Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Downer movie night

Twas Redbox Tuesday!  The rental choice of cheapskates like mah-self.

So I made some homemade microwave popcorn.  Salty for the Mr and a hit of cinnamon sugar for myself.

We did a killer workout then had dinner.  Spicy orange BBQ chicken, half a sweet potato and carrots.  I needed to fuel up on my vitamin A.

Two movies came out that looked decent to us so the Mr picked up This is Where I Leave You and Men, Women and Children.  Apparently dysfunction and books that were made into movies was on the menu.

This is Where I Leave You  (affiliate link) 

I tend to get a little nervous when I see all star casts like Jane Fonda, Tina Fey, Dax Shepard, Rose Byrne but then you throw in Jason Bateman and I'm sold.  This is one of those movies where the family is so dysfunctional, all you can do is thank God they're not yours.  The patriarch of the family dies and despite him being a not so religious man, they are told his dying wish is for the family to sit shiva.  All of the siblings have various stages of issues in their lives and as you can imagine, it ain't pretty.  Thankfully it wasn't drawn out too long and I love Jason so much that he saved any irritation that may have had time to form if he hadn't been in it.  Then like 90 seconds before the end of the movie, the Mr...who likes to randomly blurt out what he thinks the end will be and is right 90% of the time...blurts out the end of the movie.  I wanted to punch him in the gonads because the ending would've been a nice reminiscing point for us.  If you like dysfunctional family dynamic movies, this is probably a decent rental for you.

Men, Women & Children  (affiliate link) 

If you've been following me for any length of time, you know I'm not super technological.  I don't use a cell phone so therefore I don't text.  This movie just kind of reinforced all of the scary crap out there and how much you could not PAY me to go to high school in this day and age.  I also can't imagine raising kids with all of this technology and the crap that comes with it.  My hats off to you parents for sure.  The Mr made an interesting point mid movie.  He said "I just realized this is like today's kids Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  That was what I wanted high school to be like.  This is just sad."  And it was.  The whole thing was just such a sad statement on what technology has done to our society and what kids have to go through now.  School is so secondary to the bull crap and I can totally see why parents choose to home school their kids.  It wasn't just about the kids though, it was also about marriage, deception in marriages and the Mr and I were just horrified.  Especially Adam Sandler's whole situation.  Communication really is the key, people.  WOW.  I would say if you're looking for a good time, this ain't it.  If you're looking for a reason to 'lock up yer daughters Chuck', then rent it.

I wouldn't say either were bad movies, they weren't.  I'd say if you've had a bad week and need to see other people's lives can be more effed up than yours, these are right on target!  HA!

On side notes, we liked seeing Dean Norris in a more vulnerable role.  I will never, EVER be able to look at the All State man again.  *sexual heebie jeebies*

We felt so downtrodden afterward we had to watch this to cheer ourselves up.

What was the last movie you rented that made you feel like crap afterward?

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  1. That was a downer movie night for sure. But at least both movies really made you think. So they weren't necessarily bad movies, but maybe not good to combine together in one night. Still, I enjoy our movie nights and our discussions after some movies that make you think so it's all good in the end.

    1. Yes, they did make you think. I enjoy our post movie discussions as well and I like that we're both 98% on the same page with most of the things we rent. :-)

  2. I'm not sure what the last movie that made me feel like crap at the end was, although I know there have been some. A couple weeks ago we decided to watch something on Netflix and started 2 different movies that we could only stand to watch like 10 minutes of. Then we broke out ;Monty Python and watched that.

  3. I watched "This is Where I Leave You" over the holidays and really enjoyed it. My husband and I have gotten out of movies though and have a plethora of TV shows we're now following. I think it's because one reason I don't enjoy movies, is because I invest all this energy in to the characters and at the end of it, boom, I never see them again. At least with TV, I can invest time and energy in the characters and they'll keep coming back!

    Have you seen Brooklyn 99? It's our current fave sitcom TV show. It actually has me laughing multiple times/episode. :)

  4. The trailer for Men Women and Children had me all "whuh??". I could tell it was gonna be a "scary" mess. Maybe I'll see it now that it's on Redbox.

    To answer your question...hmmm...I think "Young Adult" with Charlize Theron left me feeling a little...ugh. I expected "dark humor" not depression. LOL Also, maybe "August: Osage County". There was no humor to be found in that dysfunction. LOL I liked "This is Where I Leave You", though.

  5. Love Liza. It was a good movie but VERY bleak
    Gummo: it had dead cats in it which upset me (I'm a crazy cat lady)
    Amores Perros: I was sick and my hubby got a movie. He clearly didn't read the description or he would have (hopefully) skipped it. I nearly had a fit when the dog fighting started. It was a very bleak movie about folks with horrible lives.

  6. I just watched Dark Skies over the weekend and was SO pissed off with the ending! I also watch Django Unchained and that was very good and made up for the other flick. The German guy had some tremendous wit.

  7. We don't rent right now, we just rely on our EXTENSIVE personal library. I'm watching a toddler during the day and she gets to pick a movie while she's here to help with nap time (she almost never finishes a movie. Score!) She has a few faves she cycles through, unfortunately Happy Feet is one of them. Never a fave of mine during today's viewing I realized I HATE that movie. Hate it, like now I want to burn it, at the very least hide it. It's like they wanted to include every plot twist possible and there are sections that are WAY over the head of any average child. Definitely a downer type movie for me. My kids came home and picked Wizard of Oz...much better!


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