Monday, September 26, 2016

Scenes from the weekend

Friday evening we had to make a trip to the apple orchard because we saw the apples I like to use for baking were ready and no time Saturday for it.  They were the size of softballs!

The Mr picked the perfect apple...and it was one of the smaller ones.

Needless to say, there will be lots of apple baking recipes being made over the next week or two!

Saturday we visited with friends.  We were going to bring our respective foods back to the house to eat since we rarely all crave the same thing.  I told her what we were getting and they said it sounded good so we decided to meet at the restaurant for lunch.

Unfortunately, as is typical, they sat a huge party of like 15 people right next to us so we spent the whole time screaming and saying "huh!?"  "What!?"  I should've gone with my instinct to move to another quieter section of the restaurant but the male half of the couple would've imploded with embarrassment at the thought so I just smiled and nodded a lot in between.  We came back to the house and hung out on the back lanai since it was actually nice enough to do so weather wise.  We came inside for dessert and some chit chat before they had to head off for the night.

The Mr went up around 10:15pm to play his game after watching me nod off on the couch and I stayed downstairs.  I got a nice warm blankie and cuddled up in the A/C and conked out until 11pm or so.  I so rarely do that anymore, it was kind of nice!

I got a good night's sleep on top of that except for the few times the Mr's snoring infiltrated my dreams and I woke up to him steamrolling me.  On your own side, sir!  When we finally got up, I took a shower and went down to make brunch.

Apple pie pancakes, 2 eggs and bacon.  The apples I got have a high acidity level but are a good balance of sweet and tart so it was perfect for this.

We did a lot of work related stuff and before you knew it, the day was pretty much dwindled.  I wanted to go shopping a little so we swung by Kohl's and I saw this and silently bawled.

They are slowly getting Christmas set up so be aware.  If you want Fall stuff, you'd better hop to it!  We stopped by Home Goods as well and saw some cute stuff but nothing I needed to have.  Then it was time for a grocery refuel on the produce front and some chicken parm for dinner since it's been a while on the pasta front.

I need to plan out the meals for the week and I'll be adding cardio back in full time this week to see how I do.  Since my legs were so angry last week it can't be something hard but I think a WATP or something of that ilk could do me good and then hopefully I'll get the all clear to add something a little more the following week!

What did you guys do this weekend?  Do you go apple picking?

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  1. Pretty good and eventful weekend. Hard to believe September I already in its last week. Wow!

  2. The Christmas stuff is up right next to the Halloween stuff and the measly one little shelf of fall stuff at WalMart.

    Kids' bday party on Saturday and the weather was absolutely beautiful for it. 75ish and sunny with just a tough of breeze.

    I don't go apple picking but if I could find a place that did pick your own I would. I do go to the pumpkin patch to choose Jack O'Lantern pumpkins and go through their corn maze. This weekend they had a pick your own chile special with free roasting, but I had too much grading to do to take the time.

    I hope your cardio goes well this week and no more new pain.

  3. That is a fantastic Christmas towel. xo I so wish I had known my grandmothers better to have those experiences. Weekend was so-so. Had a great meeting, cut the lawn, and went for a long drive. Sunday was pretty much football, reading, and playing PopStar on my Amazon Fire. Today is the hub's birthday and our anniversary, but he'll do his own thing after work so I didn't make any plans. I did have a fabulous morning though getting all my errands done and then I took the pooches for a fantastic walk at the park. Oh, it's been so long! It was only 60 degrees with a strong wind and bright sunshine and they were loving it. Their snouts were working overtime with all the scents they could muster. I'll be taking them every day this week and we'll work on going longer and meandering in different directions. They are happily pooped now. Me, too, now that I think about it. lol


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