Monday, September 19, 2016

Antiquing, they brought our crack back and well wishes

Happy Monday all!

We had quite an exhausting Saturday.  We determined that the weather looked acceptable for us to go to an antique show out of town.  Thankfully the rain stayed away and it was just windy.  But we did enjoy some ideas on how to deck the Fall halls as well as the Christmas ones...

When I woke up that morning, I was already feeling sore from the crap the LMT did on my massage and I knew walking for 3-4 hours on asphalt and uneven fields was going to wreak havoc on my legs and boy howdy, did it.  My hips were totally screwed because she dug into my psoas muscles to attempt to release them in addition to lower back and glutes and I just felt totally off kilter.  Every step was bad and my hips pointed and laughed at the ibuprofen as it attempted to relieve any pain.  I think I'm going to have to lay off those digging massages, I just feel WAY too crappy afterward.

On the way back, we knew we'd better just hit Trader Joe's and Target and get it over with so we only had one grocery to hit Sunday.  Well, in Target, I stopped in my tracks when we saw these.

Bless me Father, I'm about to sin!  We thought they said they were never making them again and they are our all time favorite Oreos ever so yeah...totally grabbed two packages because if there is equal disgust for them this year, they may yank 'em for good.

Sunday I woke up pretty much realizing I was screwed.  SUPER tight legs but on the upside the hips felt better.  Yay?  I got in a hot shower and then tried to massage as best I could.  Wasn't good enough and the Mr had to squeeze the Charmin for me for a little bit so I could get up without going into a charlie horse whilst making brunch.

Spinach omelette, a little sweet potatoes with pumpkin pie spice, nitrate free bacon and multigrain bread with Kerrygold butter.  This was our first time trying Kerrygold and it's pretty darn good.  A TJ's cashier has a British hubby who told her that butter was far superior and she said he was right.  But she said only for toast or whatever because you can't taste the difference in baked goods.  Good because mama ain't payin' twice the price for half the product!

On a side note, I'd like to send best wishes and a speedy recovery to one of my fitness idols, Ilaria Montagnani.

Photo Credit : Michael Brian Photography from Powerstrike Facebook Page
Ilaria revealed on her FB page that she has breast cancer and is going in today to have surgery and take time off for recovery.  I don't think cancer realizes who it chose because um...she teaches sword classes and is a martial artist so yeah, she's an actual fighter.  Some of you may remember, I was lucky enough to interview Ilaria and you can read that here.  We certainly wish her a speedy recovery and are hoping that she is among the many stories of people who were able to beat this horrible disease.  If you'd like to stop by Powerstrike's page and send your well wishes, click the link under her picture.

What did you guys get into this weekend?

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  1. Another weekend that went by fast but was pretty enjoyable overall. That Kerrygold butter is really good but definitely only for the times where you use it on toast and can really enjoy it. Sorry to hear about Ilaria, but if anyone can fight it's her!

  2. I didn't do a whole lot this weekend, but it was nice to just rest. I was so exhausted I was practically wobbling by Friday night so sleeping in both days and having a nap Saturday afternoon was much needed. I didn't get everything I should have done, but I did get everything I had to do done.

    Those oreos sounds really good to me. If I remember right they didn't have them in my area before. Maybe they did and I just don't remember.

  3. Planned for an out of town family visit- and generally tried to not put a contract out on my surgeon who assures me the extreme pain I'm having 10 weeks post-op is 'normal'. Always happy to catch up with you.

  4. What cute finds at the antique mall! This weekend was so-so for me. Saturday was a pretty good day, but Sunday the hubs was in a mood, so it put a damper on the day. Did take the dogs for a long ride and they enjoyed that. Had to grocery shop today and I do not enjoy that chore. And to top it off I lost my favorite bag to the wind when I walked out of the store! The wind was so strong and this bag was empty and blew right out of my cart and was gone before I could blink. Kind of pathetic how I sat there and bawled my eyes out, isn't it? It's just a grocery bag, but it was from the Guiding Eyes for the Blind that I've had for years. It's little things like that that have me on the verge of screaming until I lose my voice. Way too many weeks of this kind of stuff. Hmphf. Now here's hoping some true fall weather comes into town. The weather people seem to think low 80's is "fall" weather. Um, I don't think so. =o)


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