Monday, February 12, 2018

Weird weather behavior and time flies

(or tea...or bourbon.  Nah, probably shouldn't on the bourbon.)

Good Monday to you all.

It was grocery refuel weekend, and I don't know if people in your neck of the woods don't know how to drive when it's foggy out, but apparently it's like Armageddon here.  Freeways shut down, traffic everywhere we went, just a weird vibe EVERYWHERE and when we tried to go to Trader Joe's and Target it was so friggin' crowded that we were like "not happening."  We had to wait and went back around 7 pm, and it was much more tolerable.  Everyone we talked to noted how weird people were so we were glad we weren't the only weird ones.  I told him I wasn't up for splitting up the trips like we usually do so let's just do it all Saturday night and we did.  I thought it would make for a more relaxed Sunday but somehow it didn't feel much different.  We watched Music and Lyrics since it was on TV after we realized too late I just donated it last month.  My mission this year is to watch and donate the "WTF was I thinking" on some movies we own and determine whether or not they're worth keeping.  We have the full series (one season) of this show we used to watch called Miracles with  Skeet Ulrich that was really good.  We never watched the end!  It was cancelled before they aired the ending and we were so excited when it came out on DVD and why we didn't watch it is beyond me.  It began and ended in 2003.  15 years ago for those not up for math this early.   Now I have no idea what the show was about so we'll have to watch the whole thing one weekend now that binge watching is a thing.

The Mr got a new toy over the weekend.  (Affiliate link)  He recorded "Here Comes Your Man" by The Pixies and it came out really good.  I'm already giving him a list of other songs to record like "Run" by Foo Fighters and things I know he'll like playing on the guitar.  It'll be a nice change from playing video games for a while.  Speaking of Foo Fighters, this is one minute long and hilarious especially if you know who Christopher Walken is.

Let me see, of my best friends got engaged last weekend!  I'm happy for her but I have to admit, when we were in school together if you'd ever told me that she'd be engaged to someone I've never met, I'd have said you were nuts.  It's just weird and makes me a little sad that we live so far apart now.  We'll get to meet him over the summer so fingers crossed he's cool because you know, if he's not, it's a lifetime of gritting our teeth when we do get to see each other!  Bwaahaha!

I'm excited because my Omni pillows come today.  I wake up with a headache every friggin' day from my pillows and they are a mix of older ones that should be more comfortable, one that's not that old but totally shot (don't bother with Brookstone's "Better Than Down" because it was a lumpy, misshapen mess much like my mid-section within 6 months) and one that is a month into use and isn't working out.  Why is finding the right pillow such a pain in the arse?!  So I'm praying these squishy pillows of heaven will allow me to sleep better.  Oh, I ordered a pillow top mattress pad from them too which will hopefully be here by weeks end.  I thought it might get us by until we get a better mattress.  The fact that I'm talking about a better mattress after it only being a few years...

Um yeah, I guess it's been 7 years since we got that mattress according to some scanning through pics of our bedroom remodel.  Seven.  Years.  Well within the limits of replacing mattresses according to a Google search and several sites.  Sigh.  Seven years...I thought it was like three or four.  We're gonna be worm food sooner than we think.  Well, my goal is to get the topper to get us through this year since we have some expenses potentially coming our way and then that'll be our winter gift to ourselves next year.  My back would like some relief please and thank you.

I am happy to report that my little email reminder seems to be working for me to drink my water so I'm hoping it's going to be a fabulous February on the hydration front!  Sometimes it's the little things.

How was your weekend?

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  1. It was a weird weekend for sure but glad that everyone seemed to feel it. I did have a blast recording that song on my new toy and it's a great tool for guitarists. Glad I got it and it even fits in my guitar bag!

  2. What weekend? I got exactly nothing done that needed to be done, and have no idea where the time went. Plus the boy came down with a stomach bug, so I'm sure I catch it, so I have that to look forward to later in the week. Poor kid was so miserable, but seems to be feeling much better this morning.

  3. I'm glad you guys opted not to be out amongst the weirdoes because that's just some bad mojo there. When you hear people say "it's a full moon" there really does seem to be something to that kind of thought because there are days when you're out and every single encounter you have just feels off. So good on ya for turning back from the madness for a few hours. LOL

    The news station here said we had nine straight days of snow to the tune of 16.1 inches at the airport and higher amounts where we live. It was -15 degrees this morning so it's brutal out. But the sun is shining and will do so every day this week and will be in the 20's possibly 30's so that's going to feel like a heat wave! LOL I got a lot of paperworkish stuff done and my nemesis (aka the kitchen table) looks fabulous right now. Today. In this moment. We know it won't last, but perhaps I'll actually eat a meal on it for a change so celebration the occasion. Ha! I have a few errands to run today and then it's getting rest before going to work tonight at 8pm and not coming home until 4pm tomorrow afternoon. Egads, it's gonna be a long week since I'll potentially do this four days in a row. But I decided to use the time to work on all the tax receipts! Multitasking at its finest. snort....


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