Thursday, August 31, 2017

Guilty pleasures: Actor Edition

Back when High School Musical was a thing, I had a flaming hatred of Zac Efron.  I have no idea where it came from, I never saw the movie.  It was the same kind of blind hate I had for popular pin up dudes like basically all of The Outsiders, this was just a different generation of pin up bias.  I never gave that punk another thought.

Then 17 Again happened. (affiliate link) 

I wasn't a Matthew Perry fan (he was kind of my least favorite Friend) so it was whatever Zac did in the trailer was enough to get me to rent it.  I just fell in love with his sweet nature, the way he was able to properly mimic all of Perry's eccentricities showed me that maybe he was actually a decent actor.

Next, I saw him in The Lucky One (affiliate link) where he played a real romantic lead and he impressed me again because he seemed to be stepping outside of his HSM box.  He was, dare I say, swoon worthy?

Finally, came Neighbors with Seth Rogen and he seemed to go back to the college version of his HSM days but in a way that made him totally able to make fun of himself.  I could not stop laughing at him and I'm not going to lie, staring at his chiseled abs that truly looked like marble didn't hurt. Yes, I'm old enough to be his older sister but I'm not dead.


From then on, I shamefully saw or rented anything he was in because I knew he'd make me laugh.

When we got to see him and Robert DeNiro in person film Dirty Grandpa  (affiliate link) on our anniversary in 2015 in Tybee Island, GA, my fangirl status had been sealed.  He seemed very professional and sweet on set and not remotely like a diva (divo?) from what we could see.  When it came out, we took a hooky day, went to the theater with a bunch of grandparents and watched a highly inappropriate movie together that had me crying laughing.  Plus it was fun to see our vacation spot from the previous year and see what we could identify by the scenes.

The one I couldn't get the Mr on board with was Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates which I had ZERO expectation for and while the Mr thought it delivered on no expectations, I laughed my butt off from beginning to end because it was so absurd.  I didn't care for the brother but Zac made it so funny, I was crying laughing again.

The other night, we rented Baywatch (affiliate link) which was listed as the bomb of the summer...well, before Dark Tower came along (sorry Mr).  It was so bad, the Rock went on a big Twitter fest to defend it.  All I cared is Zac was in it so I was going to laugh and laugh I did.  I mean hello...

How sad is it that he looks better as a woman than I do?  Jerk.

Luscious, chiseled, jerk.

Anyhoo, I didn't think Baywatch was near the bomb they made it out to be but I'm biased because I spent more time laughing at Zac than absorbing all of the lame times they tried to make The Rock look good.  (The one liners were a bit much and every shot of him had to look like some action movie.)  Take the movie for what it is...a spoof on a farce.  It's not Oscar material so just go in expecting the worst but hoping for some laughs which is what I got!

I see he's got two new roles including a grown up musical with Hugh Jackman and a movie in which he plays Ted Bundy so those should be really interesting.  It should also put the Mr's mind at ease that Zachy will get type cast.  He says that after every movie that he needs to stop playing the d-bag muscle head.  But as long as he's still making 'em, I'll see 'em because life is too short not to enjoy a guilty pleasure every now and then.

Who is your favorite guilty pleasure actor?

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  1. I enjoy his movies too (well, most of the ones we've seen so far anyway). I really don't know how he has the crazy physique he has without always looking like The Rock walking around. He found that perfect balance between being buff and still able to kind of hide all that under clothes when necessary. Some guys have all the luck when it comes to looks too, sheesh.

    1. When we're looking at the screen going "holy crap, look at Zac's muscles" when he's doing a strength competition next to The Rock, you know that's an impressive body! LOL I think because Zac seems more attainable and you know Dwayne be like "I'm gonna go bench press Uncle Haku's Escalade for a few hours."

  2. I don't really have any guilty pleasure actors, but I do have some that I would go see a movie of them watching grass grow. I haven't seen Baywatch, but I probably will eventually.

    By the way, I really liked Dark Tower. I know "real" fans hated it - but I'm as much a real fan of the books as anyone, and I really liked it.

    1. Ooh, do tell! Good to know about Dark Tower. At this point, we have ZERO expectations so it can only be better than we fear.

  3. I don't feel guilty at all for salivating over Zac Efron even though I could probably be his Grandma. He is lucious and I especially loved him in 17 Again. Perhaps a more age appropriate celebrity crush for me is (and has been for a long time) Mr. George Clooney. He can do nothing wrong in my book and gets better with age. Yum!!!

  4. I do like me some pretty boy Zac as well. Another one you should look at is Charlie St. Cloud. Good movie but none of the goofball antics. Our boy has depth

  5. Mine is so off the wall, but I have a mad crush on Sullivan Stapleton from the tv show Blindspot. It's the eyes and that scruff -- lethal combination. I need a heart defibrillator just to watch him. LOL


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