Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Childhood comfort foods and life just doesn't let up

Yep....I've been staring at this blank page for about an hour.  My editor is in bed so forgive typos.  My brain is so at capacity which I'll get to after a recap.

I had my Grandma foods yesterday.  Raisin Bran for breakfast.  I now remember why I'd get Kellogg's over Post...the bran tasted better and of course more sugar on the raisins.  I'll eat it but I had to laugh that my palette hasn't adjusted to that level.  Grandma was never one for spicy anything.  It always had to be bland.  I spent my whole life hearing how spicy foods were going to eat a hole through my stomach.  If she only knew the research proves spicy foods help you in so many ways.  You could show her 10 studies on that front and she'd say they were wrong.  Maybe I should've had the Mr tell her, then she would've believed it.  ;-)  (He's laughing, I know it)  I had my American cheese and mayo sammich on her Home Pride Wheat bread.  Uh...what happened to the wheat!?!?!  It tasted exactly like white Wonder bread!!  Not a fleck o' wheat to be found.  Eight year old me was ecstatic but 40+ year old me was irritated it was not the bread of my matriarch.  Despite this, it was damn delicious...like "I felt like a kid again" delicious.  Too bad an hour later I was so hungry I wanted to eat my own hand.

The day was somewhat productive.  I had three things written down that I wanted to get done and even though I pushed them off until the end of the workday, I did them.  It made me feel quite accomplished like maybe a little of the haze was starting to lift a bit.  We did a free weight session for exercise and some good rolling and stretching afterward.  The Mr cleaned up a bit while I finished my stretching but we still have more to do.  I was more than happy to have made "zombie chili" Friday because I knew I probably still had a few days in there where throwing together dinner would be too much to ask of myself and last night was one of them. 

Then as we settled into more Six Feet Under, I got news that there's another potentially life-threatening situation looming.  (It's not either of us.)   I don't know how this is going to end only that my brain literally can't handle it right now.  I started having little tingles at the top of my head which I got when my brain shut down the day after Grandma died.  I've gotta give this one up to God as much as possible and unfortunately, I can't go into it.  So just when I was starting to feel like maybe functioning would be a possibility, along comes another kick in the teeth.   I'm just saying prayers for all involved and I turned on my Marlon Williams to soothe me after the Mr went up so I didn't go into a brain meltdown. 

Today we have another contractor coming in to look at the patio.  I think it was the day Grandma died we got the first estimate...$3300.  Yeah.  So this company is the one who actually installed our patio 18 years ago so it'll be interesting to see where they fall on all of that.  I guess we'd better clean up a little more.  It's not exactly "company ready" though right now I'm not really sure I give a poo.   Pfft.

What were your favorite foods as a kid?

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  1. You did just fine without your editor on this one. I am glad you got some work done too, and that chili hit the spot. All you can do in certain situations is give it up to God. Sometimes it's so out of our hands that you feel helpless but the truth is all you can do is be there as much as you can for those involved.

  2. I'm sorry you are having to deal with another health crisis on the heels of losing your grandma. If there is anything you can do about the situation I know that you will, but too often there's just not and that sucks. I'm sorry you are going through that.

    My mom was "ahead of the curve" (or hopelessly old fashioned I supposed - these things are cyclical) in a lot of ways. One of those was that we always had wheat bread in the house growing up and I always loved going to people's houses that had white bread. Wonder Bread smelled funny, but I wanted it anyway. Sugary cereal was another thing that I never had at home and always wanted. I ate a lot of Captain Crunch, Trix and Cocoa Puffs in college until I got my fill of them.

  3. I am so sorry you have another crisis that is looming. It feels relentless not doubt, and I'm so sorry you're having to go through it (and the others involved as well). Saying prayers for you, girl. Hang in there as best you can and keep giving it up to God. xoxo


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