Tuesday, April 17, 2018

April: Mid Month Progress Report

The editor is in bed, so you know the drill. 

I should've known to set goals other than emotionally survive the first two weeks of April.  Here's how things are going so far this month.


April goal:  Get out of my food rut and make different things.  If you can't friggin' decide where to go on high cal day, then just fix something at home.  If you're really that uninspired, it's not worth the calories.

I have made a few different things, but the first week I didn't have the desire to plan anything concrete for the rest of the month.  So the food rut is a good fall back for me right now since it doesn't require much thought.  I'll have to make that a goal for another month.


April goal:  Test the waters with moderate impact exercise and continue with the extensive stretching sessions which are obviously helping.

We did Atletica (affiliate link) last week at the Mr's suggestion, and when I called his bluff, he turned white.  I did it with as heavy of weights as I could manage with the elbow.  I do want to throw a Turbo Fire in there this week because I'm sick of walking.  It'd be nice if this ankle thing would ever resolve but I've basically given up and stopped seeing the chiro.  I've told myself for 4 weeks I need to make an appointment with him, but I don't make it a priority because I'm just salty over it all.  I have no desire to go through dry needling and $1500.  Whatever.  Next.


April goal: Get back to three bottles of water per day especially on weekends.

Water is crap even with reminders set up.  I've been getting up so late that I don't even start drinking anything until 11am anyway.  Weekends are horrible.  I'd love to get back to where I was, but only I can do that so...


April goal:  Get back to 12:30am as the goal.  You're out of control with the late nights.

Bwaaahaha!!  12:30am is early these days.  I'm back to 2 am bedtimes, wake up at 6:30am and toss and turn until my pill alarm goes off, do some work from the phone for an hour or so then am so exhausted I fall back asleep if I'm lucky for another hour.  It's a crappy pattern, but I don't see it breaking any time soon.

Mental Health:

April goal:  Video chat with a friend once during the month.  Journal all of the emotions you're going through with Grandma's passing and be good to yourself.  You're not even in the thick of the potential worst of the "after."

Meh, not feeling the video chatting.  I've been emailing some friends and seeing some of them in person which does a lot to make me feel better.  I'm also getting adept at immediately cutting off other people's BS that I am not ready to deal with.  I've journaled what I feel I needed to and made them into a series that'll be here so hopefully that can help some people.  The Mr has been a great friend on that front and started a lot of conversations to help me.  I am pretty much through the fog of Grandma's death because we've talked about everything there was to process.  I guess you'd call me almost at the "acceptance" stage.  We've talked about the other health issue that has come up, the person is unreasonable, and I'm not taking it on.  I've said my prayers about it and that's that until the end comes for them.  Looking like it'll be sooner than later, unfortunately.  The best thing that will help in the mental health department for me is getting as much done as humanly possible this week on a few fronts, and I need to remember to wear my mouth guard, or my jaw is going to break.  (affiliate link)  

I'm going to cut myself a little slack this month.  I'm not stress eating like I wanted to do continuously for the 2 weeks after grandma died and we're still exercising 6 days a week as usual.  At this point, that's going to have to be the biggest victory for me.  I do want to improve on the water, but I'm not going to make myself feel like crap for my mojo being off so far this month with all we've been dealing with. 

How's your April going so far?  Anything you want to change for the rest of the month?

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  1. Thanks for the reminder to do my mid month assessment. I'm happy to report I celebrated 25 pounds down at ww last night!
    Have a great day!

  2. You are keeping it together as much as you can given the circumstances so far this tumultuous month. Right now just getting in really good workouts is the most important aspect I think, I know it is helping me a lot. I am going to have to set up some goals here soon because I know I have a lot of areas to improve on. One thing I can report is I have been consistent with flossing and brushing the whole mouth (tongue, cheeks and all) since my last visit to the dentist and I feel like that is working quite well for me. My future dentist visits should be easy if I keep that up!

    1. Flossing does really pay off

    2. Yes it is. I'm glad we only took one day off during all of that and that was just because my legs were toast after standing in horrible shoes after the calling hours. Glad you're keeping up the way I suggested on the toofers. I need to floss more.

  3. Give yourself permission to have grace this month. Your beginning a season of healing. So your sleeping isn't the greatest/ideal at the moment, know that it will get better but don't put the unnecessary stress on it - it will cause you even more trouble sleeping. I love the fact that even if you are in a rut you are still taking the time to cook and prepare food - sometimes the easiest and same old meals are exactly what the soul needs. And water isn't always the easiest for the anyone to hit their goals - some days water intake falls by the wayside - drink what your body feels is right. Allow yourself the time and what you need to do mentally and physically to get through this season. Do what makes your soul happy - hiking, cooking, exercising, chilling on the couch, etc - let the perfection of this list go for the month, your mind and soul will thank you. You will get back to all your healthy steps and goals when you are ready. -Kristen

    1. Thanks Kristen. I'm a natural night owl and get it honestly so even midnight is early for me regardless of my wake up time. Bleh. Luckily water seems to be better today so there may be hope for me yet! :) Thanks so much for your support!

  4. I think you are doing as well as you possibly can. Water and sleep are off, but you are still eating well and exercising. You are actively working through your grief in the way you know best (writing/journaling) and you have recognized that you cannot do anything for the other health problem in your family. That doesn't mean you don't care, it doesn't mean you won't help if asked, it just means you aren't going to beat your head against the brick wall of stubborness. I think these are all good things.

    After a long time of really not doing much on the health front, I'm finally refocusing myself. Baby steps, but forward steps.

    1. Yep, I'm doing the best I can and so thankful to have all of you great people cheering me on. You're very right on the other health issue. I'll help if asked and be there for support if needed but in this instance, there's nothing I can do other than that. Good to hear you're focusing on yourself! Keep it up!

  5. Ah, man, I'm sorry your ankle is giving you fits. You've been in the trenches for quite a few weeks now, so I'm proud of you for giving yourself slack and claiming victory where you should. You've been through hell. plain and simple, and the fact you've been able to be even cognizant of your goals is impressive enough, let alone doing relatively well with them, all things considered. These things will get reincorporated as you're able and then it'll feel like you're into your routine again. You are doing GREAT (cuz I know darn well how much you do behind the scenes missy!) so keep taking it one day at a time, in five minute increments.

    For me, the only goal I haven't completely sucked at is the mental health. I've been doing my Bible devotionals every morning without fail and my journaling at night. I've made sure to allow for down time/naps on weekends when I've needed them. And on the really hairy days, I've handled that stress by keeping it light and funny with the self-talk to keep the stress levels from amping up too high. Everything else has been in the "terlet" as Edith Bunker would say. LOL


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