Thursday, January 7, 2016

All over the place

I wish I had major stories to regale you with on how different yesterday was from the day before but nay...I can't say anything major happened.  Feel free to skip to the next blog you read.

The Mr got home, I watched him head bob until after I saw the weather on the news and then we headed down to workout.  It was the first time since last year I felt like I could breathe and do a normal workout.  He didn't seem like he was suffering so he put forth good effort as well.  I'm just very thankful I didn't feel as horribly weak as I did Sunday night when I tried to do upper body.  So a big corner was obviously turned between then and Wednesday.  

I'll be honest, I haven't been tracking like usual yet because I just wanted to get back in the habit of eating somewhat normal compared to the crapfest I had over the holidays.  So because I haven't been tracking, dinners have been on the fly.  I threw together this concoction after our workout and shower...

Jalapeno salmon burger chopped up with pinto beans and light string cheese (I'm out of "normal" cheese) in a low carb tortilla and brussels.  I know, doesn't sound appetizing but it wasn't bad for pulling something outta my rump last minute.  Formal tracking begins next week fo sho.

Then since it was the last night the "Sounds of the Season" channel recognized as being a season, I wanted to watch a Christmas movie and have one last official Christmas hot chocolate with the little red and green marshmallows in my Santa mugs.  Sigh.

Until next year Justin Timberlake Santa mug...who am I kidding, see you Sunday

I know it wasn't a great holiday season but we did have some good moments sprinkled with the bad and that was just a nice way to send off the old season.  Here are some of my favorite things from this season so you don't think I didn't have some good things in there:

The Christmas tree has always been my favorite thing.  I've tried to spruce it up or change decorations here and there but these are my tried and true and I'll just always default back to this.  Call me boring but it makes my heart smile.  The flowers were from the Mr for our dating anniversary, the yule log I made for one of our family gatherings and they couldn't even wait for dinner to be over to dive into it, that cassette on a plate?-- it's chocolate covered shortbread because I'm awesome, then a rousing game of Uno always puts a smile on my face and my haul Christmas morning from the Mr.

Since my post was all over the place, feel free to leave a random comment.

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  1. Our floating holiday falls on Good Friday this year....

  2. It was a good holiday season made better by the last week of enjoying the extended holiday we gave ourselves. I enjoyed playing Uno with you, even though you crushed me!

  3. Bananas! You said random.

    I'm glad you wrapped up the season in a good place and that you both are feeling on the mend.

  4. Glad you're feeling better. I'm waiting at the pharmacy right now. Cant hear out of my right ear. Doc says its a middle ear infection and bronchitis. Not a happy camper. I still have Christmas decorations on my front porch to take down. Maybe tomorrow. I want to workout so bad, again maybe tomorrow. Ha thanks for listening.


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