Thursday, September 1, 2016


People, it is September!

Fall starts this month!  *chiro approved dancing here*

I am hoping it's a month of physical healing.

Partly because I feel like I don't have much to blog about if I'm sitting around here being Gimpy McGimperson.

"What did you do today Anele?"

"Well, it was an upper body day so I did either resistance bands or free weights"

"What about today?"




(Or weeks?)

Oh, I know!  I go to the massage therapist today.  I am looking forward to her stripping my muscles because after last week, the back of my knees have been pulling and I can't seem to relieve that.  I think what is also frustrating is you try to do what they do and you come nowhere close.  It's like you can't get the right angle or whatever.  I'd love to not have to pay $49 a pop every time I want a massage.

Also, I did clean the house about 80% yesterday.  Like the kind of clean where the bathroom is really the only thing that needs to be done and if someone dropped by I wouldn't be utterly humiliated...well, unless they wanted to use the bathroom.  I'd have to tell them to go to the store up the street but I will take that.  I did that because the Mr has been utterly crapped on by life both at home and work the past week and I could tell the mess was getting to him.  He had to work overtime last night and I know how gross it is to come home from a crappy day at 8pm and walk into a stressful house.  When he walked in the door, before he even closed the garage door, he exclaimed "WOW!" and repeated it several times and thanked me.  So hope it helped coming home to an almost tidy abode.  I did try to condense the amount of times I went up and down stairs because the stairs don't seem to be mah knees friends right now.  I got through a good amount of the day before they asked for some ice pack relief.  After The Mr got home, we ate dinner...

and he was very thankful he got up at 5:30am to do his workout and didn't have to do it then.  After that it was upstairs for him to work on OUR computer that died during the day.

If anyone else needs some good ice packs, I have to highly recommend these.   (affiliate link) We originally got them for our shoulder injuries but they have come in handy big time for my Achilles and knees.  They are incredibly adjustable so they stay put.  A lot of times after a workout, I'll strap them on just to calm down the area before anything has a chance to gripe and wear them while I'm making dinner.

I go to the chiro tomorrow and I reeeeally hoping he gives me the okay to paddle.  It uses the upper body but the hips do get involved a bit and it's supposed to be 79 and glassy so no need for overdoing it on the water.  But if he says no, I won't.  *kicks pebble*  Gotta keep my eye on the prize.

Does a cluttered house make you more stressed?

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  1. Yes, definitely am stressed when the house is a mess! Flylady saved me from crisis cleaning.
    WishING you a fabulous September!

  2. Yes, definitely am stressed when the house is a mess! Flylady saved me from crisis cleaning.
    WishING you a fabulous September!

  3. I cannot thank you enough for cleaning up the house. It was a huge and awesome surprise and really helped make the day better after what was a crazy day already.

    The computer is fixed and looking good again so hopefully we can focus on what needs to get done now and not have to worry about that. Happy September everybody!

  4. I don't know how it got to be September. I feel like my internal clock has been a couple months behind the calendar all year. I wonder if that continues I will eventually fall so far behind I will catch up to myself the next year?

    I definitely feel better with a clean house. I have clutter starting to rebuild on all the flat surfaces again and I need to deal with that before it gets out of hand. The house isn't clean enough to invite someone new over, but people that have been here before I'd be ok to have stop by. There should be special words for the levels of clean.

  5. Oh absolutely. I hate clutter and yet 85% of the time, that's how we live. It's like the weight problem--I knew I needed to do something but it was so much easier not to. Now that I've got the weight problem, I was gonna say licked but it's never licked is it, I'll say "under control" instead, I should work on the clutter problem.

    1. Read some other comments. Who the hell is fly lady? Gonna have to Google her.

  6. A messy, cluttered house raises my stress levels to the nth degree. It will never be completely clean or uncluttered for any length of time but the days that I can have it really nice looking I'm so much more relaxed, have more energy and creativity, and can sleep better too. It's like seeing clean surfaces without the cluttered mess does the same thing to my mind. But as I said, it rarely happens. There is just not enough storage in this house (hence why I continue to get rid of things) and there always seems to be a pile here and there that needs to be gone through. Gah! Good for you for getting the house in good order and your hubs noticing and being so appreciative. That makes all the difference! Oh yes, one of your readers commented on Fly Lady -- I've been on that site too -- pretty neat concepts.


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