Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Food Review: Enlightened Mint Chip Swirl Bars

It is August 1st!  How did that happen??

Our quest to taste most of the flavors available to us by Enlightened continues!  Since we're on the cusp of the dog days of summer, mint chip is always my go to ice cream come this time of year.  So, of course, we had to grab the Mint Chip Swirl bars on our last grocery run.

Here's a peek at the nutritional info and ingredients...

The schpiel on the back of the box:

A comparison pic of the real thing next to the box cover:

So how does it taste?

Just like the box suggests, make sure to let it sit for 3 minutes at room temperature before eating.  It lends itself to a much smoother, creamier texture.

The mint flavor is pleasant and not overwhelming.  The chocolate chips are slightly melty in some spots (in a good way) and the firmer ones aren't hard and have a deep chocolate taste.  On a hot day like it was the day we had them, they were the perfect way to bring down your core temperature so I consider that a health benefit.  Plus when you polish off all four between the two of you, 180 calories, 12g of fiber and 14g of protein produces zero guilt from either of us.  We'll definitely get these again!

What do you like to eat to help you cool down on a hot day?

(We paid full price for this product.)

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  1. I did not expect the melty chocolate and that was a nice surprise. It does have a perfect minty flavor and, just like you said, if you leave it out a few minutes it gets nice and creamy. All this without feeling guilty for eating it. We've got a winner here!

  2. I cannot believe how much the real product looks like the box -- that almost never happens! That was definitely a good first sign. And excellent sugar count (momma likey). I have got to see if Woodman's carries this by me. I can't find it at Meijer or the other local stores but Woodman's typically has just about everything known to man. I did get a FREE pint of Halo gelato though at Meijer -- I got the chocolate one -- yum!


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