to say I kind of miss mindless boobie movies and campy horror. 

Sunday was laundry day.  I made some banana/Nutella oatmeal for breakfast instead of our usual big brunch.  We watched "What If" with Daniel Radcliffe and while it was pretty good, I did NOT care for the lead and when she turned totally "victimy" in a stupid situation, I believe I called her several different terms for lady bits and flipped the bird at the screen at the final scene.  The Mr was laughing pretty good at my disdain for it all.  Then I needed a workout so we went down to do Turbo Fire Sculpt with the resistance bands which always kicks our butts.  We talked about some changes we want to make to our routine but I'm not mentioning it yet because whenever I do, I jinx it and never follow through.  I made grilled cheese and soup and as I was getting my soup out of the microwave, half of it fell on the stove, plate and my palm.  I ran it under lukewarm water in an attempt to not lose any skin.  Wow, I do not recommend burning the skin of your palm.  It hurts like a mother.  We cleaned up a bit for the dishwasher witch doctor and chilled the rest of the night. 

What did you guys get into this weekend?  Any tomfoolery to speak of?

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  1. It was an all over the place kind of weekend but I enjoyed it. It occurred to me that the first slumber party movie was bad but somehow was made worse after watching its' sequel, which is a feat for any writer/director to accomplish. How Crystal Bernard had a career after that one is a mystery to me. I did like Fishing on the Yemen even if it seemed like something I never would have had on my radar before watching the trailer. Have a great week everybody!

  2. Yikes, sorry about your palm! That sounds very painful indeed. My weekend was good. Got most of my errands done on Saturday as well as a load of laundry. Sunday is snowed ALL DAY, to six inches (called for 1-3), so I got super productive (not the office of course!@#$%) and got numerous things done that I felt good about. I made a garlic-stuffed beef roast which was outstanding and the hubs was happy because he'd been out twice with the snowblower by this time. This morning we were shoveling the driveway before 6am and did the end of the driveway as the contracted plows went by. I waved to one guy and he was nice to turn his blade at our driveway so it didn't all pile up right there, which I deeply appreciated. The hubs had to leave for work so I finished the driveway then salted the heck out of it since it's garbage day. Then went to therapy, hydro, and a grocery store to pick up a few things. Then took the dogs to go get my script, Walgreens for supplements (buy 1/get 1 free), then the post office. So it's been a productive morning. Was going to take one of the pooches to the vet for his annual shots, but changed my mind to Thursday instead and will leave work an hour early. =o) So now I'm home, the sun is shining, and that puts one of my pooches in good spirits because she loves to bask in the sun. lol
    I hope all goes very well with the dishwasher and it gets fixed perfectly with no more issues!!


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