Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Random Hump Day Babble

This is just a bunch of random stuff because, at this point, I'm sick of hearing about my body betrayal, so I imagine y'all are MORE than tired of it.

I was jolted out of my attempt to get in 30 minutes more sleep yesterday morning by the sound of pounding outside.  I guess they thought fixing the gutters was prudent at 8:00 am.  Apparently, the trash truck rammed the neighbors can into the gutters.  They are always very pissy about if they will or won't pick up your trash based on how far out your can is on the road, so I seriously don't know how it happened.  They would've had to pick the can up with the mechanical arm, dump it and then ram that thing at full speed sideways based on the point of impact.  Perhaps let the new drivers finish Arm Training 101 before letting them loose?  It's a good thing we were home because they needed my car moved (not really but I think they were just testing to see if we were home) so because we're attached we got a new front gutter now too.  I kept the blinds open, so they knew I was watching them because I'm annoying like that.  Kind of like how it's rumored Steven Speilberg will get his name on a movie, put his chair with his name on the set but never show up...except I make no money compared to his millions.  So we're almost alike.

Did anyone hear about Kevin Smith surviving a potential widowmaker heart attack the other night?  Well, he's probably our size maybe a little less since he hides behind those huge jerseys and is more fit than he was a few years ago.  He's also not much older than we are and frankly, it kind of scared us.  I don't know what his health stats are as far as blood pressure and all of that, but I know his dad died of a heart attack.  Then last year with Bill Paxton passing from heart issues and Bob Harper having a massive heart attack had a family history, I think.  We thankfully don't have a family history, but it still shakes you a bit.  The Mr and I have average to even lowish blood pressure.  So how do you even know if you've got a blockage going on?  Do they let you get a stress test or whatever just in case or only if you've had symptoms?  If you have 19 minutes, he gave an update yesterday talking about his whole ordeal.  What is most interesting, and something all of us with weight issues can relate to, is how even while dying what he was thinking about.  I urge you to check out his video but not at work without headphones on because homeboy curses like he medaled in the Olympics.  Get well soon Kevin!

I received my charcoal teeth whitening powder yesterday.  I read another blogger was going to give it a go and had done her research so I thought I'd try that since my hot tea consumption has been up.   I don't want to look like a snaggletooth.  The downside is while I use it, I'm going to look like the kid from The Grudge when I brush.

I was doing some work and a video recommended to me was the first scene after Edith died on All in the Family.  Like an @sshole, I watched it and ugly cried for five minutes!  What sadist is working for the YouTube "recommended" department!?  I would like to firmly smack them for distracting me with their downer.

We rented Just Getting Started (affiliate link) last night with Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo, and Tommy Lee Jones.  It was cute.  I wouldn't call it a must rent but if you've got a rent one, get one free from Redbox, it might be good for your freebie.

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  1. I still can't get that image out of my head with the tuxedo paste stuff. Too funny, but hopefully it works. I do admit that stuff about Kevin Smith scares me. I will be looking into a stress test for sure. I am glad our exercising helps so much with that but then you hear about Bob Harper and you wonder too, but the family history comes into play a lot. All you can do is try your best to do what you can and hope for the best sometimes.

  2. My husband had a heart attack when he was 34. He wasn't sure whether or not he had a heart attack, but went to the hospital just in case. They checked him out and did an EKG, but the diagnosis was first made through a blood draw. When you have a heart attack the body releases an enzyme. They did one test when he arrived at the hospital, then tested again about 6 hours later. The enzyme showed up in the second blood draw. Once the diagnosis was made they did a heart catheterization where a blockage was found and 2 stents were placed. Genetics played a big factor in his heart attack.
    This happened 4 months before we were married and we had no family nearby. It was quite exciting. He recovered fully and follows up with a cardiologist annually.

  3. I'm on the fence when it comes to EKG's and Stress Tests for a few reasons. I've had both done and all was fine. But my mom had several stress tests done and they came back "fine" as well and lo and behold she has a heart attack and needed quadruple bypass at age 52. I know of three people who've had stress tests and no indicators were shown but they all had heart attacks. EKG's can show an rhythms that are off and can indicate if you've had a heart attack or could be headed for one, but again, I'm not overly confident about those results. The post recent one is the gentleman I work for had all the standard tests done and nothing indicated that he had 3 complete blockages in his arteries until he had complications from an unrelated surgery, so it's very frustrating to really trust the tests sometimes.

  4. I wonder about those things too - I've had stress tests, echos, etc. in my work-up for the transplant, but I still feel like anything can happen. My dad had a heart attack when he was younger than I am, so I guess that's why I feel that way.

    On a less serious note, can I tell you that I look forward to reading your blog posts so much - especially when you're just talking about random stuff! You're too funny.


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