Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pillow talk and long distance planning

Well, the pillows came yesterday and as per my luck, they are the wrong ones.  *facepalm*  They are basically the same ones I paid $7 for from a big box store.  So I would have to pay to send them back and my shipping wouldn't be refunded so I let the Mr take the one I got him for a test run and he seems to think it'll work out.  He tested it last night so we'll see.  If so, we'll jam them under the dresser and he can have two brand new pillows for the ready when this one wears out.  In the meantime, I'd contacted customer service about the uber fluffy pillows I experienced and he said they were the other feather/down combo they sell for $60 a pop.  I looked online and found a website that sold soft support pillows with the same technology and has a 30-day hassle free return policy after you take it for a test run.  Yes, please.  Plus it was 20% off if you bought two pillows and then if you signed up for their email stuff they send you a 10% off code and the topper, 5% off with Ebates.  So I would be getting two pillows for the price of one through Omni.  Oh, and I also saw at the bottom of the Omni email that mattresses and box springs are non-refundable.  Pass.  However, I did manage to find it on Serta's website.  I had the Mr take pics of the tags and stuff so we could track it down.  Once I find out a little more info, we'll see if we can track it down somewhere to take a test run.

I gabbed with my friend yesterday about her nuptials and she added me to her Pinterest board for her wedding.  She said that they are doing an intimate ceremony and won't be having a wedding party so family and friends can relax.  (She's a recent bridesmaid and was miserable and stressed.)  She said had there been a traditional ceremony, I would've been her main maid.  I told her I was a little relieved because my leg has been in a state of disarray for 4 years and the last thing I'd want to do is disappoint her on her wedding day not knowing if I'd be able to do the things she'd need that day.  I still worry about that but I'll at least be able to sit if necessary.  I seriously pray I'm not still dealing with the crap in a year and a half but if history is any indicator, I can't just assume I'll be better.  It was fun going through what she's pinned in the past week since her betrothment.  I guess this is how you plan weddings long distance with your friends now.  While I sometimes curse the internet, I'm grateful for the ability not to miss out on the fun stuff as she plans her special day.  On the same token, I didn't get 80% of what I needed done because I spent too much time chatting and on Pinterest. 

I started tracking yesterday.  I don't know the last time I did that.  Hang on, I can check.   Looks like the end of September...when this foot issue flared uncontrollably.  Interesting.  I hope to keep it up.  You know how it is trying to get back into a habit.

We started watching Miracles (affiliate link) last night and got through four episodes.  Given the Olympics have all of our shows pre-empted, this will be the perfect time to blow through it finally and then we can donate it.

What was the last thing you ordered that wasn't what you expected?

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  1. The pillow worked out for me. I agree it is basically equivalent to the $7 Big Box store pillow but if it holds out long enough it will be worth it. It has the right balance of firm and soft for my needs.

  2. What a bummer about your pillows! Hopefully your new ones will be just what you hope them to be and they work out fabulously. I'm so glad you got to gab with your friend and can go on the journey with her with her wedding plans. It is so different from back in the day, but given the distance between where you guys live, this is a perfect way to be in the loop and enjoy her excitement. I think the last thing I bought that was different than what I thought it would be is a hat. It was fully lined and I was expecting just a simple knit hat. I like it, but would have preferred it unlined and bulky. But I cannot complain for $10. LOL

  3. I love hotel pillows and that's how I've been buying them for years (until the chain I liked stopped selling them). I also got my current bed from Westin and have liked it but it's 10+ years old so time to be replaced. I need a split queen box spring so am currently considering the Marriott bed (which is on sale for 35% off). Only thing holding me back is that it doesn't include removal of the old mattress and boxspring...


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