Monday, January 26, 2015

Our week in the Chi

Happy Monday all!

Last week the Mr and I finally made our escape to Chicago.  We had plans to go January 4th to unwind from the holidays but my creepin' crud infested body had other plans.  Honestly, it wouldn't have been a good week to go anyway because it was like zero to 10 degrees for the high that week with 20-30 mph winds.  We would've been miserable and trapped in the hotel.  The next week was slightly better weather wise but health wise, I was not.  It kept getting pushed back and the Mr would have to change his vacation either on Friday or show up on Monday when he was not supposed to be there to say "nope, push it back another week."  I could tell he was getting frustrated and we had a small window of time left so I gave the go ahead even though I still wasn't well.

Despite having no taste for the first 3 days and minimal smell and taste for the remaining time, it was still a great trip.  The first full day we walked 12 miles from Streeterville almost to Lakeview (north Lincoln Park.)  We logged over 37 miles over that time and that included one day where we basically drove all day because my feet were so blistered from the 12 mile trek the day before I couldn't walk.  We even ended up adding an extra day because we just couldn't bear to leave and I felt decent so we logged some more miles shopping and going to Navy Pier even though it's basically closed on the pier portion.  But the ferris wheel wasn't and that's all we cared about.  I am not a fan of them but I agreed to go on it because I got a souvenir penny of Navy Pier with the wheel on it and it seemed kind of lame to have a penny of something you didn't even do.  I rode it on principle.

I was thrilled to walk the streets of Michigan Avenue all lit up.  In case you ever want to go and make sure you see some holiday lights but can't go during the holidays, they keep them up until the end of February!  I would stare at them dreamily from our hotel too.  The last night we actually sat on the floor of our dark room and stared at the John Hancock building and all of the surrounding buildings to see if we could see people living their fabulous lives overlooking the Mag Mile.  Then we hung over the headboard attached to the window and people watched.  It was the perfect time of year to go.  Cold enough to keep most people off the streets so we weren't having to dodge in and out of throngs of masses.  The hotel prices were better too.  We got to visit with friends and make new ones.

Wanna take a peek?

After walking the shoreline, a peek back at the city from the North Ave Beach parking lot at Lincoln Park

Making friends at Lincoln Park while we take a rest

Holy balls, what a walk!

Trust me, you don't want to see what's under those bandages after walking that long.  Icing the knee too.

Next day was driving the northern burbs to visit the McAlister house.  The new owners put a fence around it.

Paying our respects to John Hughes

After seeing The Wedding Ringer at the Woodstock Theater, we came out to the town square all lit up.  One year, we will come here for the Groundhog Days celebration and see the groundhog Phil.

The next day I was ready to re-blister my feet.  The Mr contemplates jumping before another 10 miler that day.

Not many people around the Bean this chilly morning.  Yay!

On our extra day, we took the liberty of being the only people on the ferris wheel at Navy Pier.  (Not a fan of these things but checked off the mini bucket list)

Our final night spent overlooking the lights of Michigan Avenue

I can't wait to go back.

Catch me up, what did you do this weekend?

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  1. It was a great trip. We are blessed to be able to walk around so much without too much damage. I am glad we rode the Ferris wheel as it was a great view of the city and having it all to ourselves was awesome too.

    1. The days we do those ungodly walks on vacation may really take a toll but they always seem to be my favorite looking back. We cover so much of the city and see things you can't really absorb in the car as you pass by in the hurried rush. I'm glad we rode the ferris wheel too. It was fine as long as I looked out at the buildings and not down. It also helped that it moves 7 mph so it didn't feel like it was moving at all.

  2. Chicago is one of my favorite places to visit! I'm going next month for our annual girl's weekend and I can't wait!!! I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better and that you enjoyed your trip!!

  3. Man I used a lot of "!!!!" In my comment. Apparently I am VERY enthusiastic this morning :)

  4. Sounds like a great trip! I'm glad you had fun.

  5. My life is completely boring compared to yours!! lol I'm so glad you had a nice, well deserved vacation. You should write a travel magazine!!

  6. So glad you had a terrific time! I agree the time to visit downtown is after the get all the perks of lights and romance without the throngs of people everywhere. We did go see the Wedding Ringer and I laughed and laughed -- felt good to forget about things for a couple of hours! It was a pretty good weekend all around --even managed to get more stuff to the Salvation Army so room is being made!


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