Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Christmas tear down and movie night

Well I bit the bullet and took down the Christmas stuff yesterday.  (I know)  I put on some Christmas music and put all the stuff in their bins and was winding the lights around my arms when the Mr got home.  Well, the tree is still up but naked so we'll get that down today.  For those wondering, this isn't the latest we've taken it down.  Two or three years ago I believe...January 22nd.  It was time especially since the weather has been so un-snowy this year.  I'm still leaving up our skis on the wall and maybe my crunchy wreath over the mantle but everything else is down.  Oh yeah, speaking of that, Command is on my chit list.  I've usually been very happy with their products but when I went to pull down the tab (as I've done a zillion times before), this happened...

That rat bastard hook yanked off 6 coats of paint, the paper layer of the drywall and got down to the white sheet rock!  It looks like a vampire bat ran into the wall.  SOOOO ticked on that one.

We went down and did abs and kickboxing and I did a good rolling session on the right gam to try to get my medial knee pain to subside.  When that was done, it was time for dinner.

Non Jack Daniels salmon over quinoa duo.  (Knock off Friday's Jack Daniels sauce with no Jack in it)

Then it was movie night.  We rented Sleeping With Other People and The Intern.  (affiliate links) Sleeping starred Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie and while it wasn't as funny as I thought it would be, it had some good life lessons about people coming into your life and making a difference.  The Intern starred Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway and we'd been looking forward to that one.  I love the message of older adults are a wealth of experience and knowledge and we could all learn a thing or two if we got our faces out of the phone or computer.  Good twist in there too.  Definitely recommend that one if you haven't seen it.

Rented any good movies lately?

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  1. We got just as much enjoyment out of having the tree lit during the past 2 weeks when we got some snow as we did before Christmas so it was worth having it up all this extra time. But definitely time now to put it away for now. Just think it's only about 10 months now before we put it up again :-)

    1. Yes it was. Then one day you wake up and say "I want my living room back." LOL Yep about 10 months exactly!

  2. Can you please post that salmon recipe??
    It looks delish and I like that you don't use booze (since I don't drink at all - the vodka in my house is for making vanilla extract lol)

    1. Us too!! I can't even tell you how old our vodka is as it only gets used to top off the extract!

      Non Jack Jack Sauce

      1 head of garlic
      2/3 cup water
      1 cup pineapple juice
      1/4 low sodium soy sauce (or huli huli sauce from World Market which I prefer)
      1 1/3 cups dark brown sugar
      3 tbsp lemon juice
      1/4 cup minced yellow onion
      3 tbsp crushed pineapple
      1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

      Roast the garlic (no olive oil needed) for 45 minutes wrapped in tin foil at 450 degrees. While that's roasted, add all the other stuff in a large saucepan over medium high heat making sure it doesn't bubble to the top until it's reduce by half or to your preferred consistency and add the garlic. I like to let it sit overnight to intensify.

      I also usually triple the recipe and freeze it. It's easily scoopable in its frozen state for dinners like that. Rarely use it because it's so calorie/sodium laden but it makes for a helluva good teriyaki meatball glaze for game day or gatherings!

  3. Don't feel bad -- I've left my tree up until February before. And we still have our outside lights hanging up. They are that real pretty blue, so it looks pretty against the snow. Kind of feel like a dork, but meh, until it's no longer sub-zero out, I'm keeping them on! Ha!

    No movies for me lately. I just had a discussion with a couple of friends about this. I said how I've lost my attention span over the years and rarely can I sit and watch an entire movie at home. I end up grabbing a book or magazine at the same time. I don't know why, but my mind just won't settle in. It's different if I go to the actual theater but I've only done that once in about five years. I'm an odd bird that way.


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