Monday, September 12, 2016

Sweaty, exhausting situation and a-ha

How on EARTH is it Monday again already!?

I went through the weekend in a zombie like fashion so let me search the recesses of my brain to recount it all.  I went to a shower Saturday and it was hotter than Hades outside.  It's that kind of hot that when you are out there for 3.5 seconds, you end up smelling like "outside" (a mix of sweat, staleness and self loathing) so all of the work you put into showering and perfume basically goes down the drain.  I get into the restaurant and am relieved to feel the welcome bliss of A/C.  At least I'll be able to spend the next few hours in comfort!  As I go up the stairs to the party rooms, I realize all of that refreshing A/C is quickly dissipating into an uncomfortable cloud of humid muck.  That's right...the A/C is out upstairs...let the games begin.

Literally...I won two of them.  :-)

Everyone was uncomfortable, fanning themselves, their clothes were sticking to them and it was just gross.  My friend was the gift assistant, writing everything down for thank you note purposes.  She almost went down a few times but honestly, most of us felt that way.  I know I did since I was up and down the whole time moving opened gifts to along the railing and wrangling paper.  You just have to try not to focus on it or you will throw yourself over said railing.  No effort was made to get fans for us or anything.  The best they could do was keep refilling waters so I at least got my water intake for the day though I think it all went to keeping body functions going over cleansing.  The second the last present was opened, everyone got up and made a mad dash to say their goodbyes and get the hell outta there.  Of course that's the time the heavens opened up into torrential downpours for the 1/4 mile hike to the car.  Aces.  Where were you FOUR HOURS ago!?  (Are showers supposed to be that long!?  I thought it was like 2 out- done.  I was mistaken.)

Afterward, my friend and I hung out and grabbed dinner and dessert.  We got back to my house late, exchanged birthday gifts and then could only visit for about 30 minutes before having to drive her to the boon docks to her family's home.  By the time we got back home, it was almost 11pm and with only getting about 3 hours sleep the night before...I was super exhausted and barely able to keep my eyes open.  The Mr kindly started up the heating pad whilst I was removing the stank of the day with my make up remover wipes, we talked for a little bit and I passed out.

Sunday I woke up still pretty friggin' tired but unable to sleep as the Mr was snoring both on inhale and exhale so might as well get up.  I enjoyed the silence of a Sunday morning where no one was stirring for about 30 minutes and as usual, the song of the neighbor stomping down the stairs and the gleeful spazzing of her a-hole dog broke that bliss.  The Mr slept until 10am and I made brunch...

Can you tell I am trying to will Fall to kick in?  Pumpkin pancakes FTW.

It was time to refill the produce for the week and we got in a strength workout.

I had a potential a-ha moment with the chiro Thursday.  No, Morten Harket didn't walk in but we pinpointed that my lower back might be playing more of a role in this leg thing than we suspected.  (Well, I always felt that way but as I heal, the places of migrating tightness all point upward.)  So when I said I was going to have the LMT massage my lower back, he volunteered to work it a bit before then.  He did some unexpected back voodoo on me (aka- whipped me around on his magic table and adjusted me...ahhh!) and it actually relieved the back pain a bit and gave me an extra day of the legs feeling better.  Saturday is usually my worst day after an ultrasound but I was actually able to be almost pain free for the day and wear cute boots with low heels.  Sunday, well, the normal soreness set in but I'll take it!  So I think those two weeks of backing off of cardio completely did help and it didn't hurt my progress because I lost 3 lbs in that time.

I think today is supposed to be a nice day weather and wind wise so we might go for a paddle tonight for some cardio.  If my legs feel okay Wednesday, then I will try a WATP to see how they fare since I'll be seeing the doc and LMT both on Thursday to undo any kinks I might drum up.  I'm not coming back into cardio full force but we've got a vacation coming up next month and I need to at least get my legs conditioned to walk again.  No trails or anything but yeah, I've got to get back on the cardio horse.

But if I learned one very important lesson, it's that when your body needs that down time, if you give it the rest it needs and adjust your calories accordingly, you can still lose weight if you're smart about it.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. Knowing the people and the place where you were for this, I can only imagine that this must have been like the seventh circle of hell for you. And here I was thinking you'd have such a great time, I never would have imagined it would have been so dreadful. We'll try to make up for this bust of a Saturday with next Saturday!

  2. They can't help the AC going out, but it does seem like they could have tracked down some fans to at least circulate the hot air. 4 hours at a shower... yikes. I haven't been to many, but most have been pretty informal drop in/drop out kinds of things. The few regular formal type ones haven't ever been over a couple hours.

    It felt like I was busy all weekend, but I really have nothing to show for it. Parade, street fair and chores Saturday. Grading and groceries Sunday.

    I hope you are able to get in a paddle and get back to walking so your vacation next month doesn't lead to pain and further setbacks.

  3. I feel for you with the shower - I was at a bridal shower a couple of weeks ago and it was OUTSIDE and I truly just wanted to die. Heat is my nemesis. And again, it was over 3 hours long. I love being a part of those life celebrations - but watching someone open glasses and towels for 2 hours while I'm literally dying is just not fun. The had cupcakes made into the shape of a wedding gown for the dessert and even they melted! Hope you guys have fun if you get to go paddle!

  4. Like you we had a killer weekend (Last weekend). We wore ourselves the heck out trying to whip our houseinto shape before the in-laws came for the first tie since we ought the place (more than a year.) I am not naturally tidy or organized; it was a stressful mess. But, the result was worth it. We tamed our yard, painted and styled a bathroom, cleaned everything to the core and basically did not humiliate ourselves when they came over (I think.) We were sore for DAYS. Worth it! Paddling sounds awesome. We have some lakes here... once the weather cools down I would love to score a canoe and go out on the lake. How awesome would that be! ! !

  5. So glad you got to spend time with your friend and had a good time despite the swamp-ass hot weather. I'm SO done with summer weather now. And congrats on the 3lb loss! Yippee!!! That has to make you feel fabulous!

    Weekend was good with plenty of football, but also got a lot of chores and errands done too, so I felt very accomplished last night. This week is "supposed" to be in the 70's so hopefully that actually happens. It's 80 out now so that'll bump up a couple more notches before the day is out. Has been great having the windows open though. =o)


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