Thursday, February 21, 2019

Exhaling and biting the bullet

Happy almost Friday you sassy people, you!

I was contacted by the property manager for the place we rented about re-booking.  They sent the link to the new listing and it was $350 higher...per night.  So paying the $500 I was already having a heart attack over made me feel like I was having an out of body experience.  She assured us we'd get the rate we were quoted before.  Now I'll feel like I'm actually getting away with something staying there now which is sad because we're still paying a buttload more than I wanted to pay anyway.   Plot twist!  It will be interesting because there are only 10-15 rentals in that area and while I know they're counting on families splitting the cost, it still doesn't behoove you to be the highest priced rental.  Like, when I search for a rental, I shouldn't recoil in horror at the quality to quantity ratio.  (Not that the quality is bad but you know what I mean.  For almost $900/night, I'd expect a Toto toilet that power washes my crevices or something.)  As long as we're set to go that is all I care about and I can finally breathe and remove my shoulders from my ears.  Ooh, look...a neck!

I decided to bite the bullet and get Beach Body on Demand.  I wish they would let you preview what you're getting before you commit but I suppose that's the point.  After scanning what's available, I feel like we're already doing the best of the best as far as what we like.  So much of it is strength based which is fine but the whole reason I got it was for more cardio options.  I haven't gotten to scroll through it all yet but some of the strength ones I was looking at had a dude so big, he was actually distracting.  Some of them are plyo based which are out for us right now.  I settled on doing the only non-weight based cardio session in 21 Day Fix.  It was a good workout and had a modifier which was nice since the Mr is still nursing his back.  I'll likely go through and see what I can find for strength tonight since there are a lot more of those options for us.  I'm looking forward to checking out 10 Minute Trainer though.  I'm sure I'll do a comprehensive review in about 6 months or so once we've had a chance to dig our teeth into it more.  Edit:  The Mr reminded me we have a 14 day trial period.  If I really hate it, I'll cancel it.

We had dinner of orange roughy, sweet potato gnocchi, and veggies.

The Mr did some proofreading for me, we waxed nostalgic on movies and how old we are.  Before we knew it, the night was over.  Today, the nincompoops are supposed to come back to properly install the dishwasher.  Apparently. some "quality control" dude came by yesterday unannounced to see if he could fix it since he was on our side of town.  First off, I didn't hear him knock and second if I did, I don't answer the door if I don't know you're coming.  Hell, we were never notified of the second appointment to begin with, the Mr found it by accident.  So yeah, this place gets a big, fat 0 stars.  He told the Mr he might stop over earlier than the window of lies we were given (11 am- 3 pm) and the Mr is salivating at the chance to show a quality control guy just what those hosers did!

What's the most per night you've ever paid for a rental?  Was it worth it?

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  1. I am glad they are honoring our original price on that place. Jumping a price up by that much a night is kind of ridiculous but I guess it's in an area that probably only sees action in the summer months mostly so they have to get as much as they can - just glad it won't be entirely on our dime.

    1. Yeah, that price increase about made me faint but she made it clear our previous price would be honored. I think they would've lost almost all of their bookings if they didn't.

  2. I hate waiting for repair/installation people. I understand that one job may take longer than another and they can't totally control their schedule, but I don't get how they think people can just take a day off work to wait for them to show up sometime that day. If their people called off work for the same reason, they'd likely get written up. I try to deal with those things in the summer as much as possible, but I don't know what people do that don't have any weekdays off.

    Anyway... I hope it all works out and the guys today fix all the problems. The most expensive place I've ever stayed is probably the hotel in either New Orleans or Washington DC - but since that was an educator trip paid for by a grant it didn't come out of my pocket. $800 a night is crazy!

    1. It's the worst and you can count that they will almost always be outside the window or close enough to irritate you. Hey, you've gotta love free to you hotel stays especially if it's somewhere nice! You see the rack rate on the back of the door and you're like "suckas!!"

  3. I want to say it was between $500-$600 per night a week's stay way up north near Minnesota. It was a lovely home, but way too fancy to be considered a "cabin" and it wasn't the most relaxing. But we still had a good time and our old boy loved running around and we have numerous pictures of him running with a ball, which still makes me smile.


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