Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Errands and legs...done

Yesterday was a productive day.  I started by making us a nice protein filled breakfast and added in the little bit of garlic potatoes in the omelet which made the Mr a happy boy.

We went to the mammogram center and got done there relatively quick.  I'll admit I'm a little concerned that the technician asked after the first scan if I was wearing deodorant and when I told her no she said okay.  I'm hoping it was just because she always asks that and forgot to ask before the scan and not that she saw calcification.  My mom had that a few years ago and had to do a biopsy that was rather unpleasant.  They said I'll have results within the week.  I sprung for the 3D version and am going to cross my fingers that insurance will pick up the extra $75 because if Medicare can cover that, then ours shouldn't have a problem.  So send out good vibes y'all!  I won't be able to exhale until I get an all clear.

Since when did *everyone* have MLK day off??  Good Lord man, it was worse than a weekend!  Then we had some errands to run, we even put off a Trader Joe's stop from the weekend to Monday and it was chaos.  It was like every person who chooses not to parent their cherubs was out in full force.  I shot the Mr a look when I was surrounded by this horrific family that let him know bail money would be needed in about 10 seconds if they didn't vacate the personal space they were invading.  Pretty much everywhere we went was like that other than the sporting goods store where we picked up some extra weights.  Since the Mr injured his shoulder months ago, we've kind of been fighting over the 15 and 20 lb weights and we needed to get duplicates of those two since our Fitness Blender workouts are very strength training oriented.  Last night was no exception.  It was upper body strength, one that we have done many times, but then it was followed by a 24 minute cardio routine after that for a total of 75 minutes working out.  I was so spent and needed to up my calories after seeing my burn so I checked with the Mr to see if he had room to finagle and he did.

Finally finished the last of the meatloaf, some mashed sweet potatoes and green beans.  I forced down 3 bottles of water so I'm happy about that.  Sodium was higher than I'd like but that's why I forced down the extra bottle and it's in check the rest of the meals this week so it should all even out.

If I can walk today, I'd like to start working on the living room.  If I can't, I'll be in traction.

Did you get MLK day off?  If so, what did you do?

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  1. I am glad you got the mammogram done and I am most certainly praying that everything comes out clear. I had a good day off with you!

  2. Not *everyone* has MLK Day off. For me and the boy it was a regular school day. I actually forgot it was a holiday and put mail out in the morning. I wish it had been a day off, I could have used it. I'm just wishing really really hard for a snow day.

  3. It really was a crazy day out there wasn't it? I went to the grocery store early just for that reason. Madness! I'm so glad you got your mammo done! I have the 3D version done as well and insurance has always picked it up. And a lot of facilities will write off the difference if the insurance doesn't pick it up because it encourages women to keep their next appointments, so that's always a possibility as well. I had a productive day as well taking care of a lot of stuff around the house, so I felt good about that. Didn't sleep well again last night, so I'll be dragging a bit later, but in the meantime I'll be heading over to mom's for a wee bit. I think we're due to get a couple inches of snow this afternoon so I'd like to be back in town before then since I still haven't bought the two new front tires that I desperately need. I forget about it until it actually snows. Brilliant.

  4. We both worked. Taxes won't wait and hubby opened the flower shop. We usually have a good amount of people with questions on holidays. Those turn i to business later so its hard to passs up.


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