Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Busy Tuesday

Happy Hump Day, all!

Yesterday was a busy day.  I got some recipes done and the Mr decided to go ahead with getting the old "crown" molding off.  I forgot to take a pic prior to him doing that but here's what it looked like when he pulled it off.

Ahh, our old yeller.  That was what we painted it with the first remodel 12 years ago.  Nice to see that we can still revisit it if we reaaaaally miss it.

He got the first piece up and as you can see, we just squeaked in by our attic access trim.  Yeesh.

I get the "delightful" job of caulking it all.  Caulking on the floor is one thing but the higher you go, the more likely it is to become a HUGE clusterfudge because it likes to drop and gravity likes to screw with you.  So if you hear someone in the distance cursing in tongues at the top of their lungs, it's probably me.  Sorry to disturb you.

We did Tae Bo last night and because we had a bite of my recipe, we worked a little harder and my Lord did I feel it!  Intensity does make a difference!

We FINALLY found two movies that we actually wanted to rent.  This summer has been a real poo pot on both the current and DVD release front.  We rented The Circle  (affiliate link) with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson and Going In Style  (affiliate link) with Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin.

The Circle we rented purely off of reading the plot and plus, Tom Hanks.  Well, imagine our delight when we got 4 1/2 minutes in and saw Bill Paxton!  My Lord, that I miss him.  It breaks my heart to think this was his last movie but he played it very well.  While Bill and Tom did very well in their roles, holy crap was Emma Watson...err, underwhelming.  I've never seen Harry Potter, nor do I want to but if I didn't know her name from that, I would've assumed this was her first role. Despite some less than stellar acting by her and the Stormtrooper from Force Awakens, the plot is friggin' terrifying and if our society ever goes that way, I'm going so far off grid onto Midway Atoll. But the ending is pretty awesome and I love seeing Tom Hanks in an antagonist role.  Of course, I couldn't help but well up at the credits when it rolled "For Bill."

Going In Style was full of laughs, sentimental moments and is overall a good rent.  The scene with the little Asian girl?  Actually both of them...holy crap, tear my heart out you sweet, sweet lil nugget! Christopher Lloyd is also in it as well.  It's sad to see these guys getting older but their work is just as good as anyone and certainly better than a lot of the whippersnappers out there now.

What was the last movie you saw/rented?

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  1. In the end I am glad you suggested replacing that molding as it looks a lot better. Unfortunately for you, being the "caulk queen" backfires in this particular situation.

    As for the movies. I liked them both but The Circle had some flaws that could have made it even better. Going in Style was a fun movie all around with just enough tension to keep it interesting too, highly recommend it.

  2. Hokey smokes girl, you got a lot done! And then Tae Bo afterwards?! I would have been laid out of the floor with eyes glazed open with a paintbrush in my hand. I am so glad you took some time to relax and enjoyed a couple of movies. That just put a big smile on my mug. =o)

    I honestly cannot remember the last movie I saw. Oh wait, I think it was that one with Melissa McCarthy as the girl scout leader. Meh.

    It is now pouring buckets outside. Oh goody, because, you know, we haven't had rain in about, oh, eight minutes!! I've already got the two dogs, so I'm gonna go find that Ark that Noah has hidden....


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