Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The purge and relieving the stresses of the day

It was a slow moving day in da house yesterday.  We did a butt kicking, leg pounding Fitness Blender workout Sunday night and my hamstrings and glutes were screaming.  Damn dead lifts.  I wanted to get more done than I did but still got little things done.

We had a bunch of boxes that needed to be broken down to get back our living room space.  I read an article that I'll post Friday about things you need to purge from your kitchen and it kicked me into gear to get some stuff to donate.  I have some cookbooks that I've never used and I know I never will so it was time to say goodbye.  One of them was personalized by Rocco DiSpirito so I took that page out but if I haven't ever made one of his recipes, I'm probably not going to start now.  I also needed to purge our wine glasses from the top shelf of the cabinet because we don't drink and no one comes to visit so entertaining with them is out.  No need to keep taking up space.  The only ones I'm keeping are our wedding glasses and 2 flutes.  I ran them all through the dishwasher gentle cycle because they got that top shelf "I never get used" film on them and looked grody.  Now they're sparkling clean.  I need to wipe down the shelf before I start loading in the lesser used stuff up there.  I'm also looking at getting a rolling shelf thingy because it was really hard to get the never before used saucers from the back without putting myself in danger so that would really help with what needs to go back there.  Installing it should be a pain in the ass.  Hmm, maybe we'll just put a regular basket back there and move it ourselves.

The Mr got home pretty late and did not have a good day at work.  I asked him about his day so he could vent about the gnomes he has to deal with this week so he wasn't carrying it into his workout.  We did our workout for the night and I made dinner while I gave him his Star Wars coloring book to relieve some more stress.

Salmon over rice medley with mixed veggies and chili jam mixed in which gave it quite the kick and belly burn.

We tried some new to us Trader Joe's Rice Medley of brown and red rice with barley.

It was nice and easy in the microwave from frozen.  I won't get too used to it but it was good!  As we ate dinner, we watched the Kids Baking Championship or something like that with Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli.  It took everything in me not to leap through the TV and bitch slap them for the most incorrect usage of macaron ever.  Worse, they were teaching the kids to say it wrong which was maddening.  Instead I'll just have to hope they read this article to know the difference and stop trying to dumb down a confection that deserves the respect to be called by the right name.  Sorry, I'm a total pastry snob and that just irritates me.

Movin' on.

Then we settled in and watched the premiere of the X Files.  We never watched the original so hopefully that won't matter in the scheme of things.  I'll watch anything to see Duchovny...even this.  HA!

Were you an X Filer?  Is the truth really out there?

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  1. It was a great stress relief evening and I thank you for that. Now we go into round 2. Cover me I'm going in...

  2. I watched the original here and there, but never consistently. I recorded the pilot, but got half stupid football stuff and the first half of the episode. I bet people all over the country got that and I'm not the only one unhappy. I could understand if I were setting the VHS recorder by time when that happened, but now with the fancy DVR that I tell what specific show to record it seems like that kind of thing shouldn't happen. It constantly cuts off the ends of shows too.

    Sorry, didn't mean to jump into a DVR rant. I'm sure the truth is out there, but for the most part I'm happy not knowing it.

  3. Never was an X-Filer, although I'm hearing good things about this new one. I did a kitchen clean-out not too long ago and got rid of tons of stuff. I have so much more to donate still so I need to hop on that. I use those wire shelves in my cabinets to create more space (not a lot of cabinets or storage--grrrr) and that helps.

    Boris and Karloff should be finishing up within the hour. =o) It was a long day yesterday and I felt like garbage last night. Laid back in the recliner at 9:30pm which felt really good. Worked on my uncle's charitable contributions all morning so that is now done to give to his POA for the tax guy. Now to work on mom's.... not today though! Once they are done here, I'm heading back home. The hubs said the pups are lost without me and keep jumping up to the front door every time they hear a car (squeee goes my heart). So I'll have lots of puppy toes and kisses waiting to attack me when I get home-- and I'm excited for it.

    Oh! And I FINALLY found a doctor who's taking new patients and my insurance so the insurance company made the change and by the end of the week I can make an appointment! The gal at the doctor's office said they're only booking 2 weeks out for new patients, so I didn't think that was bad at all. Now here's hoping she's someone I can work with... prayers and fingers crossed!

  4. We like the TJ rice medley, too. I normally freeze my own bags of rice, but the textures of the medley are nice and very convenient.


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