Thursday, September 8, 2016

What's the buzz about?

You guys...I have to tell you about one of my favorite new things.  You know I've been trying new to me all natural makeup.  I'm sure that everyone has heard of those subscription box programs and I've heard of them too but you almost always have to sign up for a 3 month commitment.  I got Honeybee Gardens pressed powder to try and I really liked it.  When I saw that they had a similar box program, or Buzz Box, as they call them but there was no subscription necessary just buy the box if you want it for $24, I was in!  Well, I asked the Mr to get it for me for my birthday so I got the August Buzz Box and wanted to share it with you guys in case you're interested!

(via Honeybee Gardens)
Here's what I got in my Buzz Box...

Alcohol Free Hairspray, blotting papers, lip gloss* (in color Innocence), pressed mineral powder foundation* (in color Super Natural) and compact, loose eye shadow (in Wanderlust), a callous remover foot file and a coupon for 50% off an order.  (Does not apply to Buzz Boxes)

On the back of the coupon, it lists all of the things you got in the box and their retail value.  So for the price of the first two items, it's like getting the rest ($34.95 worth of products) for free!  Yes please!

The asterisks (*) indicate what I got to choose prior to ordering, the other things are picked for you.

*- I already love their mineral powder and was happy to get more because I'm about 2/3 through my current one.  I was also happy to get the compact because the powder comes in a nice little plastic case that is fine for traveling but it's just nice to have something to protect it a little more.

*- The lip gloss is not only really pretty but it actually smells good.  There's almost this melon like smell to it.  Once it's gone, I will definitely be getting more!

I used the blotting papers too when I was running late and trying to speed along the setting of my SPF foundation that has a tendency to shine.  They worked beautifully.

I used the hairspray and I was amazed at how well it held on a day with occasional breezes and when I brushed it out later, there was no tugging or pulling so I will definitely buy it when it runs out.  I have been looking for a good alcohol free hairspray and this one is high on the list.

I can't wait to sand down the bottom of my feet with the callous remover because my current foot file just went into the trash since it was past its prime.

I haven't used the eye shadow yet but the size is perfect for travel and the color is just right for Fall!

I loved everything so much that I asked the Mr to order the September buzz box for me for one of my Christmas gifts this year!  It's so fun to not know what is coming and have some new make up that isn't full of gross hormone altering or cancer causing ingredients!

If you're interested in ordering the September Buzz Box, click here (not an affiliate link) and order soon because they tend to sell out quickly!  Here's the description for this month's buzz box:

September's Buzz Box is full of wonderful goodies to get you ready for autumn.  It contains TWO full-sized color cosmetic items (you pick shades!), ONE cosmetic tool, ONE lip product (you pick flavor), THREE NEW luxury bath spa items and TWO Buzz Box Exclusive body care products PLUS our ever popular coupon code just for our Buzz Box recipients!  The Retail Value on this packed box is: $52.94 (true value of product only)

Do you do subscription boxes?  What are your favorites?  Do you think you'll give this one a try since it's commitment free?

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  1. I was skeptical since I was the one on the line for giving this gift. But when you opened it all up you seemed genuinely happy with everything so it made me look good! I'll take that, LOL!

  2. I've never ordered subscription boxes, but I'm always tempted. Your August box looks interesting and I'm glad yo're happy with it (and I'm glad it made the Mr look good) but I'm scared of ordering foundation/powder online. I have a hard enough time finding the right shade when I'm standing in the store let alone trying to order online. I'd like to make the transition to some better quality & less icky cosmetics but foundation will probably be last.

    I will admit though that the September box (2 eye shadows and a lip gloss) is tempting. I wonder if I order it for myself now I might forget what's in it by Christmas?

  3. I've never ordered a box like this before, but it sure does seem very cool! I'm so glad you liked the items you got and were pleased with the great variety. I'm going to go peruse their site now. =o)

  4. Thanks Anele I just ordered some samples from them. Cant wait!

    1. Ooh, you'll have to update what you got and how you like them! I've loved everything I've gotten from them so far!


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