Thursday, February 15, 2018

Progress Report

Good Thursday to you all!  Did you do anything fun yesterday?  (This would also include curling up on the couch and binge watching a show with a box of truffles because that sounds like a whole lotta self love to me!)

I already gave the Mr his gift early for our Chicago trip because I told myself if he mentioned them before we left then I'd give them to him.  Of course, he did so he got a razor he wanted for travel and his snore ring (affiliate link) that helps him get a solid 3 hours before the bathroom calls in the middle of the night.  I saved back some of his favorite candy for the actual day which are Curly Wurly's that I split up between stocking stuffers at Christmas and Valentine's Day and mint meltaways.

I also put together a crossword puzzle for him with hints of our love story so that was fun to watch him struggle with two of them.  HA!

He got me my favorite candies to show he was tucking away ideas as I mentioned stuff I liked over the past month.  Of course, I split some of it with him like the box of Hawaiian Host.  

I made dinner of filet mignon, baked potato and asparagus and a little appetizer of arancini balls.

It was a nice chill evening which I needed after a few hectic days to start the week.

I figured since it was mid-month now, I should look at a "progress report" of sorts to keep me on track with my February goals.

Food:  We did have popcorn one night but it was a movie night.  We have a lot of sin to work off from Chicago and we're having a lot of talks about that.  I'll update when we have a firm plan in place.

Exercise:  I have been keeping up with breaking up the scar tissue around the elbow and I think between that and the laser, it's been slowly helping.  I am modifying what I can and am seeing small improvements in the elbow situation.  Earlier this week was NOT good for the foot but I may have found some spots that jamming the golf ball in until they release may help going forward.  Who knows.

Water:  I am kicking @ss on this right now.  Go me!

Sleep:  I'm hoping it'll be better once I get the new pillows.  I've got some deadline stuff to get done this week so I know I will really have to push it to get in bed by 12:30am.

Mental Health:  Hit a bit of a rough patch leaving Chicago and had a tough mental week following.  The month started off great with friends but then a wave came over me that left me feeling very worthless and unmotivated.  Trudging forward as best I can and trying not to get overwhelmed.  I'm hoping I can end the month on the mental high note I started on.

What's your progress report for February looking like?

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  1. That's a good idea, I'm going to start doing progress reports!
    Only thing that I see so far is my commitment to staying in point range on ww. Down 4.6 pounds so far. Have a great day and remember to be kind to yourself.

  2. Thanks so much for a wonderful dinner and an enjoyable evening. That crossword puzzle was so fun to do but yeah I struggled with a couple of the questions. I knew the restaurant one but my old brain did not want to come up with the name on the spot. I hate when that happens!

  3. So glad you had a great evening! Your progress report is very insightful and I think it'll help you to look back every month to see improvements that can get lost in the every day muck and mire of life. I'm sorry you had that wave crash over you. It's a terrible feeling and it's not always easy to bust through it. But you're working on it, and not letting yourself stay stuck, so that is progress right there. You are worth every good thing in life and more precious than you know.

    My month has been terrible on the food and sleep front. Just terrible. My water has been better than January and my exercise has literally consisted of trudging through knee-high snow multiple times a day. So short 10-15 minute jaunts of that where I'm completely wiped out when I come back in (the hubs says the same thing because he goes out even further)but it's melting at a rapid pace with the fog we've had. Mentally I was able to have some closure with an acquaintance of mine that was very healing, so that was a blessing beyond description. In other areas though, not so good. I keep going back to what I said this year would be for me... The Year of Simplifying. And that includes ridding myself of thoughts that are just not productive and keep me stuck. So I need to make a better effort and following through on my own self commitment.


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