Monday, August 14, 2017

I thought we were supposed to get a weekend? recap

So yeah.  Where to start.

A few of you asked what the degreaser incident entailed so I thought I'd share.  Short recap:  I needed to paint the bottom part of the banister including spindles and we applied Krud Kutter to it and left it on for a few minutes as per the bottle for tougher stains...then this happened:

If I wasn't already planning on painting, you probably would've heard me scream and circle the Earth 20x like Superman trying to bring back Lois Lane.

So I figured why not try to get off as much as possible so I sprayed more and let it peel from the spots it already created.  I was in for a fun night.

I spent Thursday night painting the first coat.  Spent Friday painting another coat or two until I just checked out mentally.

Saturday we got out of the house for a little bit.  We had our mouths set on a food truck and they didn't open when they said they were supposed to so we were screwed and on the verge of hangry.  We went to another restaurant we wanted to try and it was meh so not so great on that front, plus the server whistled and ruined every song in a half empty restaurant with good acoustics.  I wanted to deduct from her tip just for that but I didn't because as everyone knows, nobody enjoys whistling but the whistler.  If you think otherwise, you're guilty...and therefore must be lashed with a wet noodle.

A quick jaunt to Hobby Lobby and then it was time to scour the jungle (aka- Trader Joe's) and because I didn't have our grocery list, I forgot two major things.  *facepalm*  Then Target which is always a delight midday.

Sunday, I worked (filmed) from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm with only an hour break in there for our final grocery runs.    Here's what I would've rather been doing...

Now, poof, it's 8 pm Sunday night and my dogs are barkin', my hips are misaligned, my IT bands hurt and I need to work out.  Aces.  So off to do my upper body strength whilst the Mr is sanding the banister going downstairs.  He was kind enough to paint two coats on there for me while I worked.  I feel so bad for him not getting a weekend.  Sigh.

Please tell me you had a better weekend!  Let me live vicariously through you!

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  1. Yeah, where did that weekend go? But it's been that kind of summer actually. We have some work to do this week but hopefully we can spend some time relaxing a bit with friends this coming weekend. Looking forward to that!

    1. You're right, it has been. Sorry about that. The never ending project summer. :-\

  2. It was a good weekend for me, I took my "little" to the driving range for the first time Friday. So fun! Saturday we had our company golf outing then went to a friend's house for some dominoes and laughs. Yesterday I slept in late. Got the house cleaned, pulled weeds, scored some mums for $1 and planted them. Took the puppy for a walk, made a nice dinner, and finished the night with a trip to the ice cream shop. Bagel loved his cone! Wishing you a fantastic week!

  3. My weekend was kind of like yours, not a weekend at all. I spent all day Saturday in the car taking the boy to his grandparents and then driving back. Sunday was supposed to be a nice relaxing day before I go back to work today. Of course that didn't happen and I spent the whole day getting my house in order. I thought it would take about an hour, but every time I thought I was almost done I would remember three more things that needed to be done.

    I did make time for dinner out with a friend though - so that was good.

    1. Back to school for you. :-( A house in order sounds like a dream come true so while I know it stunk doing it, it has to feel like a load off now! Glad you got to enjoy dinner with a friend!

  4. Yowza, that was indeed a rough weekend! I'd have buried my face in a paint can by now. The fact that you did that, THEN did an entire day of cooking/filming on top of it? Girl, you deserve serious props for that - and serious foot massage! I hope your pups are feeling better today.

    My weekend was okay, all things considered. Got more of the little things done around the house than I thought I would, which felt really good. Today I told my therapist about Friday's appointment and when I got done with my long spiel, she got this funny look on her face and struck a pose and said, "Well now, you told me that entire story without once using any emotion words. You just kept that all nice and tidy." And then we both laughed and laughed, because that is EXACTLY what I do. She's at a convention next week so I don't go back until the following week and she told me to "be prepared" because she WILL be coming back to this subject so I can release some emotions. Pfft, like squeezing blood from a turnip, sister (never really understood that phrase to be After that I went out to the 'burbs for my uncle's birthday, which was nice. Me, his POA (who brought him lunch) and two of the aides sang him a rowdy version of Happy Birthday -- it was a hoot! He liked his Cubs gear, so he'll be looking snazzy for the ladies. =o)


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