Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Twitchy Tuesday

Or maybe I should say "Manic Monday" recap?

I woke up to an email saying our vacation home rental for the first half of our vacation was canceled because they sold the property.  They refunded our deposit and said they need to get their listing off the rental site before the new owners can put theirs up.  *twitch*  They gave contact info for the new owners but it was blocked via the app, so I had to tell her that and wait around for her to respond, hoping that someone didn't come in and swoop in on our dates.  It took FOREVER just to decide on that place (well, both places we're staying) so the skin went straight into stress hives on the face which is a good look.  I finally got the woman's email address, and she said their property manager will contact us when the site is up and running to get us booked again.  You can understand for a control freak like myself this sounds good in theory, but I will not be able to breathe again until we are in the books.  I have two other places in mind, but they were low on the second choice list and didn't give me that feeling I get when I see "the one."  If we're going on the longest road trip of our lives, I'm not settling.  So hopefully this will be rectified this week.  So yeah, that wasn't a fun way to wake up with an adrenaline rush and hives.

That wasn't even the thing that was supposed to send me over the edge yesterday as we waited for the dishwasher repairman in our 10 am - 2 pm window.   At about 11:30 am, the Mr. called the place and asked if there was a more specific time yet or if they called ahead of time. They said they'd call when we were next up.  We decided to go ahead and workout.  We did T25 HIIT (low impact for his back), and after we were done rolling and stretching, the phone went off.  It was 12:38 pm, so we washed up a little.  The Mr made and ate his lunch, we watched Hawaii 5-0, and then I was starving, so I said screw it and made my lunch before I ate my hand.  Two-ish hours later he shows up after his window.  (Give a courtesy call if you're going to be more than an hour dude, c'mon.)  At first, it looks like he won't be able to replicate the noise and even though the Mr. has it recorded on his phone it's as clear as it can get, but apparently "that doesn't always help." (??- Literally, you hear the same thing as if it was making the noise in front of you.  The dishwasher will stop if you open it so this is as good as it will get if you can't replicate it.)  He's thorough though and says "let's load this second shelf up off-center," and when he does, it makes the noise.  The Mr and I shoot each other a nod and wink.  He said even with it off-kilter load wise; it still shouldn't make that noise.  He looks underneath and says first there's no toe kick panel.  The Mr. told him it's on the way because Frick and Frack were too busy trying to get in and out of the house to take it off the back which is where Bosch says they put them. 

Then he looks underneath and sees this:

See that circle?  That is ripped up dishwasher box (that wasn't there before...we looked) that has been folded to "level" the dishwasher.  This instead of using the self-leveling feet as shown by the arrow that is step 19 in the installation manual if Frack had bothered to read it.  Instead, he sat there grunting and sighing that he had to do his job and decided to cut corners hoping we didn't notice, which we didn't because you wouldn't think you'd have to go poking around behind them.  The guy tried to get ahold of Bosch, but they were closed, so he said he was going to call them tomorrow to see if any service bulletins are out on the model and check with the company reps for solutions to the problem and what parts need to be ordered.  We need to call the installers (which they were closed as well, we didn't realize so many people were off Presidents Day) and get them to come out and fix that atrocity.  He said he didn't have confidence that would fix the problem anyway but we paid for installation and it should be done right.  Yes, sir.  It should be done right, but that's not what happens with us...ever. 

At that point, we were done mentally, so we decided to take a lap around the hood in the last of the snow falling.  We enjoyed stopping and looking at our black coats and gloves at the different snowflake patterns.  When we got back, the Mr. had to call the cable company and ask why the bill went up $12 and get them to reapply a credit we get when we raise hell annually for the bill going up for no reason.  The nitwit delightful woman said she couldn't get the discount to apply and could she call back tomorrow (today) to do it.  Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.  I suspect around 10 am the Mr will need to call them back because I don't see that as anything more than a diversion tactic and hope we forget.  Mama doesn't forget with money. 

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We settled in for the night and had shrimp and cheese grits for dinner because after the past few days I needed some comfort food that would fit into our calories. 
What's an unpleasant surprise you've gotten lately?

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  1. On one hand I hope the same installer guys come back so I can stand over them the entire time and shame them into doing the job right. But then again, I would also like the opportunity to have a different person come in so we can rag on the poor job that guy did and maybe they get the chance to shame them every time they see them on the job from now on. Either way, that dude deserves some serious shame for that terribly lazy job.

    1. Let me be in another room. You know how uncomfortable I get in those situations where "shame" is involved with the person who did wrong. Well, either situation because with our luck the dude you'd be ragging to would be like "that's my brother."

  2. I hope you get someone different, someone competent this time. Getting the same nincompoop again and having to hover doesn't really help long term, getting someone with a clue to do it right is a much better solution.

    Cable companies *shudder*. I hate dealing with mine. Between their automated menu "for your convenience" that doesn't ever have the option I need but won't allow you to skip, to the constant upsells every time I have to call for service, to the closure of the local office where I would go in person instead of dealing with with the phone. They do it to make it inconvenient I'm sure. I used to get a discount every year by calling and raising hell too, but the last time the "delightful woman" informed me that I had to wait a year before they would put any discount on my account again and to not bother calling again. This is what loyalty and bill paying gets you - paying more than 2 times what a new and untried customer pays. *sheepishly steps down from soap box* Good luck to you on both fronts today.

    1. I hope so too because its obvious that tool doesn't know how to do his job. I think the Mr forwarded that pic to the installer's company so they can know what stellar employees they have working there.

      Cable companies SUCK. It's 9am and you can guess we've gotten no call yet when she was supposed to call at 8am I thought I heard her say. You're right, it's all that and more and they wonder why people are cutting the cord and it's TOTAL BS they won't give you the same deals as new customers. We've been with this company for 20 years (in all of it's iterations) and loyalty is a concept the generations below us don't subscribe to. We were led to believe "the customer is always right" and "loyalty means something." Now someone would literally laugh in your face if you tried to say that today. So you get on that soapbox, girl! There's a lot of people on there with you!

  3. My biggest irritant of late was dealing with our insurance company just trying to get our new cards and to pay the bill. I've never had so much difficulty trying to pay someone $1200! It was an error on the actual insurance company's part, not the agent, but the agent did a terrible job communicating with me and I finally emailed the owner whom we've worked with for over 15 years. It was resolved quickly after that, but it's the lack of communication I hate most. Had I not called them to say our insurance was expiring, etc, we would have fallen through the cracks. I get that things take time, and I'm very patient in that regard, but I don't like being the one to constantly have to call a place when I'm told they will call me the next day...and day after day after day. I'm very happy with the actual policies and have been for years, but I was not a fan of this lady very much.


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