Monday, January 25, 2016

My weekend of not slapping people who deserved it

Happy Monday all!  Can you believe it's the last week of January!?  Unreal.

I think for the first time the weekend didn't necessarily go fast but it wasn't filled with spills and chills either.  We'll chalk it up in the "eh" column.  Friday was nice though because we went to the first showing of Dirty Grandpa and the audience was full of dirty grandparents so it was appropriate.  I must say I like going with the mature crowd as I could freely laugh without shame at all of the completely inappropriate, un-PC things strewn throughout.  If you like Ted, this is the same thing but with DeNiro.  VERY much not a prude movie.  Even I, who drops F bombs like I'm being paid, was like "wow, they wrote him a little over the top."  I wasn't offended, it just seemed a bit much with the language.  Well you couple that with just having seen him two nights before in The Intern where he was adorable and it was like a shock fo' sho!  More importantly, it was great to see the scenes we were there for on vacation and the Mr swears he saw us on a long shot so you know we'll have to own it and pause.  Thursday night I ordered these pillow covers at Pottery Barn I've been drooling over forever.  Friday after the movie, I wanted to go get the inserts since they weren't part of free shipping.  She tried to bring me out feather inserts and I wanted the synthetic because their feather pillows poke the crap out of me.  She said hers didn't and I said that was good but nope, not getting those.  She said she'd have to order them and I just wanted to go home and order them myself but she was pretty insistent so I just caved since I've dealt with her before and she's nice enough.  Then we went to another store where they asked upon checkout if I was in their rewards program and I said no.  She asked if I wanted to enroll, I politely declined.  Then she grabbed a pamphlet and said, "here take this home and you can sign up online."  I laughed and said "no!"  She said "wow, you really don't want to be a member do you?"  I said "nope!"  I wanted to say "look witch, do you know how many effin' data breaches I've been through with stores!?  I'm over it and I'm not carrying one more damn card!  How about you just give customers the perks WITHOUT me having to hand over a blood sample and first born!?"  But I refrained.

Saturday, we went to this Italian restaurant we used to go to all the time when we were dating and early marriage.  It's on the other side of town so it doesn't get frequented much.  Damn email marketing suckered me in.  It was pretty good and tasted the same so it was a nice trip down culinary memory lane.  I had a coupon at a spice shop for some free booty with a nominal purchase so I picked up some pepper I needed and got my freebies.

Then I remembered some antique show was going on so we went there to walk a bit as the Mr was putting his new fitness band to the test all weekend and this place is rather large so the step count would be nice to know.  He ended up finding more that he liked than I did...

Old toy booths are always a big hit my with big kid so I peruse the shabby chic booths or look for some project to get into.  I found it of course after I got $5 knocked off for asking.  It'll be coming soon so stay tuned!

We decided since it was grocery weekend we'd try to get our Trader Joe's (I always type Hoe's, wth?) trip over with.  Every irritating person in the world shops there.  (Yes I know, we shop there too but we're the exception...I swear!)  You've got the entitled [inappropriate phrase here] that thinks she's entitled to shove her cart in front of you and then look at you like "WTF are you looking at?"  Me?  Oh, I'm just looking at how I'm going to physically cut you off with my body and pretend I don't notice for you cutting my husband off you [inappropriate insult here].  Then was the idiot with the toddler eating something in the cart and she has stopped in the middle of the aisle to talk to her cherub.  After 6 people sighing and skirting around her, she said "oh, sorry" and instead of moving she stays there.  How I wanted to put a Warner Brothers rocket on the back of the cart, light a long fuse and watch her leave body outlines through walls of stores as she tore through them at the speed of light.  Then the main food aisle always has a traffic jam and people just stand there like they have no idea how to navigate life.  MOVE PEOPLE!!!  I will figuratively cut a b!tch!  Then the parking lot, don't even get me started.  I literally removed my seat belt in a rage after 4 solid minutes of us sitting there in an eight car pile up of people stuck in various stages of reverse and land sharking.  The Mr had to talk me down.

Then let's just skip to Sunday where we got some house stuff done, went to our last grocery store and came back and did our first workout of the week.  I made up some new curse words and then it was time for dinner...

BBQ pork chop and under all those veggies are some black beans too.

Then we settled in for the night, I flipped on the fireplace and the Mr was head bobbing within minutes.  I put on the jazz channel and enjoyed ending the weekend on a cozy note.  The Mr has a long, crappy audit ahead of him this week so no teleworking and no leaving early for workouts (though I beg him to try to leave early Thursday because that's the day of the 90 minute workout and I want to start as early as possible.)  I've got my meals planned for the week and am ready to work, yo!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I do love to look at vintage toys at places like that. Only problem is I don't necessarily like to buy them, I just like to look. So the people running those booths never really benefit from having me come thru.

    Ready for this week!

  2. I took friday and today off from work. Went skiing friday, a snowy hike (really just a walk in the woods), and tried snow shoeing yesterday. I love it.

    I'm doing my meal planning and pre today. Along with a bazillion loads of laundry.

    And we have those same people here at TJs. And added bonus, to get in or out of the lot is a bitch. Since one entrance you can only turn right from and the other, you can eventually turn left from if youre fast enough. Both dump out on the same road, like .2mi apart, if that

  3. I got a lot done this weekend, but not a lot of downtime. I graded papers, did chores, filed my taxes... Yeah - excitement a mile a minute. I finally got everything marked off my to do list about 9:30 last night. Oh how I wish I could take today off.

    I went to Safeway during the game yesterday figuring everyone would be home watching the Broncos. Apparently everyone else in town thought the same thing. The funny part was that I took the boy out to supper hours after the game ended, and we were literally the only customers in the restaurant.

    Jazz and a fireplace sound like a really nice way to wrap up a weekend.

  4. What a busy weekend! Mine was mostly cleaning. And more cleaning. But I cleaned both my sister's house and all of mine, so everything is spic and span!

  5. Wow, you sure did have a busy weekend! Mine was pretty low key. Went to a friend's house for lunch on Friday. Saturday had a meeting then off to mom's to move the remaining furniture and piddly things because the windows guys were coming Monday. They are here now and speak straight up Russian --- apparently my efforts of buying them bagels and cream cheese from Panera was all for naught. Did house stuff when I got home and played with the dogs. Sunday was grocery shopping for me and watching football before packing up for a possible stay over tonight depending on how much the guys get done. The upstairs windows are all done (wow, they look really nice) so now it's the 3 in the living room (up the vaulted ceiling so that should be interesting) and the slider door. The hubs slept for 21 hours (ARGH!!!) so it was just me and the dogs as I quietly seethed. Another reason why I think I'll just stay at mom's tonight. =o)


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