Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Trying to rally and the deed is done

Happy Hump Day all!

It was a pretty boring day at the mouth breather household.  I felt slightly better but it's in that "comes and goes" phase where you think you're turning a corner and then get hit with a wave of fatigue.  The Mr is feeling it a little more now...congestion and headache wise.  Luckily it was his telework day so he didn't have go in on what was his worst day so far.  I'd just love a full night's sleep.  Usually it's the Mr waking me up with his congestion snore but the night before we were finally able to put the winter duvet on and it's nice and toasty when you first get in bed but then the rest of the night comes and we're flailing pulling it on and off because it's a heat box.  I love that thing but for a "light warmth" rating, it works a little too well.

When it was time to workout, I could tell the Mr wasn't feeling it and I have a nice little case of tendinitis that was throbbing so I decided a nice leg massage for both of us and stretching/yoga was in order.  It kind of stinks because I wanted to do Fitness Blender's Five Day Challenge this week but neither of us is up for it on the health front.  It'll have to wait until we're both feeling better.  We're in need of some new workout blood anyway so it'll be nice when we're feeling closer to 100%.  After our stretch session, I made dinner...

Orange roughy over thai lime rice and rosemary honey glazed carrots.

We popped in Father of the Bride and we were sad when we realized that we were now within a few years of the parents in the movie.  Actually Annie could totally be our daughter.  It was funny seeing another perspective given it was the model for our own wedding.  I used the wedding tennis shoes, the junior bridesmaid and flowergirl (about the same ages when we got married too), the songs from the soundtrack (The Way You Look Tonight by Steve Tyrell)  Now I notice that the house is left in a shambles at the end of the night with confetti everywhere and I'm like "$250 a head and the people Franck hired can't clean the damn floor!?"

Oh, some of you will be happy to know I emailed my mama about the holidays.  I had to just bite the bullet because it's the only thing I was thinking about so I had to just get it over with.  Right before I was ready for bed, she wrote back saying it sounded like fun and as long as we get to have our celebration just the three of us, she's good.  Phew!  I know, I know...prolonged my pain but trust me when I say it could've been a coin toss.  But the way I chose to word it after having some time to think about it made all the difference I think.  So now I can plan things without having that tinge in my gut!  Woot!

Do you workout as normal, reduce intensity or skip working out altogether for the duration of a cold?

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  1. Plan away girl! It's going to be great!

    Love Father of the Bride but what is most interesting is how our perspective changes over the years with it. Even though we don't have kids I can relate to how George Banks feels as he watches his daughter transition from that little pig-tailed girl to this woman who is getting married. And the kicker is that, as you pointed out, we're the same age they were when it was filmed. 25 years is really not as long as it might have seemed when we were "kids" in the movie theater watching that movie on one of our first dates.

  2. Woohoo on the Mom front! You are right, the proper wording goes a long way.
    Your mom probably wishes that she could escape with you lol! I hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. I'm glad your mom is ok with it. I'm sure it did have a lot to do with the wording you used.

    I've never seen that movie. Not sure how I missed it, but I have.

    Depending on how sick I am I do any of the three. If I'm really sick I skip, if I'm kinda sick I dial it back, and if I'm just a little sick or wrapping up an illness I do as close to full intensity as I can.


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