Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend Recap

Happy Labor Day all!

It was a nice weekend here weather wise for once so we took advantage of it as much as possible.  Any time I don't walk into a wall of humidity is a good day as far as I'm concerned, know what I'm sayin'?

I'm happy to report (and pray I'm not jinxing myself) that I lost a pound Saturday.  I was terrified that doing no cardio was going to be the death knell but I did do 3 upper body strength sessions and I reduced my calories on the days I should've been doing cardio to match what my calories would typically be post workout.  We got in an upper body cardio session of a 1300 calorie burn the day before weigh in.  (Honestly, I would've thought with the soreness, I might've retained water so I was glad for anything!)  I don't know if I'll be able to get anything like that in this week because we're going to be back in the "swamp ass hot" range and  But I'm not doing cardio again this week for regular rotation.

It was my birthday weekend and the Mr started the day by fixing me breakfast which was nice.

I opened presents from both him and a friend and got moolah from my MIL.

The Mr got me The 1975's first album Deluxe Edition so the previously released EP's were included...WOOT!  He also got me a Honeybee Gardens Buzz Box, my favorite exfoliating schtuff and this fat draining oven mat so when I make billionaire's bacon, it's not sitting in grease.  I think it was more a hint to make billionaire's bacon.  ;-)

My friend is a poop who doesn't listen to me and got me one of my current crushes of the woodland animals glasses from Sur La Table and a Family Video gift card (which is what I requested.)  I can't wait to rent some good movies!  (I think I've got Mothers and Daughters on that list and then I have to wait until the end of the month before Central Intelligence comes out.  It's been a real stinker of a summer for movies!)

We were able to get out for a paddle.  Of course the local meteorologists continue to be full of ca-ca because it was forecasted to be the calmest wind day of the week (even the day before) and it was awful.  We fought that current every friggin' step of the way.  The Mr probably spent half of his time on his knees or in kayak position because it was just too gusty to control.  Here I was trying to have a leisurely paddle so as not to aggravate things on the leg front.  I tried to keep my lower half as relaxed as possible but was still on the sore side the next day.  Eh...worth it I guess since it was time with my honey.

We had a few good meals out including cheese stuffed rolls for lunch (yep, just got an appetizer because it's YUMMY!) and that night we went to a fancy pants restaurant and indulged on a wee filet, a few shrimp and a piece of apple pie with cinnamon ice cream.  It was also the kick off of college football and I was so psyched to see my Hawaii Warriors play.  I wasn't psyched to see they got creamed but they had just played in Australia the week before and had to attempt to adjust to the time change and not be total zombies.  Not making excuses but I am stoked about their new coach...he seems to be a good guy.  Once we got the house cleaned up, it was such a nice night, we were able to get out and sit on the patio for once in a LONG time.  Then I spied this little guy and we looked at him for an abnormally long period of time...

Sunday we invited my mom over for brunch and had a nice visit.  She ended up staying for like 6 hours!  She was quite the chatty Cathy!  :-)  I asked her to bring Grandma's cookbook with her so I could take a pic of the noodle recipe she always used.  I took many pics and I'm going to do something really cool with one of the recipes.  I'll save it for a later date though.  So everything we wanted to get done was late, late, late.  We didn't end up eating until 9pm after our workout.  Yeesh.

I know it's Labor Day and there's still mischief to get into but I don't think we have anything planned. I have some work stuff to get done but not sure what else.

What did you guys do this weekend?  Any plans for the extra day off you hopefully have?

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  1. Well now, that sounds like a wonderful weekend! You lucked out in the weather department, at least as far as humidity goes, and got to enjoy some time on your lanai, which is awesome. So glad you had a fantastic birthday with your hubby!!

    We ran some errands, grocery shopped, got the alternator fixed on the hub's bar, then the next day got him new front tires, so it was a bit of a pricey weekend but not for fun stuff. LOL We mowed the lawn on Saturday and I worked on the bathroom and kitchen floors while he vacuumed downstairs and the staircase. I took the dogs on some fun drives and the hubs walked them in the neighborhood, so they were plenty pooped from all the activity. Today is much hotter and the humidity is already creeping in so I'm gearing up for this week of ick. Was really hoping we'd seen the last of the 90's for the year but 'twas not to be. Oh yes, did go to mom's as well and I, too, have a couple of recipes that I have out of hers to do I think possibly the same thing as you. =o)

  2. It was a great weekend and I am glad you enjoyed your birthday. Now we have a day to relax and a "short week" (but we know how that usually goes).


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