Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday, Monday

We're heading into week two of our Fitness Blender program.  We're glad to not have to think about our workouts anymore and not repeat a single one in two months.  That should keep the Mr happy where the variety thing is concerned.  It will force me to learn to love weights.  While we already did two strengths per week, these basically have weight training of some kind almost every day.  It kind of terrified me because you know that whole "you must lose the fat with cardio to find the muscle" thing is drilled into me but I'm more than willing to give this the full two month commitment to see if I was wrong.  (Obviously what I was doing wasn't doing anything more than maintaining so...)   He said he feels like he's found his motivation and for that, I'm grateful.

Oh yeah and I lost 5 lbs and he lost 3 so there's that.  Of course it's also the first week of a new plan so I'm hoping for continued success.  We did the leg day last night and I swear I feel like a newborn giraffe.

The Mr and I had a good talk Friday night about just general frustrations in the contradicting information out there regarding diet and exercise.  For every study you get saying one thing is healthy, the next study says it's not.  I think they're all just in cahoots with the diet/fitness industry to keep the billions of bucks flowing every year.  It all is so personal and so what works for you and your lifestyle.  I want to constantly improve and I want to start making some stuff ahead of time and utilizing my FoodSaver more than I already do.  I need to do make ahead side dishes for when I want to get some brown rice or quinoa in.  Lots of people do food prep days and I need to work on that.

I hit my water goal of two bottles a day every day including the weekend.  That is huge for me because I'm so bad about water on the weekend.

Sunday morning was a nice brunch with jazz and starting to get Christmas stuff tackled.  We didn't tackle very far though so yeah, the Christmas tree is still up.  Don't judge me.  I finally went through a Sur La Table box I got last week to revel in my post holiday deals:

I got that platter for $10, that adorable garland for $8.99 and another snowflake platter for $8.99.  Woo hoo!  

After doing our workout...a hellacious leg day routine for an hour, we were dying for food.

A slice of meatloaf, garlic potatoes and green beans.  After dinner, I sat down and planned our meals for the week to match up with our workouts for that day.  I'm glad to be done with that and have everything all ready to go.

Oh yeah and I'm getting the mammies grammied today too.  So just a reminder, if you haven't and you need to...SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT!!!

On a side note...Christine, I don't know if you got my email response.  It keeps coming back undeliverable.  In case you didn't, the answers you seek are in the blog archives on the right sidebar in the October 2014 timeframe.  ;-)

What did you get into this weekend?

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss this weeek! How close are you guys to your goal weights? I've lost track over the years. My niece lost 80 pounds last year doing something called Barre, I don't think there's any cardio in that. I had my varicose vein procedure on Friday so I laid around all weekend. I'm so happy to have this done after four and a half years of pain. Have a great day

    1. Aww, you're cute. Nowhere near goal weight. 50 lbs from my personal goal, probably 100 from where the doc says is "normal" for my height. We've done little more than maintain for 4 years and we're not interested in making it 5 hence following the exercise program. Fingers crossed!

      Which procedure did you have done? The Mr had the one where they put the laser in your veins and collapse it but then we oh you know, gained 200 lbs so it was for nothing and he'll likely have to have it done again. Hope you're feeling better today!

    2. They lasered a bunch and completely yanked one. The one they yanked was a giant. I was always self conscious of it but was more concerned about the pain. I feel okay just paranoid because I have stitches. My goal is 50# this year so looks like we are in the same boat. I just cleaned up my eating for hopefully good as of the 1st. I have a looming epic wedding to attend 4/30 that I think is scaring me "straight" lol. That was funnier then I thought because it's a same sex wedding and I didn't say that on purpose. Still struggling to accept as my new lifestyle which means I need to hone my cooking skills! Not to mention aforementioned niece will be attending as well :)
      2016 is the year, lets do it!

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  2. This weekend was pretty busy with getting things done that had to be done, but the boy and I did work in a couple hours to just hang out and watch a movie yesterday afternoon. It was cold outside, and it was so nice to just be warm and lazy after getting so much done.

    I'm glad the new fitness "thing" is working out for you. I looked into ordering PiYo, but it's more than I want to spend. I need to spend some time online looking for free videos and if I find something I really like, then maybe I'll make the investment.

  3. Happy for some weight loss and hoping for more after the holidays. I ordered a Microsoft Band 2 so we'll maybe do a review of it on here if you want as I determine if it will be a keeper or not.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss guys! That is super duper AWESOME!! It sounds like you have a plan of attack and are taking care of the prep work (to me that's the biggest motivator) so you don't have to struggle with what to make for meals or what workouts to do. I really like that you can go a full two months without repeating a workout. That is going to keep you on your toes and will keep it fresh. It'll be a challenge for sure, but you're up to it. You got this sista!

    I FINALLY made a grocery store run early this morning. My knees were screaming and I got just about zero sleep last night, so I knew to just go and get it done with before I flopped over. I'm glad I did it and was able to take my time meandering through the aisles. Last night I made my own Spanish Rice (never did that before and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out) with pork chops simmered in there, and that was a nice meal. Even the hubs commented on it without my nudging. =o) I went to mom's on Saturday to take care of bills and mail so that took up a good portion of the day. Yesterday was Finnegan's birthday so I smooched all over him. He kept giving me this look like lady, what is your deal? Which merely meant that he got more ear ruffles and kisses. Elsie was a snuggle bug too walked around with her giant stuffed dog in her mouth. Cracks me up when she does that. All in all, it was a decent weekend, despite the horrendous knee pain. I have an appointment with a lady at the Y to give me a full-on tour of the place as well as classes. I told her some of my concerns (being obese and intimidated about being there, especially when I have no clue where I'm going) and she was super nice and reached out to me via email. So I'll be happy when I meet with her so I can get a game plan in place from a workout standpoint. Having that consistency is going to help me mentally in so many ways I think. And I sure could use some mental help! Snort!!

  5. Thanks Anele. Mwwwa and hugs. I was able to view your blog on a regular computer and found what i was looking for. Certain things dont show up on my phone. Your tact is sweet. Yeah for lost pounds. You go girl!


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