Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tears on my pillow...err...mat

We've been doing well this week.  Today is day 4 of our Fitness Blender program and I've never been so damn sore!  Well, I probably have but it's been a while so that's a good thing, right?  Actually, last night it was not such a good thing.  It was two days since leg day and I did a nice long rolling session afterward trying to ward off any leg demons, thought I did well but those bastards hid out and decided to rear their ugly heads during some back bows.

See, I'm a big modifier on some exercises because if I feel like it's something that the instructors can do five reps in the time it would take me to do one, I just do something else.  It's not because I don't want to do the exercise but I want to keep my calorie burn up so I do something I can count on to be similar but keep the heart rate hummin'.  When we started this program, I told myself I wanted to keep modifying to a minimum and really try to do the exercises that might be awkward.  During the cardio portion, I was doing well.  I think I only slightly modified one time because it was something that would've hurt me based on painful past experiences.  I was hopeful.

Then we went into the ab workout and not really a single exercise didn't include the legs.  My hips were already screaming and I was trying to remain faithful to my no modify mental declaration but I finally had to relent with tears streaming down my cheeks onto the mat.  When the time came to roll onto the belly to do back bows, after about 2 raises up, both of my legs seized up into hellacious charlie horses.  Seriously!?  I can't even do an effing back bow without my legs going into searing pain.  I mean I know there are leg day memes for a reason.

But holy mother of God to have both of them going off at the same time?!  I did the last three exercises with tears streaming down my face into my ears and occasional sobs that I couldn't control.  The Mr suggested I reverse the back bow to a crunch with my legs and arms extended.  It thankfully took the pressure off but I knew I wouldn't be able to walk.  I tried rolling and it wasn't doing anything.   He offered to help me by massaging my calves in the problem spots.  I felt bad because by that time I was in full blown frustrating ugly cry.  He pressed on the spots and massaged the bulging knots as I screamed in pain and sobbed like someone was stabbing me.  I just laid there in a pool of tears and probably snot if I was being honest while he cringed having to inflict such pain to relieve another kind of pain.

Thankfully dinner was 2nd day chili so he heated it and the bread while I sat with ice packs behind my knees.

I was very grateful for the help on both fronts.  Thanks hon!

All I can do is continue to roll and massage until the beasts release for good...or until the next leg day.  Today is a little cardio and all over strength and I am dreaming of tomorrow which is their yoga/stretch day.

Do you curse leg day or get out of it unscathed?

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  1. I am proud of you for trudging through that tough workout. Sometimes you have to modify a bit until you get better and there's no shame in that at all. Proud of you!

  2. This is unrelated...
    I'm doing the "One Good thing", not always writing it down at night, Ill write some of them the next morning.
    Today is going to be hard.

    Alan Rickman passed! And we had David Bowie earlier this week! Ugh!

    Screw Cancer!

  3. I don't mind the soreness the day after leg day, but I have exercise I can't do without cramping either then or later. My favorite it when my legs cramp in the middle of the night for no apparent reason and I wake up practically screaming. So while I don't mind leg day on principle, I do try to avoid some exercises that are awkward or feel wrong.

  4. So sorry about the leg pain. Hope you're feeling a bit better today.

  5. I have a bad problem with cramping even when all I'm doing is stretching. I've had cramps in the backs and fronts of my calves at the same time so it's impossible to flex in either direction. I've also had this weird and hellaciously painful cramp in my inner though that had me screaming. Just awful. I do ok with leg day except for lunges. That is one exercise I cannot do at all because of how bad my knees are. I can do modified squats pretty well but the lunges are a big no-no for me.

  6. My hips kill me when doing Fitness Blender's core workouts. Especially the scissor kicks. I have weak hip bones I guess because they always pop when I turn or move around. I have said a few choice words to Kelli and Daniel often while doing those exercises. Oh! The knee tucks or whatever you call them are brutal also


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