Monday, April 16, 2018

Fishy, friendly weekend recap

Good Monday mornin' Y'all!

It was quite a whirlwind weekend for us and full of friends and fish.  Saturday, I was glad to have some plans to get out and see some friends of ours at a craft show they were hosting.  We got to visit with their daughter who remembered us and see her new baby who seemed to be a happy little one smiling and kicking up a storm.  Our friends were surrounded by a ton of people but we got to slip in and give them a hug and talk with them for a few minutes.  She's just come through cancer and is looking well so it was good to confirm her good health with our own eyes.  I, unfortunately, didn't see anything I had to have so we walked out empty handed.

We went to a cafeteria style restaurant and I was glad we tried it finally (one of those places that have been around forever) but I don't know that I'd need to go back.  They do have a bakery with donuts as big as your head and since I owed my friend who just moved into a new place a housewarming gift, I got him 4 donuts and a fritter.  We visited for two hours and it was nice to catch up and see his new digs.  When we left, I had to come to terms it was time to invest in some new boulder holders bras.  All of my current ones are a little tight in the band area and there are some from Fashion Bug days and if any of you shopped FB, you know it's been closed for awhile.  :-|  So we went to one plus sized shop and it didn't have the material I preferred.  I don't like padded ones because I've got my own and you can brush up against something and then the cup can invert and leave you looking like an alien.  One I saw had SO much padding, there wasn't even room for a boob in there.  I ended up dropping $165 on 6 bras at Lane Bryant because I needed good bras.

Then we passed some spa that just added those fish treatments that you see on some travel show in Singapore or something where the fish eat the dead skin from your feet.  Since I'd just been complaining our life is like the Groundhog Day movie, I said "let's do it!" and walked in.  I have literally been too lazy to file my feet lately so I thought I'd pay to let some fish do it for me so they got quite the buffet.

I didn't even think about the possibility it might tickle and it did for the first 30 seconds but then it just felt like bubbles circulating after a hot tub has been turned off or like you maybe stuck your feet in soda or something.  We did it for about 20 minutes and it was more for the experience.  I still would've had to file my feet if I was going to the chiropractor or something.  But it was a fun thing to do together and I was surprised the Mr did it since his feet are so ticklish!  We read about it after the fact and I tea tree oiled mah toes just to be safe.

When we got home, there was a message the friend we spent Easter with was in town and since I already had plans for a dang good lunch the next day, I told him to come on over.   We had BBQ beef sammies, sweet potato casserole and homemade mac and cheese.  (With company coming, I made it a little more decadent than I would've if it was just for us.)  It was nice to hang out since we only see him usually every other year so 3x in three months is quite the treat for us even if some of the visits weren't the best circumstances.  I consider hanging out with or talking to him part of my mental health goals because he's such a sweetie and such a positive person always looking to improve himself.  Those are the kind of people to surround yourself with whenever you can.   We were all in a food coma so he went back to his hotel to nap and we got in episode one of season three of Six Feet Under before I yelled "nap!" and we were out for 90 minutes.

Then before we knew it, it was time to workout and go to Ready Player One.  The best part of the movie for me was before it when during the trivia section they played Marlon Williams "Make Way For Love!"  I almost squeed myself!  As for the movie, I didn't care for it.  I don't believe in putting 80's references in just for the sake of making them, especially where they make no sense.  The Mr said he wasn't overly impressed with it.  There's one part in the middle about a date night movie that was cool but other than  Oh yeah and don't bother staying until the end of the longest credits in cinematic history, there are no easter eggs at the end of a movie about easter eggs.  #fail 

That about rounds it out for us!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. It was an interesting weekend to say the least, but definitely one that we'll remember and that makes it worth it. Thanks for going to see Ready Player One with me. I know it wasn't the best movie but I had a good time with you. The movie basically matches the book. It has its good parts and it has its 80's references and that is about it. I was hoping Spielberg could make something a bit more special out of the source material but oh well.

    1. I haven't seen the movie yet, but yeah. The whole book is basically 80s references. I liked the book, so I was hoping Spielberg could do something with it too. Sounds like he didn't.

  2. Now that sounds like a great weekend! Friends, food, and fishies! =o) My weekend was good with plenty of downtime to get in some much-appreciated naps after a week of horrible sleep. Got laundry done early so yesterday felt like a treat. Have been up for several hours now (4 hrs is my max for sleep apparently) and got the garbage/recycle bins out in the snow along with the cooler. Actually had to put the dogs in their coats because of the snow coming down -- on April 16th! Hmphf. Busy day of errands if the roads hold up, then making chili for dinner. Yum.

  3. It sounds like a busy but fun weekend. I spent Saturday in the house hiding from the wind, reading a book. It was so bad the boy's soccer game that morning was cancelled. Yesterday I gave a swimming lesson and did all the essential chores I didn't do on Saturday.

    I liked the movie, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see it again. I really liked the book though, and I too was hoping the movie would be better than it was.


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