Thursday, August 17, 2017

Old school organization

I have been a workin' fool the past week (as opposed to the normal fool I am).  One thing that I think really helped me is having a little notebook to write my to-do's down in.

I know, this sounds like a simple thing and don't they have computers and smartphones and all that jazz for things like that but nope, not for this girl.  There is something about writing down what needs to be done and more importantly, literally crossing it off the list.  There is a satisfaction in it that I have long been missing.  It makes the chaos not feel so overwhelming and as a person who shuts down when that overwhelming feeling kicks in, I must say I rather like this new feeling of not looking for random scraps of paper or torn, stained post it notes to make updates from.  I hope this lasts...a girl could get used to this!

The Mr has been great in making sure he can keep up with what I'm cranking out and then you add that we're having company Saturday and the house needs to be cleaned up and he stepped up.  There has been a big shred pile that has been patiently waiting for weeks, months, almost a year to be put through the shredder.  You know that pile that you look at and go "eh, nope" and walk away?  Oh, maybe that's just me.  I can't count how many times I've cleaned that office and thought "there's no way it can ever get out of control again because really, how much do we use this other crap?"  Well apparently enough to use it wherever it needs to be used, then haul it back up, dump it on top of the table and not in its proper place until we're playing Jenga with it all.  So that's where we are with my workspace.  Jenga.  I need to tackle that since the Mr was kind enough to do the shredding which surprisingly must've taken up a crapload of space because of how clean it was there.  Wait, the closet door was also closed.  Oy...don't even wanna look.

I had to laugh because the Mr said they're doing a potluck at work next week and they wanted to have it on a day he was going to be in so I would make something.  My reputation precedes me.  So I'll see what others have signed up for and fill in.

We did Walk Away the Pounds on mute and had our own music on so it was a little peppier and I put more into it.  I made myself earn the turkey tacos.

On a side note, my usual is to have the Alternative Music Choice stations running all day and when Run by Foo Fighters (affiliate link) comes on, it makes me wish we still had the punching bag hanging up.  If you haven't seen the video, it is hilarious (and probably NSFW).  Sorry, it was on while I was typing so I figured I'd bring it up.

How do you keep on top of your to do list?

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  1. Lesson learned, don't let the shred pile get so big that you overheat the shredder in the process. Do it at least every 6 months so it can keep up with the load.

    We do have a lot to do but I think we will both be glad when the house is where we need it to be going forward and ready for company. Let's get at it!

  2. I let very little paper enter my house. Most bills come electronically. I sort the mail at the recycle bin outside. Shredding I do immediately. I write a list weekly on what I want to get done. I like the notebook idea better because could look back at prior weeks and bask in my awesomeness! Thanks for the great tip! Have an awesome day!

  3. If I can't sleep at night I'll enter my "to dos" into my phone because it's there, but otherwise I write everything down. Maybe I should get a notebook because I constantly lose my list. The amazing thing is that when you lose the list, the tasks don't go away. Go figure. I also need to mark things through - sometimes viciously. I can tell how stressed I am by how specific my list is. Like... on a normal day it may say grade papers and on a stressed & overwhelmed day it will say grade first hour papers, grade second hour papers...

    My shred pile is beyond what my poor little shredder can keep up with. I have a better system now, but I have years of old bills and stuff that I had stored in the basement that I have no idea why I kept in the first place. I think I'm going to have a bonfire one of these nights.

  4. Definitely the old fashioned way. Theres satisfaction is crossing those To Dos off:). I have grocery lists on my phone though. That way I don't forget to bring the list. And anything I need to get the exact same thing for I take a phone pic for the grocery list.

    I do like the notebook idea though. Then i could look and see when it was completed. Hmmm now I need a nice notebook.

  5. I am all about using a notebook for my to-do's. I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment when I can cross something off the list. I do actually keep a couple of notebooks though for the very reason you stated -- getting overwhelmed. I keep on that is a running list of everything that I want/need to do, in no particular order, and just random things that come into my mind so I write them down lest I forget. The other notebook is for the top three things I want to get done *that day*. I add no more and no less to that on a daily basis. If I get more accomplished I simply cross it off in the other notebook. I know myself too well, and if I put the other things I accomplished on today's list, then I'd put pressure on myself to get that many number of things done the next day, and the next.... So definitely old school, but kinda OCD too. LOL


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