Thursday, February 28, 2019

Trouble in Vlogland

Happy last day of February!  Man, did that month seem to suck down the tubes?

I saw this vlogger we watch who has three kids.  He and his wife were posing questions to them about social situations.  (i.e.- what would you do if a group of girls were bullying your friend and things like that.)  It was interesting to watch because you could tell the oldest who is very thoughtful, kind and empathetic was answering in ways she hoped her parents would want her to answer.  A few times they even said, "would you really say that?" and she said yes.  She was caught lying, and she's at that age where testing boundaries are normal.  The middle one is a boy, and he's ALL boy.  Very rambunctious, sweet but incredibly jealous and acting out since his youngest sister came on the scene.   He answered pretty honestly, and it was apparent they need to work on stranger danger with him because if someone's got food, he's going in the house unattended.  Bwaaahaha!  The littlest is just forming sentences so she couldn't really comprehend it, but it was I want what I want when I want it which is to be expected at a wee age like hers.  The dad is a super narcissist and quite religious which he, unfortunately, uses when it's convenient for him.   The mom is super sweet and very submissive to him, but the popularity of their channel has changed her a bit the past year for the worse.  What the Mr and I wanted to pose to turn it around was "what will you do when your daughter comes to you after her friends tell her you made rather salacious headlines a few years ago?"   I won't say what because it would give them away and I'm not here to trash them, truly.  But in this age where the kids are already VERY aware of the camera and I suspect by some of things the oldest has said that she's gotten bullied for being "famous."  What her dad did is out there for the world to see and keeps coming back to haunt him just when he thinks it's gone away.  I know that would be an awkward conversation to have with a kid but I also think it would be a teaching moment about forgiveness (from his wife), and that trust has to be earned when you break it.  I was her age when my parents had issues, and I think if mine had stayed together, it would've made quite a difference in how I process things and even how hard I am on myself for shortcomings.

Then I watched another vlogger I've followed for almost 10 years, and she is married with two cute little kids.  She and her hubby run her business together, and he's often out of the country on business.  He's had some issues with substance abuse and has acted a little questionable in the last year or two.  Even though he's barely past 30, he seems to be going through some kind of crisis whether it's an identity thing (everyone knows him as her husband), but more importantly, he doesn't really seem to have taken to fatherhood well.  He definitely loves his kids, but he likes acting single when he's out of the country and when he is home, his face is buried in video games or his phone and will flat out ignore the kids.  She asked for a car recently, and he said no but then two days later went out and bought his dream car which is low to the ground and not a family car at all.  In fact, it makes his wife sick to drive in it.  He gets called out on social media quite a bit for being selfish from the people who have the balls to do it, and people tell her he's not being a very good husband.  She's vented on Instagram about him when he's being an arse then a day or two later, she tries to smooth it over.  It makes me so sad because I don't see a good end to this.

The final vlogger I watch used to live in Hawaii and has now moved to the armpit of the US heat-wise, so it's not quite as fun to watch in that aspect.  She hasn't done the same type of videos she used to do and not as often.  We find ourselves watching her old Hawaii vlogs for some zen.  Once she and her husband moved, you could see a bit of a shift in his well being, and he was gone a lot.  People noticed and asked if they were okay.  So many people said it that she had to address it and said they went through quite a rough patch and there was the potential for a divorce which really sucks because they seemed like such a perfect couple.  (No such thing.)  They seem to be okay now, but there's still a lot of him absent and not sure if that's by design or not.

These are the only three vloggers we watch, and while I know family/daily vloggers are kind of the ultimate 'reality TV,' you get attached to these families.  It's not as "entertaining" to see them struggle because you know that unlike TV, it's not going to be wrapped up in 30-60 minutes before the next zany adventure.  It's especially hard when you see the potential for disaster, but you can't really say anything because if you're not kissing their butts, its taken as trolling.  I never comment on their videos, but boy do we have some running commentary during dinner!  😄

For the reality TV viewers, would you rather see a tv reality show where everything is tidied up quickly on conflicts or real families you get to know more in-depth and ride the ups and downs?

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  1. Vloggers are usually in control of what they show so you never know what you're really getting but at least some of them are more open, sometimes too much so, and it isn't all just the instagram worthy stuff. But then you find out later about stuff that was happening that they didn't show and it's kind of like feeling duped. But in the end I guess I prefer the sloppier stuff that may not resolve quickly because at least then you get to see the changes over time. A more natural evolution much like real life I suppose, which fascinates me more than a lot of the stuff that is sure to resolve whatever drama by the next episode.

  2. Give me a good old-fashioned scripted tv show any day. I like to know that the characters aren't real, that the actors that play the parts go home at the end of the day to their own lives, that even if people get hurt or die they don't really.

  3. My coworker who I was very close to turning me on to his wife's blog. I spent the first hour of my day alone with his co-worker for a few years oh, so we are very close. She always posted very flowery loving stories about her husband and her family. One day I was reading the blog and it said that they were getting divorced. My coworker had never mention it to me! That's when I realized what people right and what's really happening or not always the same thing. Have a fantastic weekend

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