Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Halo Top: Candy Bar

As the Mr and I had made our final round of the grocery store and were almost home free, we spied this.

Well, we can't pass that up.  Okay, we could've but we didn't and at only 30 calories over our usual snack, we justified it.

Don't judge us.

Here's the nutritional info:

Here are the ingredients and we're always down with a chocolate swirl and a caramel swirl but I know to be cautious with 'diet' chocolate ice cream.

Yum!  This looks promising!

We scooped it up and let it soften a little, as recommended.

So, how did it taste?

It was pretty good!  I'm always leery of chocolate flavored ice cream but they did a good job with this.  I thought for sure there were nuts in there from the crunch but I didn't see any listed so they must've had this with Twix in mind due to the caramel and chocolate swirls and then do a cookie crumble in there for the crunch.  I'm not sure I'd need to get it again only because for me there wasn't enough of the crumbles.  I know in order to keep it a healthier ice cream they can't run that stuff all through it like they would in regular ice cream.  But it just left me wanting more which could entice me to polish off an entire pint if I didn't have the Mr to share it with.  So, personally, I would want a single scoop of something like the churned Moose Tracks and be done with more bits o' goodness.  But if you have more self-control than I do, you may really like this!

What's your favorite candy bar?

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  1. I love Twix and this did kind of remind me of it, but I agree that it just could use a lot more of that for it to truly be a treat that I would crave again, but if you are on a mega strict diet and this is your only solace then I think this would be great in that scenario.

  2. I'm such a plain ice cream person and like the basic flavors (BOR-ing!), but the hubs loves the candy ice creams. As for candy bars, I like Kit-Kat (although they aren't as crispy as they used to be I've noticed), Twix,
    Whatchamacallit, and Hershey's Chocolate with Almonds. Oh! And Nestle Chunky bars with the raisins -yum!

  3. Speaking of self control.... I wouldn't even be able to wait the few minutes required for the ice cream to soften up a bit.

  4. Didn’t like this one. Love the chocolate peanut butter version. But I never was a candy and ice cream fan. I can’t buy these unless it’s a special occasion, I have zero self control!


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