Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My Funny Valentine

I am a sucker for vintage Valentine's.  I really wish I would've kept some of the Valentine's from my youth to see what was popular back then.  Anyone else remember making the homemade boxes and hoping for the one from your crush?  If it was more than just their signed name, you were in a committed your own mind.  It wasn't like it is now where everyone must get a card or get in trouble or incite a lecture for 30 minutes about why there will no longer be Valentine's Day boxes from this point on.  You weren't forced give someone you found icky a Valentine.  There was nothing worse than seeing the new girl that every dude was frothing over dump out more Valentine's from her box than there were people in the class and you got like 19 out of 25 kids.  I'm not bitter.  Honestly, I'd rather have it that way than someone forced to give me one because at least I knew who to trip in the hall.  

Here are the ones I could find online that would have likely been in the box.


Actually, I think I gave the Strawberry Shortcake ones, and I'm pretty sure I know who I gave that particular one to.  Whazz up, Brian P.!!

But it's the original old schools, that really win my heart so I thought it'd be fun to share vintage Valentine's I'd like to get in my current Valentines Day box.

(Now I'll have that song in my head all day!)

(So sweet!)


(Now I want Krispy Kreme)

(I actually have this one from an estate sale!)

(Perfect for a tea freak like myself)

Here are ones that will identify serial killers:

(If someone gives you this, run far and fast.)

(Yeah, this will win me over...not)

("Let's come to the point. Be My Valentine."  I'll pass, thanks.)

(Given the bloody arm and the way they spelled steak, I must decline.) 

I'm hoping to get an early workout so the Mr and I can enjoy the evening.  I've got filet mignon, potatoes and roasted asparagus on the menu.  For me, saving $40 for the same dinner is the way to my heart even if I have to be the one to make it! 

Any plans for Valentine's Day?  (Remember you don't have to be in a relationship to celebrate.  As long as you love someone, honor your friendship, family or with your fur babies!)

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  1. Wow, those are some sinister valentine's. I mean - Garfield? really? Just kidding. The vintage ones (the nice ones) do look nice so I can see your appeal there. My school did not do a box that I recall. We just kind of traded valentines. I kind of hated it cause I was lucky if I got a few, but I did like giving them. I don't think I understood the first time just what the whole thing meant, but once I understood that it was a pecking order kind of deal, uh, yeah, I'm not bitter either! But I do agree I think I like it that way versus just everyone having to give/get one. Maybe that whole pecking order thing has a positive lesson in there somewhere. Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

  2. I don't mind the requirement to either give everyone a valentine or no-one. Kids can be mean, and the unpopular ones have enough to deal with every single day without adding the pressure of not getting any valentines on top of it. I'm just glad that at my age group we don't do class parties any more.

    Those really are some creepy Valentines.

  3. Those are AWESOME Valentine's! I love the graphics back then because the cartoons had such character to their faces. What a treat that was to look at - thank you!

    No plans since I'm working today and tonight, but I will be making him some red velvet cookies when I get home this afternoon before turning around again. lol He gave me flowers yesterday as a surprise since he wasn't sure if he'd see me today, so that was very sweet. We decided several years ago to not go out on Valentine's Day because it's insane and the menus tend to be very limited and neither of us likes all the hubbub. We said we might go out this weekend but it depends on how coherent I am after this week's schedule and a trip out to see my uncle on Saturday.

    Happy Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. OMG, we're doing steak, potatoes, and roasted asparagus... at home! LOL Have a nice evening!!

  5. I love the old vintage Valentine's cards! Good Lord what were they thinking??? Back when I went to school, we decorated brown paper lunch sacks and then taped them to our desks. Oh the anticipation of waiting to see if your crush would give you one... We are doing surf and turf at home tonight! I get the surf, he gets the turf! Have a great day everyone!!


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