Monday, August 7, 2017

Vintage weekend recap

Good Monday mornin' to ya.  The weekend seemed to fly by as quickly as last week did.  Pffft.  

Thankfully, it was much more tolerable because it wasn't blast furnace hot.  I will take that for the first weekend in August and would be more than happy to keep it a trend!  The Mr asked if we were done with projects.  I chuckled warmly...hee hee'd and ho ho'd like one of Santa's elves and blandly  Well, at least I'm not.  Our banister is quite embarrassingly so and I need to repaint it.  Since I used latex last time with less than desirable results for the long term, I figured I'd give Annie Sloan a go so that meant a visit to our local stockist so they could financially violate our wallet.

When we were done, we walked around town a bit and stopped in some vintage stores.

Sigh, I miss the days when album sleeves were all the artwork you ever needed on your walls.

I saw this lock on a psychedelic suitcase and it instantly took me back!  Anyone else have a suitcase as a kid with this kind of lock?

I wanted to just buy the lock and play with it.  I've always been a tactical person so pre-internet was the perfect time for me to grow up.  Locks on suitcases (including those big, ol' hard shell Samsonite's), rotary phone dialing is like meditation and pressing buttons on anything.  Those were the daaaaaays....(and you knew who you weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnn!_ Sorry, had to be done.

You antiquers out there will see this as a familiar sight...

It is required in penal code 65-9813 section 5b that when you apply for a vendors license to open a brick and mortar antique store, one cat must be on premises at all hours open to the public or subject to fines.  Fact.

Sunday was a swirl down the drain kind of day but that'll happen when you sleep until 10-something am.  We got our produce refill for the week, I made cauliflower rice Chinese food and then we went on a three miler close to sunset around the hood.

Now I'm curled up with my Vermont Country Store catalog and trying to decide what Gene Kelly movie I taped yesterday to torture the Mr with...Cover Girl or It's Always Fair Weather.   (affiliate links) 

What did you get into this weekend?

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  1. A short but sweet weekend. I enjoyed looking at the vintage stores and ultimately looking for the places where the dogs and cats like to sleep or chill out. Ah the life of a vintage store pet.

  2. I remember those locks!! And we had a hard-shell suitcase too. I remember is was that bland depressing blue color (like blue/gray) but you could bounce on that thing and it wouldn't break. LOL

    The weather was really nice and no humidity made all the difference. I was glad we cut the lawn on Saturday because there was a really nice breeze going on, whereas yesterday it was quite still so it got toasty in the sun. But this has been a delight the past few days. I have one of the bay window sides opened with the screen down, along with the back and front doors open so there is a nice cross breeze. That's last another couple of hours before I need to close them up with the sun baking through the windows. But I'll take the fresh air when I can get it. =o)


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