Friday, February 22, 2019

What I'm Reading This Week #8

For those of you who don't want to read me "live blogging" the dishwasher repair process, skip to under the picture.  Two guys came in, one older man and one guy maybe in his 30's.  The older guy looks at the cardboard under the feet and says "yeah, they did that because they didn't want to cut their hands.  I cut my hands twice this week on those legs."  *silence*  The Mr is like "yeah, so the Bosch guy said that they can't service it until it's installed properly."  (Aka: If you didn't bring gloves to protect your hands after cutting them twice this week, then that's not my problem.)  

The guy looks at the cardboard and reiterates he cut his hands twice this week.  The Mr says "no problem, I've got some rubber gloves in the garage you can use" and retrieves them.  Maybe invest the $5 at Home Depot for some gloves, write them off as business expenses and shut it?  It's like the guy isn't old enough to retire but has mentally checked out so I don't know if he thought by saying he's cut his hands that we'd be like "oh, you did?!  Well, that's okay.  We'll keep this wonky $1300 dishwasher to save your pitties."  *smack*  I don't know why the younger guy didn't get down there and do it, but he was very nice, talkative and respectful.  A lot of "yes sir's"   I wasn't in there, but I heard a lot of banging of tools on my floor in there that I'm going to have to check out.  Ahh, the sound of a man grunting.  Why on Earth do you choose a manual labor job when you can't do it without grunting, sighing, moaning and huffin' and puffin'?  I would do that if I was working on something in my own house but not on my job.  Is it in the union handbook you don't get paid if you don't grunt a minimum of seven times?  I just heard the young guy say "what about that piece" and the older guy said, "I don't do that."  *Twitch*  Ahh, here we go with the hand cutting again.  Oh, he's asking the Mr where he got the gloves.  LOL  

Oh good, Bosch sent us not one, but two wrong toe kick plates that can't be used.  OMG, dude...AGAIN with the cutting your hands twice thing.  If you knew where I was in my cycle, you'd STFU.  Long story short, while it's now level, there's still no toe kick and the problem is not fixed.  I hear the Mr on the phone with Bosch and it doesn't sound good.  Oh, he's just informed me that the brackets needed to get the toe kick on are on back order.  At this point, I think we might be contacting Home Depot and demand a new dishwasher because this unit is jinxed.  Onto week two of crap we shouldn't have to deal with.

Enough of that sitch, let's hop into...

10,000 steps is the biggest scam of our generation  (So basically it was pulled out of someone's butt.)

Here's Why Dietitians Don't Recommend the Whole30 Diet or Even Consider It Safe   (Good info)

Vitamin E is criminally overlooked but vital to your beauty routine  (Lots of good benefits!)

If You Want to Lose Weight With Intermittent Fasting, Here's a Must-Read Beginner's Guide  (Mulling it over.)

20 Natural Headache Remedies You Can Find in Your Kitchen  (Raid the pantry!)

Weight-lifting grandmother, 58, defies critics  (Get it, girl!!)

This guy was fed up with his classmate. He's gone viral for calling out his own ignorance.  (Wow, a great read.  Definitely gives you perspective.  Courtesy of the Mr.)

When Kids Realize Their Whole Life Is Already Online  (I cringe every time I see people post their kids lives on Instagram.  So many inappropriate things not just from mommy bloggers but friends and family under the guise of "keeping in touch."  Courtesy of the Mr.)

Neighbor Cat Visits Window Every Day Looking For...  (Oh my heart.)

Strange Dog Shows Up At Guy's House — So He Gives Her The Best Day Ever  (So sweet!  But by the end I was yelling at the owners for being idiots.)

I don't think we've got any plans this weekend that I'm aware of.  I wouldn't mind a little sun here or there since the only time I had workable light was when the dishwasher dudes were in my space.  *rolling eyes*

You have anything planned for the weekend?

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  1. You just can't even make this stuff up. But I am trying to be more assertive and I felt like it was a test. I was not going to back down so I just offered up the solution I would have used if I were doing the job myself - which I would have, but not after we paid $150 to have it done by someone else, especially with my back the way it is right now. Sheesh! Have a great weekend everybody!

  2. Love all the great reads!! That grandmother body-builder is the awesome - she's the same age as me and I look like HER grandmother! Your dishwasher woes are so funny to read about - but I'm sure they are far from funny to you guys. Enjoy your weekend!!!

  3. I would so be getting a new dishwasher. This thing has been a nightmare from the beginning! It's scary to feel you can't buy an appliance because you don't know what kind of set-up service you're going to get. Hence why I have two refrigerators that need replacing and I'm a chicken to do it.

    We are due for more freezing rain over night that I have to drive in tomorrow morning because I need to open the church. I'll be an adrenaline-charged basket case by 7am. then we grocery shop in major rainstorms because the alternative is Sunday, which sustained winds of 50-55mph!!! So we go from freezing rain advisory, to flooding advisory, to high wind warning. I'm doing like Woodstock Willie and going underground until mid-March. Harrumph!


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