Friday, August 18, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #33

Howdy do all!  It's Friday, in case you needed reminding.  I didn't think you did but still.

I thought it was funny how the Mr took his car in for a recall and while it's "fine" (we won't go there), they told him his front brakes needed to be replaced and while the back brakes looked okay, they'd, I don't know, say a blessing or burn sage over them for $50.  So he could get all of this for the low, low price of $450.  After giggling maniacally, a tip of the hat and a firm "good day sirs", he left and took it to your general car brake/tire place and they said the back brakes looked brand new and they replaced the front brakes for the actual low, low price of $178.  NEVER take your car to the dealer for crap like that...ever.  Only take it there if you have a relative that is giving you some kind of perk or it's work that literally only they can perform.  Otherwise, you'll likely be much lighter in the wallet and leave feeling like you got drop kicked in the teeth.

How's about we drop kick right into...

Do These 4 Things on Monday Morning to Get Rid of Weekend Bloat  (In case you need it come Monday)

12 Tips to Help You Sleep Better Tonight  (Mama needs some zzz's yo!)

Here's How to Feel Energized — Not Destroyed — When You Work Out  (I need to roll before workouts.  I'm tired of feeling like the Tin Man 2 hours later)

Holy Sh*t — Halo Top Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Is Here and It's Unreal  (Based off of some of the reactions alone I'm going to have to try this)

14 Cardio Exercises You Can Do With a Kettlebell That Aren't Just Swings  (Definitely doing these!)

9 Things Only Type A People Will Understand  (A few don't apply but mostly...yeah)

Just Smelling Food Can Make You Gain Weight  (Well, I'm screwed.)

Cookie Butter Oreos Could Be Headed Your Way Soon  (Dear Lord, doubly screwed!)

12 Ways to Ship Anything More Cheaply  (Good tips!)

She’s 98. He’s 94. They Met at the Gym  (Courtesy of The Mr)

Grizzly Bears Followed This Hiker—And He Recorded the Whole Thing  (This would relieve any constipation I may have.)

Here's Why You Should Mute Your Phone When on Hold  (I cracked up b/c this actually happened to me last year when dealing with our insurance company.  Apparently when you call the "agent's" number they give you, you aren't talking to a local rep but a call center full of apathetic D bags who can't answer a simple question (question being "is this covered?" and his response being "file a claim"  Well I'm not filing a claim and getting a strike against my account if it's not even covered.)  I asked for a manager and he put me "on hold" and I promptly began mocking him in the same apathetic millennial voice I'd heard the past 10 minutes to the Mr and the guy was like "I CAN HEAR YOU!"  *trigger activated*  Needless to say he got an earful and no, I hadn't given him my name yet so no hold up in our claim.  Bwaahahaha!)

Bill Murray Relives a Role, Seeing Broadway’s ‘Groundhog Day’  (What a sweet story)

Well, we've got company for the first time...uh...this year?  Oh no, wait, we entertained one night in June so yeah, our 2ND gathering in a year.  We're on fire I tell ya!  *shame*  Still way too much to be done but it'll be so nice to have the house presentable and we'll see how long that lasts.

What do you have on the wish list for the weekend?

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  1. Yeah the dealer decided for me that I should just go ahead and replace the rotors along with the brake pads because, well it's just best practice. But when you get a second opinion and they tell you "those rotors are in perfect shape" and recommend that replacing the brake pads only is enough then you just know that you cannot always trust what your dealership shop tells you (if ever). I get it, they want to make money too but they seem to have no qualms about charging someone double the money for work and that is why those in the know are always going to take that kind of service elsewhere. Happy Friday everybody!

  2. I took my car for an oil change at a dealer one time. My car is an HHR, so its not easy to work on, and they did thier 20 point inspection, said the cabin air filter was good. Couple months later we pull the cabin air filter and it was filthy, leave fell out onto the floor. Yeah, you never even looked at the damn filter, you filthy animals. I will never return to a dealer outside of the original purchase again.

  3. I think I better avoid the Halo Top pumpkin ice cream. I bought the chocolate peanut butter flavor and ate it in two sittings--it is delicious--so much more like REAL ice cream texture than the Lemon Cake, which was my old favorite. Of course it is also higher caloried than the Lemon Cake flavor too. It's 360 calories for the container like the pumpkin flavor. But if I only eat half at a time, that's only an 180 calorie snack, right?

  4. The only time I've had to go to the dealer is with recalls or with electrical stuff where my regular guys can't clear the codes. I have a father-son place that's been around for 40+ years and they are awesome. The last time they did tons of work on my car they charged me a total of $20 in labor. By far the best prices in town. And the dad is just a little sugar lump! LOL

    Enjoy your weekend! The temps and humidity are going up by me...boooo hisssssss.... =o)


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