Thursday, August 3, 2017

Random Ramblings

Well, I didn't get caulking done yesterday because I forgot we threw away our paintable caulk because it was pure crap.  The problem is, I need to be able to paint over my caulking in the corners so yeah.  There was a bit of serendipity when randomly clicking around on blog hops the other night, I clicked on one that gave the tip of putting painters tape on the wall just under your caulk line to keep cursing to a minimum (not possible) and paint (hopefully) off of your walls.  I REALLY hope this trick works for me.  I shall report back next week for those of you who have caulking in your future or for those who just want more proof why you're not even gonna start a home project because seeing my 2 months of crap is like garlic to a vampire.

I did finish a recipe and sadly I made some awesome frosting...that tasted like Fall.  My Fall baking gene may have gotten activated...the second day of August.  The Mr and I had a small piece and then I had to promptly throw it down the disposal because it was so damn good I didn't trust myself not to dig it out of the trash or chisel it out of the freezer.  I find it odd that I'm actually behind on Fall baking where the online world is concerned but Antique Farmhouse quickly reminded me I'm behind the curve...

(Their Fall on the Farm sale)
I made the mistake of perusing all of their sales and of course found stuff I loved.  We have this irritating "duct wall" that this would fit on perfectly.

(LOVE this Antiques sign and they're trying to lure me with shiplap)

Because I'm a cheapskate, I keep going back and forth between dropping $42 plus shipping on it and it's one of those "get it while you can" sites.  Yet I found myself looking at a $600 grill  (affiliate link) that would triple my grilling space.  WTH is wrong with me??

Since we gave in to temptation, I decreased a few things on my menu and added a 20 minute HIIT onto our scheduled strength session.  We've decided that adding at least a 15-20 minute HIIT before strengths might be a good idea.  It was a good way to keep our sweat going for the whole strength sesh instead of just building up to it by the middle or when it ends.  Kinda feel like we'd get more bang for our buck.  So that'll hopefully be a new thing.

Share something random from your life lately.

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  1. When painting my hall ceiling in march, I noticed the paint layers were wildly uneven so I slapped spackle on those spots. Have not sanded or finished. Green frog tape still up!

  2. All I know is I slept hard core last night. As in, no awareness whatsoever of tossing and turning like normal and not even a moment of waking up to look at a clock or go to the bathroom. I am not even sure if I moved from my initial spot to be honest. It will be interesting to see if you noticed any snoring or anything though.

  3. This is a new little oddity for me, but lately I've been obsessed with taking my drives and only playing Yanni music for background noise (or turning off the radio all together so it's just the sounds of wheels on pavement (or gravel or dirt depending where I'm Suddenly the radio stations I listen to bother my head some days and I just need sounds rather than voices. Kinda weird, but not a bad thing.


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