Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cruelty Free Makeup Review

You guys remember I talked about how I took the plunge into all natural make up a few months ago.  I decided to put it all to the test on our tropical vacation and throughout this humid, gross summer since I deem those about the harshest conditions I can muster.

Here's a reminder of the list of products in the picture and my personal experience with each of them.

Mineral Fusion Lip Gloss Lovely (affiliate link) I absolutely love this.  It is very close to the color of Bonne  Bell lip gloss I used and isn't too goopy.  Totally a technical term.

Mineral Fusion Eye Shadow Trio, Sultry (affiliate link) This is my go to for evening looks for a smoky eye or if I'm wearing something monochromatic which will happen more in the Fall.  The white goes on smooth and doesn't have that weird sheen some light shadows can have or that overly matte white 60's look that almost looks like white out.  (Do people still use white out??)

Mineral Fusion Eye Shadow Trio, Rose Gold-   (affiliate link) This is my go to when I want a natural "I'm trying to look like I'm not wearing a lot of makeup" aka- "I woke up this way...not."  Very subtle pinks and the brown is perfect for lining the eye and stays put basically all day.

Gabriel Organics ZuZu Luxe Eyeliner -Slate-  Gotta admit, this one is a fail for me.  It smudges like crazy.  Maybe it's me, I don't know but yeah, probably throwing this one out as even in the least humid conditions, it still smudges within 30 minutes.

Gabriel Organics Zuzu Luxe Eyeshadow -Platinum (affiliate link)  A very nice mix of pale pink and vanilla color that makes a great base to build off of or highlight under the brow area.

Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water Resistant Long Lash Mineral Mascara - Abyss-   (affiliate link) I was having serious mascara issues before and this is great.  It defines without clumping and stays put all day after a good crimp with a lash curler.  It does flake but only when you're taking it off.  I've never had a single flake around my eyes until I started taking it off so no biggie there.

Pacifica Sugared Fig Color Quench Lip Tint-   (affiliate link) Not a fan.  On my hand, the tester looked perfect, on my lips it looks like crap.  So it's not quite the grab and go lip tint I was hoping for.  It makes my lips look weird and honestly, it kind of smells like pee to me.  LOL  I don't know if it's the avocado oil or what but I wouldn't get this again.  For now, I'll blend it with something else to tint the color to my liking.

Pacifica Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette-   (affiliate link) This one was a new color palette for me so I was a little scared but it's perfect for spring and summer.  You just have to play around a little with the colors to get the combo you like best.  Glad I branched out with this one.

Pacifica Mystical Supernatural Eye Shadow Palette (not pictured-link will show colors  (affiliate link) )- by far my favorite eye shadow!  I love the colors and the dark purple is awesome as an eyeliner with the liner brush from the Eco Tools set.  I will always buy this, forever and ever amen.

Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Powder-   (affiliate link) Love this stuff!  Loved the product so much it made me buy 2 buzz boxes from them!   Great coverage, doesn't set cakey and is my new powder for evah!

benecos Eyebrow-Designer: Brown (affiliate link) Best brow pencil/brush ever.  I will never buy a different brand or shade and I've tried several companies on this front.

Eco Tools Six Piece Starter Set-   (affiliate link) Excellent!  This is not only the perfect starter set but is great for travel since it's small.  I use almost all of the brushes every day.  The eyeliner brush is now what I use for liner of the darkest color from all of the above shadows and I don't use liner pencils anymore.  (Bye bye pencil shavings!)  Highly recommended!

All in all, I'd say the few misses I had were to be expected.  You can't replace everything and expect it all to go perfectly.   But I will definitely turn to these products in the future and am happy to have finally gone truly all natural with my makeup.  I don't need all of those grody chemicals bunging stuff up through my skin.

So even if you don't have the money to start completely from scratch, consider replacing one item at a time when your cosmetics expire.  (Yes, they expire and no I know you're not going to replace them when you should because I don't either but maybe splurge twice a year and replace that shadow and brown pencil or mascara and lip color.  Better yet, wish list a few things for the spouse or kids when the holidays roll around.  Many health food stores, including Whole Foods, have these set up for you to test before hand so do that and pick your faves!

When I got mine, I bought through Vitacost since they were running 15% off and it looks like they're doing that again right now.  First I used Ebates.com  (affiliate link) and got another 5% back by clicking Vitacost through them.  With holiday shopping season coming up, if you haven't signed up for Ebates, now could be a good time to do so.  (No they do NOT sell your info to third parties!)  I got $60 a month ago since my car rentals from vacation finally came through and my new kicks all had good cash back too.  WOOT!  If I'm going to buy anyway, I might as well get a percentage of my moolah back!

Do you use natural make up?  What brands are your faves?  If not, do you think you'd ever switch from your old favorites?

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  1. I was watching you put your make up on the other day because I find it fascinating how you have all these different pieces and you know exactly where to put each piece to your liking. I am glad you're using more natural makeup now because God only knows what kind of chemicals have been in some of those things. Big corporations always tend to look at the bottom line. Their bottom line does not protect the basic health of their customers. As a consumer, we all have to protect ourselves.

  2. I've said before that I'm going to start looking at switching over as I use up what I have. My biggest challenge is going to be finding the right colors. I've always wished I could build an eye shadow palette of my own by ordering just the colors I want. There are always one or two that are just weird on me in any pre-packed palette.

    I really like Almay and Physician's Formula brands, but without looking at the "clean" list I'm guessing neither is there.

    There aren't any places in town that allow you to test make-up so it's always a crap shoot for me. Maybe next time I'm in Denver I'll stop by a Whole Foods and see if I can decide what I like to order later.

    I have to tell you - I used the rubbing alcohol trick on some bronzer that was all shattered. I don't remember if you told us about it or if it was a link you shared, but I read about it here and it saved me a bunch of money.

  3. What a great review! I'm really interested in some of the ones you really like (I'm all about lip gloss and good eye shadow) so I'll give these a try. Thanks for sharing!


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