Friday, September 2, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week #35

It's Friday!  *booty poppin' dance*

It's a three day weekend!  *BOO-YA!*

It's time to dork off at work and hop into...

10 Popular Weight-Loss Tips That Can Actually Cause Weight Gain  (I think these are more myth busters but still)

5 At-Home Exercises to Tone Your Body from Head to Toe  (Can't wait until I can do the leg one again!)

‘Muscle Confusion’ Is Mostly a Myth  (Hmm, not sure how I feel about this.  I always thought muscle confusion was to switch up your routine after what you were doing no longer shows results.)

Millennials Are to Blame for America's Vacation Problem  (No, anyone who has a work ethic that doesn't include proper balance of work vs. play is in for a rude health awakening later in life.  My FIL was a workaholic and while he did love his job and was good at it, the Mr's last conversation with him was that he wished he was healthy enough to be on Maui not behind his desk.)

28 Seriously Spooky Pumpkin-Carving Ideas  (OMG, that truck!)

Gene Wilder Passed Away Listening to 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'  (Holy God, if you haven't read his families amazing statement and his reason for keeping his Alzheimer's diagnosis private, stop what you're doing and read this!)

Why This 7-Year-Old Girl Just Got in Trouble For Writing Her Name in Cursive  (You "warn" my kid about writing in cursive and you and I will have a serious problem.)

The Perfect Three-Day Weekend in Charleston  (Cannot even tell you how much I miss this place...well, probably not this time of year but yeah.  Oh, and get the Pimento Cheese Ravioli at Poogan's Porch.)

Watch a Former Bond Girl Pack 100 Items in a Carry-on in 2 Minutes  (Pretty friggin' impressive!  But given the size of my clothes compared to hers, I could probably only pack 25 items which I'd still be happy with honestly!)

The Letter This 10-Year-Old Wrote to His Girlfriend Will Make Your Heart Explode  (Oh my Lord!  At 10, a better gentleman than many men in this world!)

Here's Everything You Need to Know About HGTV's Fall Lineup  (Shiplap anyone?)

20 of the Best Places to Go Apple Picking Across the Country  (Let's hop in the car...I gots pies to make!!)

I got the all clear from my chiro (changed my appt to Thursday) to go paddling so I think we're doing that today.  The Mr gets to get off work early today (yay!) due to all of the extra hours he put in this week (boo!)   The Mr plans to spoil me a bit this weekend and I'm down with that.  I'll be getting together with the parental unit on Sunday for brunch.  It's so odd to me that every time I want to cook she gets all weirded out like "you want to COOK?  No, let's go out somewhere."  Nope, restaurants no longer impress me (much) and I can control what I'm making and believe it or not, I actually enjoy cooking!  (Especially now that the house is clean!)  It's gonna be GOOD!

Do y'all have anything fun planned for the weekend?  Do you get Monday off?

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  1. Happy Friday! We get to enjoy a nice long weekend. Woo hoo!

  2. Great reads again this week Anele! Gene Wilder was awesome and will be missed. As for the 100 items in the carry on - all her clothes were slinky...I didn't see one pair of jeans or big ole walking sneakers like I have. But it is something to aspire to! Have a great long weekend! Apple picking soon - yay!

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