Thursday, January 28, 2016

Things I'm Lovin' This Week

It has been a week of small indulgences and things that make me weirdly but insanely happy or satisfied.  I finally got to using some of my Christmas gifts and small steps toward organization. When I say small steps, I'm talking gnome sized but gotta start somewhere!

Let's get to it!

Under Shelf Basket

I cannot even convey the amount of happy this makes me.  I saw these at a store and wondered if they would work on our wire shelving units in the basement that had some vertical space that wasn't being utilized.  It fit perfectly!  We went back and got three more of them!  Now I have a place to put my paper loaf pans, Christmas treat boxes and treat bags all in one spot instead of chucked on a shelf hoping they don't fall between the cracks or get damaged by other stuff getting put on top of them.  Seriously, it was like someone gave me $100 and if they did, I'd go out and buy more and see where I could put them.  Oooh...the closet!  Be right back...

Thera-Band Portable Roller Massager (affiliate link) 

Since we've started the brutal Fitness Blender workouts, the legs have been taking a beating.  Our collection of rollers grew by one this Christmas when my mom got this off my wish list.  I use this one to roll that super tender area on either side of my shin bone.  The regular stick is too hard for it, the uber foam roller is too awkward but this is just right.  Hard enough but a bit of a soft bounce back to not dig in and bruise things up.  This model is a travel model since the handles are spring loaded and can retract for easier packing.

Andalou Naturals 1000 roses Cleansing Foam  (affiliate link) 

Another Christmas gift and I'm so happy with it!  You've heard me rave about Andalou Naturals before and this is no exception.  It's such a great, gentle cleaner with a light rose scent.  It leaves my skin super soft and never dry.  It's become a nice, relaxing ritual before bed.  It's a bonus it's vegan and cruelty free!

Fairlife Milk

We've been splurging a bit on this milk the past few weeks.  We need to get more protein in naturally where we can and this milk has 5g more protein than our usual milk and less sugar.  I don't notice any major change in taste (some people say they can tell there's less sugar, I can't) but there is a trade off. I'm paying almost $1 more for about 12 oz less.  We try to get it on sale when we can but the other down side is they don't carry it at every grocery store, even ones the website lists as a carrier.  So I'll have to try to catch this on sale as much as possible.  (Our Target's regular price is $3.77 but it was on sale there at one point for $3.07 which is about what we paid for our old milk)  So while there are a few trade offs, I love the extra protein, no lactose and more calcium over our old brand.

Organic Lavender Body Butter Cream

This stuff is amazing.  Every time I'm on Maui, I grab a jar or two and then when I run out...I cry.  Then order more online.  Yes, there are other lavender creams and I've tried them all but there is nothing like this.  The consistency is perfect but more important, the scent is amazing but not overpowering and so therapeutic.  If I'm not tired when I go to bed, I rub some on my arms and the smell lulls me to sleep and I swear I sleep better when I wear it.  If they shipped it by the pool full, I'd be all in.  Just back up a cement truck full and fill the office.  I'll install a pump on the door.

Victorinox Cutlery 6-Piece Steak Knife Set  (affiliate link) 

I had my old steak knives since we got married.  We don't use them every day so replacing them wasn't a big priority.  But after getting a chef's knife (affiliate link)  from Victorinox, I was all over it!  I immediately ordered their paring knife (affiliate link)  and left the steak knives up to the family wish list.  My grandma got these and we put them to use this week.  Holy CRAP BALLS!  I made pork chops and while my chops are tender, they're still one of the tougher cuts of meat.  Not for these babies!  Like a hot knife through buttah baby...but-tah  I tell you!!!!  I want to cut all the meats.  I even used them for chicken parm the other night and I swear I barely needed the fork to steady the chicken.  Highly, highly recommended!

What are you lovin' this week?

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  1. I don't notice a difference in that milk either but for an extra 5g protein I'm all for it! And those steak knives... Buttah!

  2. Oooh, I'm going to click on the Thera-band Massager link, because I could really use this. I have a permament cyst in my right calf that needs massaging (today in particular) and this would be soft, but firm enough to help the muscles around it. And I'm going to check out that milk -- I've never heard of if before but I'm going to see if they have it in my area.

    Haven't been out and about much to check out new stuff, but one thing on my list that I must get is The Gripper Double Curved Shower Rod from BB&Beyond. No drilling is required and it will allow me to put my shower curtain on a different rod to keep open or closed and the liner on a different rod. And give a bit more wiggle room in the tub.

  3. According to the website the milk is at Meijer, Walmart, Target, and Schuck's which is right across the street from me. I'll be checking this out this weekend. =o)

  4. Isn't it great when a little thing gives you so much joy?? I must have admired the spare room closet a gazillion times when I hung a clear shoe organizer on the inside of the door. It holds flashlights, tape, stapler, basically all the little things you need quickly and can never find.

    1. I might do that and put it in the guest closet with the same type of stuff to free up some drawer space!


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