Monday, January 4, 2016

First weekend of 2016

Well the first weekend of the new year is under our belts.  I hope you guys had a good one!

I spent the end of the old year and beginning of the new one the same way I have the past three years:

Tea, tissues and fuel for recovery.  It's become my new annual tradition...yay?

My last sinus event was at least mild in October but this one was a full on shutdown.  I had Noxzema on my face in the shower and wouldn't have known it if I hadn't felt the tingle.  I could've eaten liver and onions and never known it.  I guess I'm thankful that I wasn't sick for Christmas Day like I was last year.  I was sick for our anniversary, the holiday and into March.  So anything way shorter than that will be considered a blessing.  But hopefully going away for the holiday next year will allow me to relax and keep my immune system boosted!  I'm looking forward to that.  The Mr can attest to that as I've already bought stuff for the Christmas tree we're allowed to have in the rental!  (Nope, still haven't told mom yet.  I need my strength to recover, then I'll drop the bomb.)

Saturday was probably not a great day for the Mr as I dragged him to every location of a local nursery but I was quite pleased to score some post-holiday Christmas deals.  Some fancy pants soaps and such for 75% off.  So I have my hostess gift for my aunt that I'll give her on Thanksgiving that she can use into the holidays.  I picked up a few other things too...

I almost wee'd when I saw those stockings!  I had resigned to using our teenage stockings to travel with next year but was kind of worried if something happened to them I could still be a little traumatized by losing them.  (Stocking thieves are real)  But don't these scream "cabin in the woods Christmas?!?"  We thought so too and at $5 a pop, they were mine.  I also got that adorable snowman sign.  No freakin' clue where he'll go but I'll find a place, I'm sure.

That night, we had some fun and played games.  That's not code for sex.  I'm talkin' good old fashioned board games y'all!  I forgot how much I love to play!  The only one I didn't care for as much was Trouble (affiliate link) as the pop-o-matic was trying to put me over the edge on a headache.  That's how you know when you're old, a friggin' loud board game makes you wince.  We played that, Boggle and Rack-O(affiliate links)  It's always so fun to see how many words the other person got that you didn't see.  I think it's probably a good idea to do it somewhat regularly to keep the Big D away from the brain.  We also lucked out and saw some of the Quadrantid meteors!  I swear they looked just like those fire lanterns people light and send into the sky.  I got a crappy pic of it about 40 ft above us but it was a cool thing to see.  Of course peak is super cloudy here so I'm extra glad we got to see it when we did.

Sunday was pretty lazy.  The Mr thought the night before that I was passing the crud on to him.  I showed him some sinus massages I found online that seemed to help me a bit and he did it a little and we got some green tea in him too and hoped for the best.  When he woke up, he didn't seem too bad.  He could tell he was fighting something but it hadn't taken hold like it did me by the same day in my time line.  I made brunch of bacon, eggs and French toast and by 2pm, I could not sit in the house anymore.  I informed him we were going out so we hit up a newly re-opened antique shop (though I really don't see what the big hub bub was.  I thought they were supposed to make it look better but it didn't.)  Then I declared I wanted to go to another nursery to see what they had left, picked up a few things and went to a local spice shop and grabbed a bag of Vietnamese cinnamon since I blew through mine during the holidays.

Before we knew it, it was after 6pm and I was in no mood to do a long workout so down we went for a 30 minutes strength with Miss Leslie.  (affiliate link) I was soooo weak it wasn't funny.  I thought I was going to drop my weights a few times.  I was so glad when it was over.

Then I declared we forgot to watch A Christmas Romance (affiliate link)  and I'm pretty sure I heard the Mr wince but he said to put it in.  So I fixed up our weekly cuppa hot cocoa and we lit the tree (we keep it up through the Epiphany) and he endured Olivia Newton John's Hallmarkish movie.

Oh speaking of which!  I got sucked into a few of those this year and never have!  One was like a Princess for Christmas, Christmas Inc, A Crown for Christmas, 12 Gifts of Christmas and I'm Not Ready for Christmas!  It was just better than watching reruns of other stuff and even though you knew how it was going to turn out, you still got sucked in.  So did the Mr, it wasn't just me.  Man card...revoked!

How did you spend your New Years Eve?  Get sucked into any Hallmark movies this season?

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  1. The weekend flew by but it was enjoyable. I did like playing board games. We will have to do that more often for sure. Glad you got all kinds of nice stuff and I have to say it was an impressive hall. One store was $145 worth of stuff for only $36!

  2. Happy New Year!
    New Year's was pretty quiet. Played dominoes, wrote a list of good things that happened in 2015 (short list but longer than I expected), went to a party until 9:30 and was awoken at midnight by Happy New Year texts from revelers!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I hope your cold is short lived. I had one too, but I think I'm at the tail end now. Just in time to go back to work.

    I spent New Year's Eve at a friend's and then my folks brought boy back on New Year's Day. I like that he gets to spend the time with them, but I miss him a lot when he's gone.

    Those stocking and the sign are really cute. I know you can't wait to use them.

  4. Happy New Year to you! My New Years Eve and Day were pretty low key. I started to come down with a head cold on NYE and was asleep on the sofa by 11pm. We had no major plans, just to watch some college football, and veg. So, I don't feel like I missed out on anything.

    NYD we hosted a dinner for my boyfriend's sister and family. So there was a total of 4 adults and 4 kids around the table for a homemade steak dinner. It was good but by the end of the day my head cold was in full effect and the two days after were a complete write off.

  5. I recorded a bunch of those Hallmark Christmas movies, and even though you know the ending from the first scene, they just make me happy. Plus the Christmas decorating in every single one of them is so pretty, it just puts me in the spirit even more than I already was! And they always have SNOW, which we were lucky enough to get this year on Christmas Eve. Loved that!

  6. It was a lonely New Year's Eve for me with my husband out on his ship. Next year he'll be home for Christmas and New Year's, so that's something to look forward to! Offshore families learn to deal with it. We love those games. My 18 year old, the only one of our four left at home, and I still play Rack-O. I gave Kerplunk and Trouble to kids we love for Christmas this year. Great fun. All the best of 2016 to you both, Mrs. :)

  7. I had to run my boy back to the airport so I was up at 4am NYE so I had no intention of staying up until midnight. I was in bed by 9 and at 4am I was awakened by a "distressed motorist" who ran himself into a snowbank. Long story short, I alerted the police to this poor schmuck and even though he was no longer at the location I gave them, they were able to hunt him down just a bit down the road (because of all the debris his car left behind) and assist him in finding a safe place to sleep for the night.

  8. I didn't get sucked into any movies this year, but still have to watch a few I recorded that are classics. I stayed up after midnight and said a hearty goodbye to 2015. Then took a shower and went to bed. LOL Having no internet for over a week forced me to unplug, which was very stressful at first, but then it really did get easier. I actually worked on a real puzzle on my kitchen table. I know I'm old when my eyes can't tell if the pieces truly fit or not - snort! I'm glad the holidays are over and there's a fresh start to the new year. Although I have to say I am missing those balmy temps we had last month compared to the frigid degrees we have now. It's like the frozen tundra out there now with solid snow and ice. The pups like to run around for a few minutes then they hightail it back into the house!


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